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by Asiah
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First chapter. A start, defintiely not finished re : punctuation, grammar, etc.,...
The muscles in my left shoulder are killing me. Every time I get anxious I tense up and have a very annoying habit of moving my shoulder back and forth. After Easter lunch with my family it was positively aching. My partner gave it a good rub but that wasn't enough to get out the knots my mother metaphorically put there. So I got out the tennis ball I use on my trigger points when things are decidedly bad. Now after a good bashing up against the wall with the ball I think I am worse off than I was before.

Bloody mothers. I can't even lift my arm above my head it hurts so much. Definitely some unresolved issues there. I don't remember my grandfather that much but I know she is morphing into him. He had white hair, was going deaf and blind. She has white hair, asks me "what" a few times after I say something and stubbornly won't get prescription glasses. She only wears the magnified version that are actually making her eyes worse and she always loses them because she refuses to wear a chain that will prevent her from misplacing them. She said it's because it would make her look old. Oh well, she spends about five dollars a week just buying new pairs-her loss.

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