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Sestinas are fun; you should try it!
Have you seen the smiling alligator
Dancing to the lusty piccolo?
I saw him swing with greatest flash when bridge
And cadence closed like the day’s economy.
Big, brassy bells bringing on catastrophe
Hidden in the form of celebration.

Come and join in the celebration!
A man with a shiny alligator
Smile will amount to catastrophe
As the sharp, shrill cry of the piccolo
Picks ears and shuffles decks of economy
Underneath the silver waves of moon’s bridge.

Is anyone up for a game of bridge?
The rousing cheers of celebration
Drown out a suffering economy
By clearance sale and alligator
Purses. Dance and sing with the piccolo
On the diving board of catastrophe!

The end is near; watch for catastrophe
In the reeking shadows of a bridge,
Where pied pipers play a piercing piccolo
That they may continue celebration
Around a captured prince alligator
Card in the poker of economy.

The bloom of marketplace economy
May lead the smooth, subtle catastrophe
To learn the snap and jaw of alligators.
Go collect shells beneath the highway bridge
And send them to a celebration.
Announce love with a cherry piccolo.

Forfeit the rapture of the piccolo
While my heart rests with the economy,
Waiting for that same, slow celebration
Which sleeps again to dream of catastrophe
Rushing onward beneath my pleasant bridge
Where I recite to the alligator.

Stuffed alligators and muted piccolo
Are the bridges burned to economy
With celebration and catastrophe.
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