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I rant against the GOP
Monumental Failure

This is the story of a fall from grace,
By a political party with egg on its face.

The Republican party, known as the GOP,
As seen from an insider, as seen by me.

You see I was once, on their side of the isle,
But either they changed - or me, I now see them as vile.

It started with W. the son of a Bush,
“Be afraid, but I’ll save you,” and into war he did push.

It was a lie from the start, but there was oil at stake,
So he chased a false rumor, about yellow cake.

He knew it wasn’t true, there were no WMDs,
But he still gave us the fear, that spread like a disease.

He ruined our economy and the world view of us,
In the end, off a cliff, he drove the American bus.

No money or jobs, and no world respect,
Mired in two wars, we were an adrift derelict.

That was the best, the GOP could do,
We were broken, held together with string and some glue.

During their reign they created a very dire picture,
And while the poor got poorer, the rich became richer.

Then Obama took over, a man with a soul.
Immediately his failure, became their publicly stated goal.

“Yes we can,” was meant to put wind in our sail.
But the Republicans dropped anchor, “Obama must fail.”

To fail means less jobs and no care for the poor,
Continued prejudice against gays, and a country mired in war.

To fail means a budget that burdens generations to come,
To fail meant cloudy skies when success meant the sun.

Why would they want things to appear such a gloomy grey?
So they can come in and say, “We’ll save the day!”

They hoped we forget, how badly they failed,
The top of our coffin their policies nailed.

More for the rich is what “small government means”
They claim to save money, by giving jewels to the kings.

“Cut funding for Medicare, that saves us some dough,”
Means on the back of the aged that burden must go.

“Tax breaks for rich will create lots of jobs,”
Means money for fundraisers, suits filled with fat blobs.

“Balance the budget by cutting revenue,”
Means lining the pocket of the rich and the few.

“Cut wasteful spending,” a sound bite heard across the nation,
Means potholes in roads and less education.

“Let us captain the ship,” as they hold us all down,
"Obama must fail," so they can again run aground.

They are offering more of what Bush gave us for years,
That we even bother to listen, just brings me to tears.

If we fail they will win which will suit them just fine,
More poor for the streets, for their supporters – fine wine.

They cater to fear, the rich and dumb,
Find out the facts, seek out the sun.

Don’t listen to generalities or promises of doom,
Do the math and use facts to bring light into the room.

The Republicans werein charge and they failed in a big way
Why believe their new cries of "We'll save the day."

They are lying to your face and hope you don’t see,
That their goal is the failure of the land of the free.

To send them all packing, open your ears and your eyes,
Listen for the truth, but look for the lies.

Neither party is perfect, both filled with their flaws,
But only one has your interest at the root of their cause.

Today I’m a Democrat, but long for the days
When the Republican party was just, before changing their ways.

Now Obama’s the man, his success is a must,
Making America great is his goal that I trust.

I truly believe he is a man with a mission,
“A greater America” – I share in his vision.

So good-bye GOP, a failure of fear,
As you leave the room, don’t let the door hit your rear.

If you ever decide to put America first,
I’m listening but for now, I see you at your worst.

To move us all forward, to a future that is grand,
Take those GOP anchors and leave them in the sand.

May our county’s sails fill, as full as we please,
And God bless us all with fair winds and following seas.
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