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A mediation of space and time.

               Imagine yourself upon a mound lying on your back. You’re in a big clearing atop of a mountain. It's a clear night, there are no trees, and you’re so high up you can't see the horizons. Stars abound showing their brilliant light, even more so because you're away from the lights of cities, and towns. You hear only the sounds of the night, nature’s song. There’s no moon to show its light.

               What are you seeing? Stars’, stretching out across the heavens in all directions your imagination begins to run wild, wondering how far they go. Do they go out into infinity? They will go as far as you can imagine. While imagining the vastness of the heavens take a breath then imagine again, further expanding your mind. You will now be able to see even further than before. Knowing your seeing galaxies, homes to billions and billions of other stars. You have now stretched your own self-made boundaries, and you could do this forever without ever reaching infinity.

               Now I ask you to imagine the earth disappearing from under you. You are now floating in space. You can roll, and spin, looking out into any direction you want without restriction. You’re enjoying the immense sights, beauty, and begin to lose yourself. After a while, you realize you have no sense of direction. There’s no up or down, forward, or back. You begin to lose your sense of time, there are no reference points. Time as known by you has become meaningless, no days, hours, or even years. Eternity seemingly is found in the timelessness of space.

               In every direction that you look into space, it just stretches on out forever. Forever is a time, isn't it? Maybe that’s not quite right. What you are experiencing? Eternity, time stretching the known universe and beyond? Is all of known time being represented to us all at once? Space and time (Infinity and eternity), just might not be just so easy to explain.

               You begin thinking while as you are floating, where are you right now in space and time? The only logical thing that you can come up with is, here and now. Correct? The next question is, if you're here and now, where exactly do you exist in time? Looking out in all directions all you can see is the past. You can only see the universe and stars as they were a long time ago, because it has taken light years for their light to reach your eyes.

               Now don’t seem, or feel like you are in the center of it all? Really, where are you in time, or space? Has time lost its hold on you? Does everything just exist in the now? If you traveled out in any one direction toward any star, wouldn't you be traveling into the future of that star? While in the meantime a star that was in the exact opposite direction wouldn’t you be traveling into its past? Does time really have any meaning to you as you are floating in space? As you are floating, ask yourself who is here? All that you will be able to come up with is, I am, you are, me.

               Start putting this together. All you can really experience by seeing is the past. You are living in the here and now. Your mind is making the future through your thoughts, imagination, hope, etc. Your mind lives in the future by ideas, or in the past from your memories. Then if your mind is making a future for you that has not happened yet, aren't you in control of what happens to you in the future? Why then can't you create whatever you want the future to be? Starting with a thought, an idea, and a vision? Then because of this, all of the universe, time, and space must follow what you create, correct? Now I ask you, what does that make you? What have you become, possibly a creator?

               God when asked who he was said “I am that I am.” Then I am said "You will know that you are the sons (children) of God."  Now floating though space you are left with five words describing who else is here. I am, you are, me. I am (God) is now leaving, leaving you with three words. You are me!

               Now imagine the earth is a gift, which is now under your feet. It was made for us to enjoy, our own playground. We are just children at play. If we trash it, we play in filth. We are told to clean up after ourselves; we will reap what we sow, who is the caretaker? Whose responsibility is it to take care of the gift? If we have the power of creating for ourselves, aren't we? What are you waiting for?

               You may ask God where he (she) is. Since this is a story about space, let me give you a clue. Some say God is “nowhere” to be found here or in space. I was inspired to tell you God only needs a little space to show you where he (she) is. God said make it in the space between the w and the h of “nowhere.” Meaning “now here.”

               I am now with you, and have giving you the power of creation. You are me. We are all one. I am, is waiting for you to be who you are, to create a future for yourself that is infinite (without creative boundaries), and eternal.

               For those who have doubts, imagine yourself as a piece of gold. You could be the smallest particle that can only be seen under a microscope. You could be represented as a coin. You know you have value because everyone seeks you. You could be a gold medal, like one won at the Olympics, showing you were the best of the best. You could be a wedding band, showing the love of two special people becoming one. You could be a building, even a planet made of gold. No matter what form you take, you are gold, and always will be gold. If God were gold everything that is known or seen, is gold. Then everyone is gold, because of the fact you are a piece of God. Looking for, and seeking God should be easy, because within you is a piece of God. Look close. Besides God has said "Are you not more precious than gold."

Written by inspiration

Thomas Seeker

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