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T.C. Harrow

The almighty congregation is set in the murderous jungle; winding through the concrete, seeping loathsomeness, dripping anger, flailing words and propaganda until their minds are sated.

         Insatiable, however is their obsession with social order, and their denial of their own government's irreversible change has caused them to thrust themselves from a calming Pasture, withhold the savage beatings of the Shepherds,  cross the flowing River toward a new beginning, begin afresh, as a flower blooming in the spring will do.

         It is within this poisoned throng of rebels that the Student has yet to learn of his most important lesson: that without Order, there is Disorder, and from Disorder governs Power from the Powerless, and Strength from the Weary. The Rising Flame that blazes from this horde empowers all, and the cruel injustices performed by their national governments shall be justified.

By tooth and nail, iron and steel, by fire and gunfire will these once-gentle Lambs be dismissed from their insufferable rule, they will break free and contradict the Shepherd and his Staff, the one who upholds Power, and from his Weakness, Strength will be born, and the Powerless will become the Powerful. This congregation of bloodied sheep, this Regime, will once more reclaim what is rightfully theirs, once and for all.
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