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by EZ II
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This is an essay I wrote and submitted as an oped piece.

                                        DONALD TRUMP RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT?  REALLY?

                Donald Trump is in LALA land.  His own reality.  A reality where everyone agrees to anything he says and laughs at any attempts at humor he makes.  A reality reflecting values that are the polar opposite of those embodied in our Constitution.  Donald Trump running for President?  Really?

         I tuned into Sunday nights episode of Celebrity Apprentice, as the good reality TV junkie that I am.  There was the Donald telling the remaining contestants that “A lot of people want me to run for president.” and then polling the group as to their opinion on his candidacy and requesting a show of hands.  Could there be a better orchestrated situation to ensure a positive response than the infamous “you’re fired.” format of the show?  Players wanting to stay alive in the game asked to endorse his candidacy.  This is Donald Trumps world.  Not a democracy!

         Later in the show after the contestants had filed into the boardroom, one of the contestants complained that some of her team members were “crawling up the ass of Star Jones”, the project manager.  The Donald comments, “By the way, much nicer now that she lost all that weight.”  What????  Really????  The sexist boss in the boardroom commenting on a woman employee’s anatomy.  In 2011, not circa 1955.  Not only does he make the comment, he then makes it front and center of his Sunday night broadcast.  This communicates that the Donald has no boundaries.  Those are for other mortals, not him.  Can you imagine this type of person representing our country on the world stage.

         John McCain has commented that Donald Trump’s candidacy is a publicity stunt.  Trump, famous for immediate public reprisals type responses to any criticism responded with a public comment to the effect of, “I’d be very surprised to hear Senator McCain saying anything against me, I raised an awful lot of money for him.”  Again, Mr. Trump’s reality.  Money talks.  Money buys silence.  Money buys loyalty. Money undercuts morality.  The truth is some fuzzy commodity that really doesn’t exist.

         The Trump candidacy is a reality only in Trump’s mind.  When he meets the American public he’s going to meet up with a smackdown that will be larger and louder than any “You’re fired.” he’s ever made.  His reality is not ours.  Conservatives and liberals, Republicans and democrats alike.  We love our democracy.  We are not looking to trade it in for a narcissistic, autocratic  ruler. President Donald Trump?  No way!
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1771941