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You have arrived! Welcome. This is the Digital Portfolio of J. Jordon. Prepare yourself.
Digital Portfolio Introduction

Welcome to my Digital Portfolio. Over the course of the 2011 semester, I've tackled different areas, topics, and even styles of writing.

I don't know how we all did it. From day one there were papers, collages, online responses, inquiries, weekly deadlines for exploratory writing, reflections, talk-backs. And that's not even what we did in class! Day book entries, peer reviews, and plenty of discussion.


I. Process Piece: Literary Sponsor
From start to finish the literary sponsor was one of the more enjoyable writing sessions that I engaged with. We covered a few day book topics which ended in the final product that takes a deep look back at something that people now take for granted.

II. Reflections... From a Day Book
An overview, if you will, and the author's analysis of what he thinks are his best work for the semester on these timed writing topics.

III. Writing to Explore Pieces
The true gems of this portfolio. It is here the writer reveals his best work and favorite topics of the ten given: Personification, Memorable Moments, and Writing Observations (Make up your own prompt). From a fictional story from the perspective of an almost thrown away doll, to non-fiction that delivers a biting slice of the writer's life growing up away from his native land, to finally revealing his own thoughts and words on what he thought the class' many variations had brought to him.

IV. Final Product Assignment: Midterm Reflection
The writer thought that he could pull and revise from the list that was not mentioned in the information... Who'd ever think to revise a reflection?

V. The Final Reflection
One last look at how things went... are there any regrets? You'll have to take a peek if you are that curious.

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