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by Light
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A metaphysical poem about knowledge
Gate Keepers

I dreamed of meeting someone
in which I saw great potential,
yet she was silent.
When I was asked to speak, I felt I knew much to say,
but, knew not what to say.

You have spoken of wishing to know the truth,
but you have spoken to of those who keep the truth locked up,
away from the many.
Such people would know little of the truth.
All of the locks are within ourselves.

As humans, we are all gate keepers of truth,
waiting outside the gate.
On the outside of the gate, is a mirror.
How close we stand to the truth, depends on what we see looking in that mirror.
What do you believe of you?

We have two hands to reach out to that gate.
One hand be the hand of the student,
the other hand be the hand of the master.
If we touch the gate with one hand, it opens for an instant.
Touching it with both hands, creates confusion.

If you wish to know of the truth,
touch the gate with one hand.
Be a student, and ask a question.
Be a master, and state a truth.
Remember, the truth speaks quickly.
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