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Food for thought, or shall I say drugs. Beware of side affects,you just may kill yourself.
JOE MOTOR and more dirty little secrets

I was asked to write about more conspiracy theories, and why not, I believe in more than a few. Take prescription drugs. It seems the drug companies want us all to be on their little pills...depressed?....take a pill...going through some hard times?....take a pill....can,t get it up?....seems they have a drug for everything.

When I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, kids weren't going to school and murdering every one in sight. Mothers weren't killing their children and teen suicide was not an every day occurrence.

The dirty little secret is, virtually every one acting out like this is on antidepressants and or other drugs. Schools and teachers tell parents to put kids on certain drugs or they will not teach them. I have talked to people who have dealt with this kind of crap. When media talks of school shootings and such, why aren't they telling us these kids are on these drugs? I'm not saying these drugs don't help some people, but have you heard how hard it is to stop taking some of these drugs once you have been taking them.

I know a women that was given Wellbutrin to help her Quit smoking. Right away she was suicidal and thought she was going crazy. Thankfully she stopped taking the drug.

Why do you think those in power don't want to legalize marijuana? Maybe because it works better than a lot of this crap the drug companies are selling the public. They know they could not regulate it, because it is a plant. Politicians receive  A LOT of money from these companies.

The only reason they are lightening up, and not enforcing marijuana laws is to stifle the movement to completely legalize cannabis. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to see the Seattle Police turn a blind eye, and not enforce some of the most ridiculous laws ever written. In fact we need to legalize all drugs, and regulate them like we do alcohol.

You would think the drug companies could get behind that... I don't know....I'll have to think about that. At any rate, drugs are bad shit, and personally I have not done them, or alcohol  for years, However, I feel very strongly about legalization of all drugs, and ending this war on drugs that we can never win. It would stop a lot of gang activity, including the cartels. Mexico would be a lot better off. Imagine the money we could save, on enforcement and prisons etc.

Laws stop no one. Hell, it's probably easier to get them illegally now than it would be to get them legally, if they were legal. The argument that  more people would use drugs if they were legal, is just not true. If alcohol was illegal, people would just make it in the basement, the way my dad used to.

By the way if cigarettes get any more expensive, I'm going to start growing tobacco and selling it on the street corner.

by: Joe Motor & also published by Seattle Sinner magazine
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