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Contest Entry- In year 2121, a woman returns to planet earth to find the unexpected
Looking out into the abyss
I wait with a million other Trenthions
The great 50th year anniversary -- Earth day

I can recall the Saving Escape propaganda,
"Saving people from Earth.
Saving Earth from people.
No more people killing the earth
No more earth killing the people."

The computer sounds out,
"1.14.2121, the forty-five minute Earth voyage now boarding"
Packed like sardines, we soar
The landing abrupt
Everyone suited up, head to toe
All inspections are made for leaks and tears
Spacesuits and oxygen tanks are cleared to go

The vessel opens its doors
A thickness consumes us all,
Pressing through the dense hazy fog
I breath in, I breath out
Praying my spacesuit is secure

A couple steps forward
A carcass catches my foot
Dead birds lie all around

There's nothing pleasant here
All I see is death
Death and haze
Buildings uninhabited
Black soot covers the walls

This can not be the place I once loved
Where my memories were formed
This is the place where death abides

I see nothing living here
Not a plant, not a tree or even a worm
There is no water here
Only seas of soured foam
And stale rivers of blood

I'm ready for planet Trenthion
To announce to all
We mustn't do to Trenthion
What we have done to planet Earth

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