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This is a short love poem.
                                      LOVE          July 2007

                                                2nd Version

                   The Greeks of old shall wait

                             while winters freeze white with fallen snow

                             and the sun fades with eternity

                             for such an one as you to touch their hearts

                             with the springtime of your love.

                   Gallant men of fabled cities

                             for mortal beauty, as Helen was,

                             did fight and launch a thousand ships

                             to make her their queen,

                             And yet her face is but moonlight

                             compared with the sun-like radiance

                                       of thy gaze.

                   And if for her men will fight,

                             how much more will nations war

                             to feel the softness of thy presence?

                   For like cool water,

                             sparkling and clear,

                             that cleanses the soul,

                             Thy touch cleanses mine

                                       and fills my heart with love.

                   By: Mark C. Peterson


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