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by berley
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #1770963
they leaned against each other as the world began to swirl, nauseatingly so
Authors Note: This is my first poem. It's reversable, you it can be read backwards and tells a different story.

too high to be awake,
so sleepy to be dreaming,
her voice was far away -
nothing was important -
"I love you too," she whispered,
wrapped in the warmth of the embrace.

he was
surrounded by it,
protected by it,
weightless by it -
the stuff -
before she breathed him in, drawing out:
"I love you," with one l o n g breath
and he told her,

they were submerged.

the fictitious feeling that
couldn't stop
this factual fondling
hands through hair, fingers on cheeks,
palms caressing flesh,
then the all mighty rush.

the tingles under their skin,
behind their eyes, in their gut
it was burning,
smoke curled from the cigarettes too heavy to bring to their lips.

they leaned against each other as the world began to swirl,
nauseatingly so.
this was good stuff -
she could taste it in the back of her throat since

she shot that shit and
he fixed one for himself.
finding a vein, he gave her a smile as
the water was added, a lighter was sparked.
the spoon started to bubble, the cotton was dropped.

he grabbed the spoon and she took the works
while thinking about what was to come as
the anticipation shook his fingertips
as he placed the treasure on the table.

she tried to itch that itch
while pushing to stop the shakes,
wiping away her tears,
she said, "Oh, you're my sweet prince,"
and with a sniffle
she accepted she couldn't be alone

until the door opened.

draining her from the inside
making her sweat and sore,
pulling out her hair,
with something crawling in her stomach,
she was left waiting for death

they were submerged
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