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What runs through my head

Why do humans gather, I think as I sip my tea. We gather without question, and often without reason. Is it to feel as if we are not alone? No. This cannot be the reason why. My explanation lies within the man across the room. I would not place him a day over 60, but not a day younger than 45. With his grey hair, small frame, and tired eyes, he was not attractive. He is alone, just as I am. But I know just from looking at him that this is how it always is. He is lonely. No women gather around him, and he does not seem like he cares. I wonder what his life is like, for he looks so alone. Has he suffered from a great tragedy? Who does he have to fill his days? One can tell so much about another by just the way they present themselves. Is it possible to feel concern for a stranger who's name you are unsure? Perhaps I'll go introduce myself...

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