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The gypsies leave and Megan and Jennifer spend time with their boyfriends.
Megan and Jennifer woke up the next morning and they felt a lot better then they did the day before. Vicki had prepared them a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

"How did you sleep? asked Jennifer.

"Pretty good. I dreamed of snuggling with Miles." Megan laughed.

" I dreamed of being with Bradley.I need to pack a few things to stay with Bradley." Jennifer looked tired.

Megan and Jennifer packed some clothes. Bradley arrived first. He kissed Jennifer's cheek. "You look better then last time I saw you."

"I feel better." Jennifer looked at Bradley. He was dressed like a gentleman. Nothing like her gypsy man friend who looked like Gerard Butler. Bradley was handsome and a gentleman.

Vicki gave Bradley a strawberry pie that she had made. Bradley thanked her.

Megan whispered to Jennifer: "Hopefully, Calin won't bother you this time."

"Just don't get out the moonstone and summon them." Jennifer thought they should throw the moonstone in some body of water.

"I won't. I am going to leave it here in the dresser." Megan almost wished she didn't have the moonstone.

Bradley and Jennifer left. Jennifer loved staying at Bradley's. A beautiful nice quiet plantation house in the country.

It wasn't to long and Miles showed up. Megan thought he looked like Leonardo Dicaprio which he did.

Bill had been outside and he was sorry he had missed Bradley. He shook Miles hand. Bill got along with everyone even the troublesome gypsies.

Vicki had made a chocolate cake for Megan and Megan admired how Vicki was always cooking.

Megan hugged Vicki good bye and said that she would see her in a couple of days.

Miles kissed Megan as soon as they got in the carriage.

"You look better."

"I feel better. Megan smiled as she sat closer to Miles.

Bradley and Jennifer arrived at the plantation. She smoked on the way there. She looked at all the tobacco plants. She could never smoke as many cigarettes as many as the plants could produce. Tobacco was a great invention.

Bradley noticed Jennifer smiling. "Why are you smiling my Dear?"

"I am happy to be with you. I love looking at tobacco. I am glad you don't mind me smoking."

"Not at all. I like women that like to express themselves. Some women act like they are afraid to talk and or move. You can take on Satan himself." Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek.


It was a sunny day and Megan used her parasol to keep the sun off. Miles drove the carriage and the horses kept in step. She saw ducks flying over and she loved this sight.

"We are having dinner with my parents tonight. I hope this is alright."

"Sure. Your parents are really nice." Megan liked them but she wasn't sure how they would feel about her.

Miles and Megan arrived at the Dawsons. A nice mansion that was three stories high. She had went to her first ball here. She had found Jennifer kissing Bradley and smoking by the gazebo. She laughed to herself. Jennifer. She loved Jennifer. Never a dull moment with her. Their adventure to the past was fun as well.

Miles helped Megan down from the carriage. Miles took her to a two story house that looked like a cottage. Red velvet curtains. Megan smiled to herself. Miles took her canvas bag into the house. Megan was in awe of the place. A grandfather's clock. Rose pattern couch and cherry wood furniture that looked like Queen Anne furniture. Beautiful.

"I hope you like your accomodations, Darling." Miles put his arm around Megan.

"This is beautiful." Megan thought that she could live here.

Miles took Megan's canvas bag to the bedroom Megan blushed. The bed was an iron bass bed with flowers on the knobs on the bedrails. There was a purple and red flowered quilt on the bed.

"This is where we will be sleeping." Miles whispered. Megan hoped that she was ready for this.

Mies put Megan's camvas bag down. He took her to the barn and there was a little black colt. He was so cute. He was only three days old. Megan ran over to hug him and the colt nuzzled her.

"He is so adorable." Megan loved animals.

"I was hoping when he grows up that you will want him." Miles beamed.

"He is beautiful. I would love to have him." Megan thought she was so lucky. She wished that she quit thinking about her gypsy man Manolito that looked like Johnny Depp.

Jennifer had picked some red roses, pink carnations and white carnations that grew around Bradley's house. She put the flowers in a vase. She could get used to living here and being married to Bradley. Commitment. That word scared her. She loved Bradley but she couldn't quit thinking about Calin. Had she made love to him? Was Calin kidding that she had? It would be nice to travel with the gypsies for a couple of years. She didn't want to do that forever. Bradley could give her everything including all the cigarettes that she could ever smoke. If Calin never came back, her decisions would be easy.

Megan spent a lot of time with the colt. The mother was a black horse and she trusted Megan with her colt.

Miles gave some hay to the other horses. Megan fed the colt's mother a carrot and gave the colt a sugar cube. Miles admired Megan. She had a way with animals. He was glad the gypsies weren't around. Miles didn't know that the gypsies had just left last night and Megan and Jennifer had been with the gypsies. Miles hadn't loved any woman since his wife had died and Megan made him happy.

The sun was going down and Miles told Megan they were due to have dinner with his parents in a hour. Megan kissed the colt good bye on his nose. She and Miles went into his house. Miles gave Megan her privacy as she changed into a lavender dress. Miles liked anything that Megan wore.

Miles dressed in his tweed suit and Megan thought how handsome he was.

"Shall we, my Darling?" Miles put out his hand to Megan and Megan took it. She wore a white shawl around her dress. They entered the Dawson's
mansion. A blonde young maid greeted them. Mrs. Dawson was dressed in a blue fancy dress and she kissed Megan on the cheek.

"You look lovely, my Dear." Mrs. Dawson didn't look enough to be Miles mother.

"Thank you. So do you." Megan felt comfortable with Mrs. Dawson.

Mr. Dawson was dressed in a black suit and he bowed to Megan. She smiled. She felt like Princess Katherine or she should she say the Duchess Katherine at Buckingham Palace. Megan smiled to herself. It seemed dark all of a sudden. Miles seated her to the table and two of the servants served a turkey meal. Megan loved turkey but she hated the thought of wild turkeys being shot for food. In the present, turkeys were raised on farms. Wild turkeys flourished and weren't shot for food so much. Megan decided to enjoy her meal and forget about the poor wild turkeys.

Miles and his father talked about the textile profits and Mrs. Dawson talked about a new dress she was going to wear to the ball.

"Oh, Miles have you invited Megan to thev Finley's Ball?

"Not, yet mother but it has been on my mind. Megan , would you do the honor of attending the Finley's Ball with me?." Miles winked.

Megan smiled. "I would love to."

Just then it started to thunder and lightning. Megan hoped it wasn't going to be a bad storm.

Jennifer was hoping the same thing. The thunder was loud. Jennifer and Bradley had just eaten a roast dinner that she had cooked. He was just getting ready to ask Jennifer to attend the Finley's Ball with him when lightning flashed again about three times. Just then one of the plantation workers knocked on the door. Bradley answered the door. Lightning had struck some of the tobacco plants and they were on fire. GREAT! JENNIFER THOUGHT CALIN HAD CAUSED THE LIGHTNING TO DO THIS. She was being silly. At least it started raining and the rain would help with the fire. What was it about fire and the tobacco plants? They smoked themselves. Jennifer hoped that she wasn't bad luck or had been cursed by Calin. She prayed the fire was be put out. Life sucked at times.

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