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by jaya
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where I can listen to the gentle breath of earth.
Earth, my safe haven.

Even in the slopes and on the glaciers
of the tall Himalayas, the white abode
of gods, goddesses, and the rishis of yore,
the dreaded hand of pollution reached,
seized, and smudged its crystal clarity,
looted and ransacked its virgin purity.

The serpentine, spectacular, and the calm
Coramandel coast along the length of
the Bay of Bengal with its sands of scenic
beauty, a fount of inspiration for unnumbered
poets is not alas, spared from man’s hunger
for more money, affluence and ambition.

My clear skyline of divine dawns and soulful
sight of the star studded heavens are under
constant threat of eclipse caused by giant malls,
apartment structures and corporate businesses.
In this man made suffocation, the only true
solace lies in my patch of greenery where

flora and fauna live side by side, where
I can listen to the gentle breath of earth.


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