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Am I playing devil's advocate? Believe what you want to believe. That's my point.
Chemtrails and more....

Well, here goes. Conspiracy theories, we all believe in at least one. You believe any thing outrageous, and some one will think it is a conspiracy theory. There is a little bit of truth in all of them, and some more than others. But honestly, do you believe they have been feeding us fluoride  for years because it is good for our teeth? I once  met a man with advanced Alzheimer's, he was 45. Do you think fluoride may have been a factor? And chemtrails, when I was a kid, contrails dissipated quickly behind high flying jets. Now some, and only some leave trails that don't go away, and they criss-cross all over the sky above our cities. I said OUR cities. These quasi checker board clouds run together and make blue skies go away. Isn't any one looking up, this was not happening some years ago.

And the moon walk, why haven't we gone back? Why doesn't the Space Shuttle venture into deep space? Why do some so called experts go to such great lengths to debunk most conspiracy theories? If some people are just wrong, so what? Free speech isn't about being right, right? Why don't people stand up to government the way they used to? Are we being dumbed down? TV, fluoride, chemtrails and government induced patriotism. We are becoming the most passive culture on the earth. Look around, seems the whole world wants to be like us. Why? Well.... we are a great country, as a people. The Constitution is what we are supposed to live by. Some are wiping there asses with it. Our fore fathers are rolling over in thier graves right now.

Think I'm a nut? Maybe, but that is not the point, I have a right to believe in any damn thing I want. What good is free speech, when most people don't exercise it? Sorry for all the question marks, I am not a writer per say, but I would like to think I am a free thinker.  I don't give two shits what any one else thinks, I think there is some fucked up shit going on right under our noses. It may not be fashionable to talk about some things. It seems there are a lot of taboos in this country of OURS. Ignorance is not a virtue and I am going to believe what I want, and that is the American way.

Things are changing fast in this country. Did you vote for change? Did you vote for hope? Did you get what you voted for? We get what we deserve, when we are lazy, when we are passive, when we go with the flow. I am as guilty as any one. We see the injustice all around us, but we are all caught up in our lives. Some day we will all be dead, and none of this will matter, or will it? We will leave a legacy. The world will still be here, I hope. When they dig us up, will they say " these people were on the right track, but somehow  became a bunch of mindless sheep and lost everything".

By Joe Motor & also published by Seattle Sinner magazine
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