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I've got to get this out--I am just enamored by the orbs hanging on women's chests.
Okay...sheesh, this is going to get downright tawdry quickly so I won't spare any punches here.  I love boobs.  I just do.  This is a thing that most straight men would claim is high on their lists of things they like about women, is that they have the usually rather large mounds of sensitive flesh attached to their chests.

I must speak truthfully--men have them too.  Just not as big, which I think is a good thing on men's behalves.  I look at it this way that God had a plan to make sure we didn't end up with them.  If He did intend such, we'd never leave the house; only spend most of the day playing with them and watching them bounce, arousing ourselves with them, probably try and see if we could put out members between them, and actually doing a really dumb thing and comparing with our wives or girlfriends, which would only serve to confirm that we're as big of perverts and sickos that we sometimes act like in front of and around them.

Now that I have that established, I'm going to continue on this.  I feel kind of sad for those girls who aren't as well endowed as their fellow sisters.  They get picked on by them more than they would be ostracized by men--girls tease each other, and over something like that, I can imagine that the ridicule would get quite mean.  "Flat-chested Fiona!" or "Turtle-Wax Tina!" could be common taunts from classmates in high school that have been given larger cup sizes beyond A and B.

I think differently sometimes, though.  I'm one of those guys that consider a DD cup to still be a little too small for my likings.  I guess that has a lot to do with my imprinting when I was growing up, watching cartoons and reading my dad's Playboys.  I've spent quite a time dealing with macrophilia, and dreaming about women with monster chests going around and flattening cars and knocking over buildings with their racks.

For me...I consider an acceptably big set of female boobs to be at least a F or G cup.  I do know that you won't find many women with these, especially those that have natural cups of that magnitude.  I still postulate that they could go until the end of the alphabet, although once you reached an O cup it would start just being relatively unbelievable.  If ladies that have a set of 54DDs have issues with back pain after a while, I can't imagine how much more pain would be caused by those carrying around a set that's 11 sizes bigger.  I mean, you're looking at her bust being at least 100 inches across.  She'd never be able to lift them, much less walk around without her center of gravity being woefully offset.

Now, for the macrophiles that are listening, I'll cut to the chase--if you're gonna make a girl big, she can't just get taller--she's got to add a minimum of one cup size and a minimum of a relative 4" or more out from the chest currently, obviously adjusted for scale because if she's all of the sudden a quarter of a mile high, you wouldn't notice a pretty insignificant four inch bump.  When she goes walking about, she's got to go to buildings and use her bazookas as weapons to shatter buildings and rock the ground as she decides to fling the whole of their mass toward the ground below and laugh at the results. Earthquake boobies rock, literally!  Sister, if you've got it and you've got the notion, take those tits and smash to your hearts content.

As for my personal life, I'm quite content with what I have in my relationship.  She's decently big, but not to the point where her health would be an issue.  In my wild fantasies, I'd love for one time when we're doing it for them to swell so that she would wrap me in between them.  But that's just a fantasy, wild at best.

That's my bit.  Thanks for listening.  Now I'm off to make a poll--providing it doesn't violate the TOS here.
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