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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Fantasy · #1770107
The story of two warriors (part 1) more to come.
         Once, there were two young warriors rumored to be the best, the rumors of the bravery and valor were among the hundreds stories, folklore, tall-tales, but all only rumors for all the towns people knew, nobody knew if these two great warriors actually ever existed or if they were just a child's story created to keep the child's unscathed minds off of the fact that the very kingdom they lived in, which used to be one of the most peaceful and beautiful and prosporous places in the known world, was actually under control by evil men who sought nothing but power and wealth. These two warriors were said to have come from a distant kingdom somewhere far to the west but noone knew of this place for sure because any and all sailors who had attempted to traverse the ever so unforgiving seas, Well... as you have probably already figured, never returned to the kingdom. Rumors of letters from these sailors of succesful travels had been said to have come back to the leaders of the kingdom or The Hierarchy of Lords as they forced the helpless people of the kingdom to call them, but never reached the unknowing villagers arose from the crowds of milling people in the streets. People began to believe that the Hierarchy were recieving and destroying these letters to keep the people of the kingdom from believing that there were any other lands beyond their own, but once again these were only rumors. What people didnt know was that all of these rumors that were being told amongst the people would soon be answered, and the answers would surprise them greatly.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1770107-The-Crossroads-The-Unraveling