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This is my third entry to the survivor game. It's a guy I knew in college.
At 22, Phil Mcgregor is a tall burly boy standing well over six feet tall and weighing close to 200 lbs. He was once beefy and muscular, but he is now starting to develop a pot belly. He has blonde hair which he wears long down to his shoulders. He has a big round face and a sort of large chin. His shoulders are broad and his legs are rather wide and appear very hairy when he is wearing shorts.

He wears glasses and while he does not have any permanent facial hair, he only shaves when it suits him to do so which means that he usually has some stubble on his chin. He has a pierced ear in which he usually wears an earring which has a little plastic skull on the end. He can often be seen wearing a black cowboy hat. Aside from this, his clothes are pretty simple. He usually wears dark t-shirts and shorts in the summer, or jeans in the colder months. Occasionally, he adds to the effect by wearing buttons from various groups. He has all kinds. One from a rock group. One with a motto from his church, and one of the giant red mouth from the Rocky Horror Picture show.

He has a tattoo of a loon on his left shoulder.

2. Phil came from a family of good Presbyterians, but his parents divorced when he was only twelve and he lived from that time onwards with his mother. He became deeply attached to his mother and her church which gave him an interest in his religion and even gave him a desire to be a minister, but at the same time, he felt that he had to deal with the fact that his life was less then perfect so he began living a lifestyle in which he did not care what other people thought of him very much. He is still religious, but he deals with God on his own terms not on anyone else’s.

3. Phil actually has a very friendly temperment. He likes to spend a great deal of time hanging out and drinking with his friends, and he is always ready to give someone a ride in his beat up old station wagon. He likes to joke and be noticed. This may come partly from when his parents divorced, he learned to be accepting of various things and to simply relax and have a good time as much as possible. Whenever he meets a neo pagan or some such thing he is always happy to chat even though it conflicts slightly with his other religious views.

4a. Phil has already experienced his parents’ divorce which deep down has given him a somewhat negative view of marriage. On the other hand, he would probably not get married in the first place, if he did not feel fairly certain that his wife was the one. If he did go through a divorce of his own, he would very likely be unsure how to deal with it. He might blame himself. He would avoid showing anger or tears. More then likely, he would spend time hanging around the bars with his friends until he had convinced himself that he was over the loss of his spouse.

4b. If someone cheated on Phil, he would get angry with the cheater, but he would confine the anger to his conversations with that person. Yelling and screaming aren’t his way, but he would speak to the person in a very upset tone of voice. Then, when he discussed the matter with others, he would probably make sarcastic comments about loyalty.

4c) If Phil were the victim of a robbery, his reaction would depend on what was stolen. If someone just tried to take something like his money, he might be inclined to shrug it off, because he is not one to get attached to material things, but he does have a few things which he would not be happy to see stolen. They include things like his stereo, his picture of his mother, the cross that he wears on a chain, and maybe even his car. As for what he would do, if those things were stolen, he would very likely follow the perpetrator and if he found him or her, insist that it be given back.

4d) If Phil found out that someone he loved loved him back, he would be happy and surprisingly moved. Upon being told such a thing, he would ask the person to sit down for lunch and discuss the fact that they were in love in a tone that would be unusually somber for him.

4e) If Phil won the lottery, he might buy a new car, but it would still be a big station wagon rather then a something smaller and sportier. He might also look into buying something like a motorcycle, because he has always wanted one of those.

4f) Phil’s reaction to being wronged is usually to behave in a way that is more somber then angry. He would most likely only express his displeasure with the person who wronged him to some third party. He would share a quiet laugh with the third party, but that person would be able to tell that he was truly unhappy.

5) The interesting thing about Phil is that his friends include people from all the different “cliques” at the college which he goes to. He knows Christian students and Pastors obviously, but he also has friends among the pagans, the art students, the goth kids, and the fraternity boys. Does he really trust all of them? Probably not most of them. He just enjoys talking to them and occasionally drinking with them. That said, there are a few in every one of those groups that he does trust and that trust him quite a bit. These people sense that he is a caring person in his own way and that he does not pass judgment on them.

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