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This is an essay on truth and science...they're not always the same.
      Never Be Afraid Of The Truth                      July 2007

    The genuine search for truth is always commendable, scientific or otherwise. However, the arrogant philosophies/theories of many modern scientists have become mans’ new religion, and an idolatrous one at that. The absurdities of its’ bankrupt philosophy are producing a steady diet of poison consequences that will soon humble the high priests and patrons alike of this “new” religion.

      One of the great tragedies of modern science is that we are surrounded by tenured professors who wallow in the confusion of their own discoveries. Sadly, “they are ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth”. This is mostly so because scientists function under the self imposed restriction that only allows them to study that which has been created, while ignoring/denying its’ creator. This makes for a system where there is much truth, and an equal number of errors, but few will admit to the extent of the problem.

    The sacrosanct theories of modern science do not suddenly become true just because they are loudly and frequently repeated, even in the halls of academia by famous professors. Such scientists are still human and are as apt to be tainted by the myths of their circles of influence as are the false religionists of our day. Science has its’ own dogmas, hallowed and protected by its’ ‘clergy’, that are filled with holes conveniently ignored by silent convention of the initiated, on pain of excommunication. Never be afraid of the truth!!, and do not trust that something is necessarily true just because the word science is attached to it.

    By: Mark C. Peterson

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