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Open interpretation. Contradiction are one purpose
Clock strikes
One last moment
If only expectation were met
Before sunset

As you fall down
As the sun fade away

Someone said
This day
Was never meant
To rise

A new scent
Comes with the night
Maybe you were wise
This won't bring back the light
Your whole life
You've been fed
By another

There shouldn't have been a sunset

The white moon
That once shined
Is no more
Nothing to struggle for
No conflict
Apart from the sunset

Why do you stick
To the earth
If only you find
Something else than the dirt

Admire the dusk
While you can
There won't be another sunset

Take of the mask
Be the stereotyped man
There won't be another sunset

In a faraway land
Without any end
Without restraint
In another world
Of which you dreamed of as a child
When you were wild
There will be dawn

Nothing to fear
My dear
Close an eye
Close another
Forget all but this lie
Feel the warm
Feel the end of the night
Feel the sunrise

There won't be any harm
Its a new day
Without empathy
As a sign of your demise
There is someting to be found
In the light
Of the sunrise

While life is reborn
Without any bond
Without being torn
A fantasy
Will open
With the discovery
Of the sunrise

Again spring turn to summer
Again, you can feel the sunrise

In the start of perfection
You leave your memories
The best of best instants
The zenith
Keep the lies
Believe in the myth
Transmit them to your infants
The last of all sunrise

You though life was once and twice
You have no more dice
Alone in those halls
As the sun falls
The last of sunrise

You feel the cold air
Covering your body
The end of a fantasy
If only it was fair
Another sunset

Hold to your love
Seize the day
No matter for what of
Don't part your way
You must still part your way
To the horizon
Hear the solemn beat
As you walk your feet
Toward the sunset

You fade away
You are far from who you were
Come here
No rain
Will be ending the day
Only the sunset

All this walking
For a reason not close to be found
Remember loving
When you'll meet the hounds
Nearer to the start
Closer than ever
To the sunset

Cry all your tears
Express all your fears
May we don't dwell
A final stick of the clock
Quiting the dock
Toward the end of the sunset

Another dimension
You can see far away
In this day
With all its destruction
You can still see the sunrise

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