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A short story of someone looking through their life.
For a moment I was looking through the glass into my old life. It was full of color, life, warmth, love, and fun. In that life I felt safe and content. I enjoyed life. I knew God and He was with me. I never felt alone. I was always able to give. I was kind and gentle. Thought of others more then myself. I was merciful and gracious full of compassion and love for others.

I stepped out in faith and God always provided away, my life was good and full, my home was clean, my bills were paid, my friends and family were close, my body healthy and in shape, my home was sound, my job secure, and my world and life were full of light. And every moment God was with me. There was nothing I would put before Him – my favorite time of day was my quite time with Him – put nothing before it.

Life now is very different. It is dark, cold, and lonely, with little hope most days. I spend very little time with friends and family. My home is out of order in every sense of the word. My life has been twisted and turned inside out. And it is all my fault. One thing will turn it around – God first place in my life.

Seeking Him every moment, giving Him my time, my heart, my life. I have given away my time and life with Him to live in this world – my will got me here but His will, will get me out. Getting back to what I turned away from is much harder this time around. I struggle to give God my time everyday. This is a very hard road but if I want to live in the light I need to spend time in it. If I want to spend time with love, walk in love I must. God is our source He is our way, our truth, our light. He is the source of life and is far from destruction and darkness.

I need to live by one thing. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. If I do this one thing truly from my heart He, God will take care of everything else. I will not give up – I will trust and seek after Him and Him alone will I serve! Only God, can I rely on it is Him I will seek as I turn from the looking glass of what was and walk through the darkness of this presence and toward the light of my tomorrow.
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