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Megan and Jennifer don't want their boyfriends to know the troublesome gypsy men are back.
Megan and Jennifer ran to the back of the house. Megan kicked a bucket as she ran past. If Miles knew she was with Manolito last night, Manolito would be kicking the bucket. The women made it to the back of the house and went upstairs to their rooms. They quickly changed clothes. Show time. Time to talk to their boyfriends and act like ladies whom just got out of bed.

The women were presentable but felt hung over. Megan and Jennifer walked down the stairs and there was Bradley and Miles. Bradley went up to Jennifer and embraced her as Miles did with Megan.

"You're back early." Megan said.

"The business trip wasn't as productive as we hoped. Do you feel alright?" Miles asked Megan.

Megan smiled. "I have a headache."

"The ladies drank some of Bill's special brew last night." Vicki smiled.

"We drank too much." Jennifer started to have the hipcups.

"We leave for a day or so and you women don't know when to quit drinking." Bradley's eyes twinkled.

Most men wouldn't approve of women drinking in this century but Megan and Jennifer weren't like other women and Bradley and Miles loved them so it didn't bother them.

"I was hoping you would stay with me tonight and tomorrow. I have missed you." Miles had a puppy dog look when he looked at Megan.

"Can you come back tomorrow? I don't feel well today." Megan felt so guilty as did Jennifer. DANG GYPSY MEN!

Miles smiled. "Of course. We have waited this long."

"Jennifer, Dear, you don't look too well, either. Can I pick you up tomorrow?" Bradley was disappointed that he couldn't be with Jennifer today.

"Tomorrow will be a better day." Jennifer still had the hipcups.

Bradley and Miles stood up to leave. They heard someone cussing outside.

"Bill is trying to fix a wagon. I think he needs different wheels." Vicki said.

"We can help him." Bradley volunteered.

"It will be alright. He get it fixed." Vicki was covering for the women and the gypsies.

Bradley kissed Jennifer good bye as Miles kissed Megan. They said they would see them tomorrow.

The men left. If Bradley and Miles knew those gypsies were back in the woods, things would be a disaster.

Jennifer sat on the couch with a throw pillow over her face and put it down. "That was a close one. Did we make love with those guys last night?"

"I don't know. I can't remember a thing. The gypsy men have got to leave." Megan had a bad headache.

"You girls can't remember what happened with those gypsy men?" Vicki asked.

"No. If we did, at least it wasn't planned or intentional. I hope we didn't." Megan moaned.

"By the way, thanks for covering for us, Vicki. We owe you." Jennifer said.

"No, you don't. I didn't want any blood shed. Miles and Bradley would shoot them, you know. You ladies need some tea and biscuits." Vicki went to get tea and biscuits.

"Megan, are we ladies of the night? Did we sleep with them?"

"I don't know. We shouldn't have gone to the gypsy party last night." Megan was afraid she would have this headache forever and Jennifer still had the hiccups.

Vicki came back with tea and biscuits and the tea made the women feel better.

A few minutes later, Manolito and Calin arrived and walked in Vicki and Bill's house without knocking. They walked into the living room uninvited.

"Does rich man know about us?" Calin brushed up his body against Jennifer.

"Keep your distance." Jennifer pushed him away.

"That isn't what you were saying last night. You couldn't get enough of me." Calin was kissing Jennifer's cheek.

"My Princess. You were so good last night." Manolito pushed back Megan's hair. "I love you, my Darling."

"Manolito. I care for you but I can't travel all over. I need a permanent home. I would have that with Miles."

"He is a coward, a puppy and couldn't find his way out of a wagon. I am the man you seek." Manolito's smile made Megan's heart melt.

Just then Zalita came knocking on the door. Saved by the bell.

"Here you guys are. We are leaving tonight. We need to get things ready. You can tell these ladies good bye tonight. " Zalita smiled at Megan and Jennifer. "You two women are too nice for these gypsy thieves. I love them but they are full of charm, promises and body waste." Zalita left and Manolito and Calin bowed. Manolito told Megan that they would see them tonight before they left.

The gypsy men had left.

"Zalita is right. The men are full of charm and crap." Jennifer laughed.

Megan and Jennifer baked cookies with chocolate chips. They felt better physically but mentally they feared the worse about the gypsy men. Vicki made a roast for supper with baked potatoes and corn. Bill had made bread pudding. They had a good meal and it was getting dark. They lit the candles. A little later, the gypsy men came over to say good bye.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with me?" Manolito looked into Megan's eyes.

"I can't. Did we sleep together last night? Megan asked in a low voice.

Manolito kissed her. "Yes, we did. It will always be a beautiful memory."

"The same for me, beautiful lady." Calin pulled Jennifer to his body and put her hands down his chest. He kissed her. Jennifer was speechless.

Manolito and Calin left. Jennifer and Megan knew that they would miss them but the mystery of whether they had slept with them was a mystery. They watched the caravan leave and the moon was full. The wolf and the vampires followed. Megan and Jennifer didn't know if they were relieved or not. The moon was covered by clouds.

Jennifer and Megan went to bed. They had hoped they would dream about the gypsy men and see if they had been with them but they dreamed of Bradley and Miles. These are the two men they should be with. They would see them tomorrow and stay with them. The women decided to put the gypsy men out of their minds.

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