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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #1771287
On a faraway planet, unlikely hero Mazeru Jonouchi, fights against a great cosmic evil!

If ever there was a point in this book to start with "Once upon a time" or to try and lure you in with some kind of false hope, now would be the time. But of course, I have to keep things fresh.This story isn't it's own original thing, but I can damn well guarantee that this will be the best work I've made yet. This is a gripping tale of a planet on the verge of becoming dystopian, where magic and psionics run rampant as the braces of technology try and shut them down. In the dark days of the new age of metal, it's clear that there's a new threat on the horizon, as the stars in the sky are lining up in what could be considered a nightmarish fashion. Things are shifting, life is changing. This story starts with the rise of the truest evil this planet has ever seen. And the only salvation lies in the hopes of a young man who would rise to the occasion with his mentor and friends as they travel to slay this new power from the Great Beyond. Of course, there's things inbetween that I probably forgot to mention, but if I spill my guts here, then what do I have to earn from writing the rest of the story?



There he was, walking down the street. He had this unnatural obsession with walking places. In the sun, the rain, the snow, nothing stopped him short of illness. He was once asked why he walks everywhere, and he simply responded, "I'd hate to be a burden on someone like that."

Humble, humble indeed. His name was Jonouchi. Mazeru Jonouchi. People called him Jojo for short. He was tall, at least 5'10", his hair mid-length and brown, his skin somewhat fair, but weathered over time. Only 15 he was, and he was as unsure of his future as anyone he'd known. Having just stepped through the pearly gates of high school, he knew his decision was coming close. He had a thing for performance arts, he liked singing and aspired to be an actor, someday. He had a few friends in the theater, but he had grown apart from the social life recently, for unknown reasons. He still treated everyone in his theater with love and respect, as if they were all a big family.
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