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My emotions through a metaphorical viewpoint.
This bond we've shared

Both a blessing and a curse

Splashed with happiness, yet

All your pain seeps into me

First, it settles onto my skin.

Then sinks below my dense facade,

Poured thickly into my heart,


Inching and creeping through my veins,

drenching them in black ink.

I am intoxicated with darkness.

Through the molt you leave behind,

I see the hold dusk has over you.

Crawling, searching,

Entangled in masses of concentrated, dark mesh--

I know, somewhere, you're crying for a way out,

but each cry is softened by every layer you cast behind.

I pace behind you through it all,

picking up the sentimental elements that made you you.

Spit out a foreign code and I'll decipher it.

We are connected. You might not like that.

Love picked us up. Hate made us fall.

But these tried and tested tendons could never be severed

A new pull has bridged us closer by way of midnight,

Though I often find myself stranded and alone.

The light that once consumed me

may have been dimmed by your shadow,

But the darkness churning within will be overcome.
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