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The story of Two warriors (part 2) of many to come.
         The rumors I Spoke of are those worthy of any story book. As ussual the story begins with two young men looking to make a living in an economically ruined society. The two young men had heard of a small kingdom to the north full of riches and and success. This kingdom was called Rintokalae, this kingdom was said to one of the smallest kingdoms of all of the kingdoms but just as well the richest and most prosperous of all of them. When the two young men heard of the success of men just like them, big and small, strong and weak, they decided, being the best of friends to travel together to Rintokalae. The trip would take exactly six days and the route was a fairly straight forward one but people were known to dissapear along it. As the prepared to embark on their journey they said goodbye to the friends that they had known for so long, accepted all the thanks for so many years of good friendship and wished them luck on their travels. through the first three days of travel the two young men had many encounters. Some friendly, some unfriendly and some just... odd... to say the least, but one encounter made them think again about where they were traveling to. This encounter was a friendly one, the two young men ran into a trading caravan just at the fall of night on the second night of their travel. In this trading caravan there was a locksmith, a wild animal trader, who i must add was a very interesting person seeing as how he kept talking about his missing dragon the took his eye, even though he had no eyes missing, and a weaponsmith named, Barbarus, and his son Novan. The weaponsmith was traveling to the home and the kingdom the two young man had embarked on their journey from, Karadus, was the name of this kingdom. Karadus was the largest and most peaceful of all of the kingdoms, a perfect place to raise a family, but not only this some of the best craftsmen of all trades lived and worked here. Craftsmen of all trades; Havenlords, underground weaponand commodities traders; Wild animal trainers, much like the one in the caravan only, well, less crazy; Armoursmiths; and Weaponsmiths. in Karadus lived the greatest Weaponsmith ever to walk the earth, he was said to have the crafting precision worthy only of gods, noone knew this mans true identity but all called him by only one name, The Blade Maker. The Blade Maker was the reason Barbarus and Novan were traveling to Karadus, you see The Blade Master only accepted one apprentice a year of his choosing, but he only selected the best, most promising apprentices to take under his wing. Barbarus believe strongly that his son would be chosen by The Blade Master. The two young men set up camp with the traders and while sitting by the fire they made for themselves over heard Barbarus talking to the locksmith about Rintokalae but couldnt make out excactly what they were saying. the first of the young men, Cryvin, walked over the Barbarus and asked what he had said about Rintokalae, Barbarus said the excact opposite of what Cryvin and the other young man, Obran, had heard of Rintokalae for themselves. Cryvin and Obran spoke amongst themselves to decide whether to continue or give up and return home. after an hour or two of speaking they decided to continue on and if what Barbarus had said was true, try to create a bussiness and work for their living. Three days and one hundred and fifty miles later Cryvin and Obran arrived in Rintokalae. They didn't know what to think of the kingdom, but they were going to decide what to do after a few drinks at the local pub and a good nights rest at the local tavern, they would decide their future in the morning.
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