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The long list of characters from my popular interactive, Cheating Death!
Okay, after overlooking the rather LONG list of characters on the introduction to my interactive Cheating Death: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1564499-Cheating-Death I figured it would be best to create a separate document entirely to list all of them properly. Here is that document.

Character Formula


Future Self (If Applicable. Colored to help it stand out.)
Bio (Sometimes different based on the lifestyle)


You: Luke (Formerly Lelouch. See the Interactive for an Explanation)
Age: 17
Description: Somewhat short dark brown hair covering an eye. hazel eyes. Attractive guy, but not anything really special.
Bio: (Note; it depends on the lifestyle chosen in the first chapter)

Living on the Edge - A bit rude and abrasive, something of a daredevil. Luke is cocky since he can always cheat death with his condition, however this has left him very smaller, and likely to get only smaller. That is, if his family and friends don't decide to have some fun with his size first.

Horrid Luck- You're relatively normal, smart, a little weird at times; but fairly normal as far as teenagers went. Only problem is a series of accidents caused by sheer bad-luck leaves you a few feet tall. You tend to back down from conflict for obvious reasons, thankfully some people are understanding...others not-so-much. You're also a tad mischievous

Dull Risk Free - About the same as always. You're a bit mischeivous, smart, and a tad odd. You tend to avoid risks and anything dangerous in this scenario though. It's sort of led to a lack of a back bone

Adult You
Age: 37
Description: Despite being an adult you still have decent-length brown hair and your facial features. Lean build but a bit of a manly form to it now.
Bio: Again depends on the lifestyle chosen. Choices basically have you married to either an evil family-line, or a good family-line

Good Family: You're a pretty normal guy, albeit three feet tall, but you have a good job, good family, happy. You're currently one of the best lawyers in the state, a great paying job your size doesn't bother. You still have your condition though, and that could mean trouble...

Evil Family: Life has been as cruel as can be, one accident after another has left you absolutely puny. To make matters worse, the smaller you got the more people seemed to abuse you. Eventually getting to the point where it seems like the whole world is out to torture you. Someway or another you ended up in a marriage, and your family is about as evil as it gets.

Family Members
Mom: Monica
Age: 32
Long Brown hair and brown eyes; nice hourglass figure. DD Breasts. Fair tan
Bipolar, can be the cruelest woman ever or the kindest depending on her mood. Often tries dating but always ends up with a jerk of a man, has led her to have a sort of low view on males including you occasionally.

-In terms of personality, life hasn't been too great on Monica. Through constant issues with bad men she's given up on dating all together, leaving her in a permanent bad mood with anything regarding males, although there is a slight exception on your case. Her Bipolar disorder has also taken a turn for the worse unfortunately, to the point where something doesn't even have to be done for her to get upset. She could just stub her toe and get furious

Age: 52
-Appearance wise Monica hasn't changed much, she still has the same hair,style and coloring, she's still beautiful. The only difference now is that the signs of aging are a bit more obvious.

-Still the same as ever, Monica has a lot less stress due to the lack of kids. However no male in the household has left her rather lonely. It actually sort of seems like she's depressed actually. Her moods only seem to have gotten worse.

Sister: Taylor
Age: 16
Short tomboyish shoulder length black hair and eyes. Extremely pale skin. Often dresses in black. Decent figure with C-Cup breasts

One of those teenagers who're goth and emo, in other words dress in black, be mean/depressing and cut themselves.You often tend to avoid her she treats you like a lesser being. Reasons being obvious. Dresses like a true goth. Has many goth friends who share her views on everything, including you. As a regular old emo she has scars along her upper thighs; which are usually hidden by her black clothes. A lot of a time sadistic in nature.

Age: 36
- Much longer black hair than she had in youth, still pale though. Her body's developed a bit more, now barely reaching D-Cups.

-Many years have passed and Taylor has long since outgrown her goth phase, unfortunately she never outgrew how she views you. To her you're just a pet/slave. She's managed to get a decent job modeling, and has many attractive friends as a result. But her true pleasure is still torturing you. She still wears a good amount of black and violet, but the characters are more dispersed.

Sister: Alexis
Age: 19
Long Brown hair with red eyes. Nice figure with D breasts, and an even bigger butt. Generally wears revealing clothes.

-She fits pretty much into the popular/preppy girl category. Kind and smart but often speaks without thinking. Dresses kinda preppy. Is a good athelete and often teases you with various humiliating tasks, she's usually serious about you doing them but is very playful about it. Constantly gets into fights with mom about it. Like a true prep she's pretty bossy, basically the leader of her group of friends.

Age: 39
-She still resembles her youthful self, but now overshadowed by a much more womanly appearance. Her endowments have grown the point her bra is an H-Cup and her butt is just barely held in by her shorts.

Evil Life- Life's been about as good to Alexis as imaginable, after High School she entered into college where she got into tennis. Long story short, she made it big in the sport and got a college degree as well. After each practice and game session she tended to use you for comfort, ie: foot massages, relief, general massages. It helped her in the sport, but unfortunately she now looks at you like a pet instead of brother, but she doesn't go out of her way to be mean unless you deserve it. Even now she refers to you as her "Good Luck Charm" though, each day you pampered her she never lost a game.

Good Life- Alexis worked her way as a teacher at your old high school. Says it feels like home being around "Smaller people." She's still a bit of a fashionista and prep at heart, but she's family. Tends to play tennis and hang out with friends a lot though

Cousin: Rouge
Age: 23
Extrodinarily beautiful; pale skin but not too pale. Usually dons the typical goth colors black, blue and purple. Hair that is originally black; but often she dyes it a different color. Breasts that go all the way to the H-Cup and a butt pretty much equally as big.

-Despite being family Rouge is in essence; the Devil. She knows full well of your condition and has no qualms about shrinking you further, in fact she hopes you end up small. Compared to Rouge, Taylor is a saint. Often dresses in goth attire that reveals more skin than necessary. Extremely smart and beautiful, but ZERO empathy for you. To her you are little more than dirt. She's the kind of person who could probably run the world if she wanted, with looks and attitude that make men swoon for her left and right, and a cutthroat personality she is truely; the closest you have ever come to meeting a demon.

Age: 43
-Like Alexis, Rouge looks very similar to her younger self. Only now she appears like more of a woman. Her body hasn't grown any but it still outsizes your sisters.

-Not a single thing has changed about Rouge, she still tortures you, relishes the idea of having you tiny at her mercy. She's grown to be wealthy enough to afford the more lavish things, overpriced clothing for example. She tends to rub this wealth into everyone's face; and often talks about how her boots are worth more than you'd ever be, regardless of what size you were.

Not much is known about him. He left before you were born and has never been seen again. Some doctors believe he may have the same condition as you.

Future- Unknown

Friends (Some may not be around in a future storyline.)

-Similar to Taylor, Lilith dons the gothic attire. With natural black hair, slightly pale skin, and a rather voluptuous body, she's beautiful. Actually done a small amount of modeling.

-A goth friend of yours, black hair and blue eyes. Pale white skin, unlike your sister she treats you decently, she has had her moments though. Pretty smart but like a true goth she never excersises, yet she somehow remains thin. She does care, at least you hope so.

Age: 16
- an Asian friend of yours, fair sized breasts, short black hair and a teasing attitude and of course that adorable asian face.

-A bit of a mischief maker. One of those people who's good at everything. Chess team, swim team, hell she turned down cheerleading. It's no exaggeration to say Ashlei has a future guaranteed. She's shown an almost disturbing curiousity in your condition...

Age- 36
- Over the years Ashlei has remained by your side, still as beautiful as ever too with hardly any changes. But depending your life style...

Good- She's still like she was in school, kind and a bit dangerously playful. Works in the fashion design field, she usually sets the curb on what's "hip."

Evil- Thanks to some events over the course of your life, she essentially see's you as a tiny plaything.

Age: 17
- A cute young girl with a slightly curvy body still in development and unusual grayish-white hair.

- You friend since childhood. Part of the swim team, one of those athletic types who're good at every sport. Pretty smart too but you got her beat. Bit playful but she does care about you.

Good Life
Wife: Diana
Age: 36
-Your old childhood friend Diana, still as beautiful as ever. Appearance-wise she still looks as bubbily and nice as ever, her body's grown a bit and her hair's gotten longer. As well as looking more like a woman than a teenage girl.

-That's right, you and your best friend Diana got married. Back during school you drowned during an accident, but she refused to give up and attempted to revive you via CPR. It failed, but when you awoke a smaller size she was still trying, her lips were on yours. Quickly both of you realized you had feelings for one another and tried a relationship out; long story short it worked and you two ended up married in a happy family with an angel of a daughter.

Christian "Cris"
Age: 17
-Decent figure, a bit tall, and shoulder length brown hair with a signature pink stripe. Often wears bright clothes.

- Perhaps the most bubbly energetic person you know...but in a good way. Cris is an adventurous type and often gets into teenage shenanigans, and considers you like a brother.

Age: 37
- Now an adult Cris has gotten a lot calmer, but she still tends to find adventure once in a while. Her hair doesn't have her pink stripe anymore, it's all solid brown and her body is only slightly bigger. Her attitude: up to how your life was.

Good- Close friends who'd do anything for eachother. She knows about your condition and occasionally rips on you about it, but never anything past that.

Evil- She now treats you horribly. One day with Kelly she gave in to her and toyed with your tiny frame. She liked it a bit too much and over time she continued to grow a taste for it, you're now more of a toy than anything.

Age: 15
-Slightly short step-sister to Cris. Unlike her sister she's more sarcastic and witty...like you actually. She often wears hoodies and jeans so you don't get a good reading on her body but she seems slightly small...has a cute face though; with glasses and short brown hair.

-Being Cris' step-sister you'd think you know Kelly well, you don't. You barely qualify as friends actually. Whenever your condition comes up she gets this kind of look...one that worries you. You know she can be a bit manipulative too. If you were ever small around her, she could probably talk about anyone into joining in.

Age: 35
-Still Cris' step sister, appearance wise not much has changed over the years. She's still small in many ways, but now with more of a womanly appearance. You two still don't do much together, depending on the lifestyle that is.

Good- No change from the past, the only reason you even see her is because of Cris.

Evil- She was quick to turn on you, and one day got Cris to do it too. It's no exaggeration to say she's the reason Cris torments you. But between the two she's far meaner. In fact, she actually got a lot of your "friends" into the whole toying with you scenario.

Jasmine "Jaz"
Age: 16
- Short black girl with a rude, in your face attitude. Makes up for her stature with D-Breasts and a good face, glasses, shoulder length hair...nothing really out of the ordinary.

- One of your closest friends. Big anime fan, particularly Yaoi, also a geek with you in regards to the topic (Anime, NOT yaoi.) Pretty rude and often tosses insults but you two share a strong friendship.

Age: 36
- The years have been kind to her, she's gotten a bit taller and more well developed; yet still retains the beauty she held in her youth. Like all your other friends her attitude depends on how life's treated you.

Good- You two can practically read eachother's minds you're so close. She's as good of a friend as you can ever get. She's well informed on your condition, enough to worry at times. You two are close to the point it's almost romantic...almost.

Evil- At first Jaz worried about you and your constant misfortunes. But one day the worries grew too great and she just snapped at you and threw you in her shoe. Three days later she pulled you out and realized she much preferred you as a pet to a friend. She visits the family so often the kids call her "Auntie Jaz." Her reason for visiting: you.

Age: 17
- A crush you've had since middle school. At five foot even Lakin is fairly short, but she has an attitude very similar to your own...in fact...most of your tastes are almost exactly the same. Pretty playful, yet she seems like she has a bit of a rough side... Like Jaz she has a voluptous figure, along with a white face interestingly showing signs of asian...definitely a looker. But aside from being friends she doesn't really think that much of you. Interestingly enough you share the same birthday.

Age: 17
-A cute young woman with dyed black hair and light brown eyes. Still has braces but hardly noticable. She has a decent butt, breasts are at about C. Though her face is definitely a tough one to beat.

- A young girl in your history class. Rather attractive but a bit quiet. Nice though. You two have a fair bit in common, but it's pretty clear to you she's a bit troubled by something...probably a rough past. You never get a chance to talk to her too much so there's no real telling.

Wife/Goddess: Sarah
-A beautiful woman with a good face, D-Cups and a nice butt. Long brown hair and wears sort-of gothy clothes.

-Your biggest mistake in life was probably dating this girl. You started back in High School, Junior year. She was cute, a looker, a tad bit quiet, but seemed like a good person. You started to date and things went along great, then your condition came into play after an accident. Sarah took a bit of a liking to your smaller size and thought it'd be fun to "play." The playing involved demeaning things like her stepping on your two-foot tall self; but she got a bit too into it and crushed you with her feet. When you came back you were even smaller and attempted to break up for fear of your life, Sarah refused. Since then it's only been what she wants, she ran everything and gave you no choice in the matter. After high school, she went to college, but you couldn't. She brought you with her and you served what would've been your college years as her relief from the schoolwork. After that you got married, and the downward slope continued until you were no bigger than her toes and her slave. A view your daughters shared. You weren't even allowed to address her like a person anymore, only as a Goddess.

Future Household Families (Good and Evil)


Daughter: Emma
Age: 14
-An innocent looking girl, a decent build with C-Cups and knowledgeable looking glasses. Wears about everything really, depends on her mood.

-About as great a daughter as you could've hoped for. Good grades, ace of the school volley ball team, listens to you and Diana. Other parents have to battle with their children, not you and Emma. The only possible catch there is to her is her hormones are raging, and she, unlike other teenage girls, is holding them in. Should you ever get smaller, you pray her hormones don't take over.

Evil Family

Eldest Daughter/Sub-Goddess: Gwen
-The spitting image of Sarah as a teenager, nearly identical. The only difference being her body developed a bit further, DD-Cups and a butt to die for.

-A child born from Sarah "Relieving" herself with you. Since Day 1 this girl has been raised by her Mother to see you as a family pet, and since Day 1 you've been treated like one. Now 18, Gwen acts like Sarah did in school, and at home she acts as Sarah did with you. She hasn't quite reached the cruelty Sarah's built up, but she's capable of treating you pretty horribly.

Younger Daughter/Sub-Goddess: Rebecca
Age: 16
-Rebecca is much more like a mixture of you and Sarah. She has slight facial features from both of you, as well as a similar build to her mother.

-Another result of Sarah seeking relief, she was usually preoccupied with raising Gwen though so Rebecca got a lot less "tutoring" on how to treat you. Now that she can think for herself she doesn't really go out of her way to mistreat you, but she doesn't help you either. She doesn't really interact with you in any way unless she's bored really.

Characters by Writers


Cally (16) one of Lilith's Goth Friends. She has black hair, for some odd reason she has gray eyes and she's slightly taller than Lilith. She has the habit of calling Luke Little Man which he gotten use to. She dresses a bit more flashy than Lilith and she loves to crush bugs which Luke also cringed ever time she does it'

'Jessica Reeds (28) The family doctor. Jessica knows full well about Luke's condition and has kept it hidden from her fellow workers to keep Luke living a normal life. She is the tallest woman Luke has met, by far. She has long blond hair and very bright blue eyes'

*Melanie Silverman* (30)
Melanie teaches English but is also Luke's form toutor. She is a very tall woman and after she learns about Luke's condition, she tends to try help him out any way she can.

*Tracy Cray* (17)
Tracy is the popular girl of Luke's school. Tall blonde teen. After she noticed him being smaller, she tries her best to find out why to Luke's dismay.


Kairi- She has the same hobbies as you, likes everything you do, and treats you better than anyone else does, even your friends. You also think she is very attractive. She is the same height as Jessica, the family doctor. She has long black hair ending at her waist, red eyes, wears a short skirt that clongs to her, wears high heels, and a tanktop that shows off her F-cup breasts. The skirt she wears shows off her large ass. Overall you have a huge crush on her even though she is 34.

Spiral-and-twist (Also known as Cinderaxis)

Marian Baxton- a divorced woman of 38. When you were normal sized, she always towered above you and almost every other student. Even without heels, she dominated at a 6'5 frame. Despite her size, she was a fairly built woman of caucasian skin, brown hair tied up in a bun, and having an average chest and decent posterior, but what caught your attention of her was her legs and feet. Her calfs and thighs were extremely toned, showing signs of dedicated running. Her feet were always smooth and nice, the toenails painted red to match her lips. Whenever she wore a tight skirt combined with revealing high heels, you tried to sneak a glance every now and then. Luke's evil math teacher.


Here's the characters. Please keep in mind that this list is not set in stone in any way. You can add characters, you can add future versions of characters. They can have a bit of a mood and be OOC for a minute. There's a lot of possibilities here. So please, if you have an idea, feel free to add. Or even send it to me if you don't want to. I want as much help as possibility to make this story a great thing ^^
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