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Script for Eddie Rex; a modern, biker remake of the Greek classic Oedipus Rex. (R&R PLZ!)
Eddie Rex
by W.G. Cambron

Persons represented:
Eddie Rex, Chapter president of The Wreckers MC.
Priest, Biker priest.
Chris, brother to Joy, Secretary of The Wreckers MC.
BARTENDER, the clubs’ bartender.
Tire Iron, blind biker. Former National Vice President of The Wreckers MC.
Messenger, Prospect from the Mother Chapter.
Second Messenger, Prospect from Eddie’s chapter.
Joy, Eddie’s wife, widow of Lucas, the former president.
Chorus, composed of members of the Wreckers MC.
Attendants; bikers.
Tire Iron’s grandchild, guides Tire Iron.


[Scene: Biker bar room, spotlight on BARTENDER pouring a shot.
BARTENDER raises the shot glass.]

BARTENDER: To the Wreckers! The kings of the road.

[BARTENDER takes the shot. Enter EDDIE REX, with him the PRIEST; attended stage right.]

EDDIE REX: Brothers; my fellow riders of the wind. What do you want from me, with this city cracking down on this club? The pigs and the feds have both came banging at our door, to either take our lives or our profit. They dare put me on trial for some rich man crime called fraud. I’m no fraud! I am Eddie Rex, my brothers. Eddie… Rex! My name is as heavy as my boot to the throat. You come to me with a so called “problem out of everybody’s control”. And then you say the only hands capable of the burden are mine? Tell me why my hands must be callused?

[EDDIE REX approaches the bar.]

PRIEST: Eddie, my son; please, listen. Under your leadership The Wreckers have decreased crime and increased my congregation. But the city is under attack: The kidnappings, the murders, the rapes. The police, they are driven away in fear from the mere thought. My church and I pray but our prayers; our prayers go unheard!

EDDIE REX: Then what do you want from me? If your God can’t save you; how can I?

[EDDIE REX takes a shot.]

PRIEST: Because you are the one they are after! The Plague! The Plague is forming again and they have their guns pointed at you, Eddie. They believe you snitched and sent their entire mother chapter to federal prison.

EDDIE REX: Father, settle down. I know all about the strange deaths, the missing children and even of the rapes. I know full well that it’s The Plague straight out of prison looking for revenge.

PRIEST: So you did send them all to prison?

[EDDIE REX nods, with much pride.]

EDDIE REX: How else do you think I became president of this chapter? When Ripper heard about it he appointed me as chapter president.

PRIEST: Why didn’t you simply kill them all? Like you do to all the others!

EDDIE REX: At the time, I wished to avoid a biker war. But it seems war, in our lifestyle, is inevitable. It’s the entire reason I sent my ever faithful brother-in-law Chris to the mother chapter. [Turns aside.] Strange though; I haven’t heard from him in two days.[Turns back.]

PRIEST: Why did you send him to the mother chapter? As generous as you are, you’re brethren are less civil; Godless heathens with their experimental drug-infested parties!


EDDIE REX: Dare not to speak ill of my brothers, Father. Ripper and the other founders have dealt with worse clubs than the Plague. I hope Chris brings good news. [Cue up motorcycle engine.] I think I hear him coming, finally.

[Enter CHRIS stage left. EDDIE REX takes another shot.]

EDDIE REX: Chris, welcome back. [The two embrace.] What did Ripper say?

CHRIS: To be honest, I’m not sure really. He seemed like he was going to send help, but he kept talking in a strange way like he thought he was a mystic. It was Tire Iron who made sense.

EDDIE REX: Tire Iron? That blind bat is still around?

CHRIS: Of course he is. He’s a founding member of The Wreckers!

[PRIEST, silently, gasps.]

EDDIE REX: Then what are you waiting for? What he say?

CHRIS: Um, Eddie, I’m more than happy to tell you. But are you sure you want me to speak so openly? [Points to the bar.]

EDDIE REX: What Tire Iron said can be repeated for all to hear in this club.

CHRIS: He said to truly help the club and the city; we have to purge the club of its sickness. Drive the real pollution out of its lungs. Cleanse its blood.

EDDIE REX: Pollution?

CHRIS: It’s a metaphor, I’m sure. You know how old timers are.

EDDIE REX: Right. How did he purpose to do that?

CHRIS: By exile. An eye for an eye.

PRIEST: Was that his exact words?

CHRIS: Yes, Father. Why do you ask?

[PRIEST quickly looks away.]

EDDIE REX: Eye for an eye? Who died?

CHRIS: We had a charter president before you. Lucas was his name. Good guy.

EDDIE REX: So I’ve heard. Never met the guy though.

CHRIS: Well he’s dead now. According to Tire Iron it’s about time to find his murderer.

[EDDIE REX expresses a large amount of disbelief.]

EDDIE REX: There was a murder on one of our brothers and we never sought our pound of flesh? Who killed him? I’ll personally do the job.

[CHRIS shrugs.]

CHRIS: Tire Iron never told me. He acted like he knew but he didn’t speak.

EDDIE REX: Do you know where Lucas was killed?

CHRIS: He was just cruising around. With a friend of his and a hang around of the club.

EDDIE REX: What are you waiting for? Let’s go find them!


CHRIS: We can’t.

EDDIE REX: And why not?

CHRIS: One is dead, killed with Lucas. The hang around fled and became a “law abiding citizen”. He said after seeing those thugs brutally slaughter Lucas for no reason he didn’t want to be in a motorcycle club.

EDDIE REX: We do live a dangerous life.

CHRIS: That we do, bro. No one wanted to be caught helping our family after Lucas’ death. The Plague came and terrorized the city. That was when you came around, Eddie. You helped eliminate the Plague and Ripper named you president of our chapter.

EDDIE REX: And as president I’m making this promise. Whoever is the scumbag murderer of Lucas shall feel my wrath. That rat bastard can think he’s seen Hell, but I’m the Devil.

PRIEST: Come my children. Let us pray for Eddie’s victory. And say a few Hail Mary’s for his blasphemous tongue.

[Exit CHRIS, PRIEST, BIKERS and CITIZENS stage left. EDDIE REX retires stage right. The BARTENDER silently cleans the glasses.]

[Enter BIKERS as Chorus stage right.]

1 Biker: Oh what fear rides to our fair city? The Plague, arch rivals of our brothers, of us; they return without pity. A war is coming, with vengeance at hand like a knife. Oh fearless Ripper, founder of The Wreckers, send us your guidance. Must we continue this war of territory and might? I fear our younger brothers will spill blood; day and night. Mothers will go white with fright, if we must continue this steel horse fight.

2 Biker: Woe is us, for the unnumbered deaths we bear. Death and madness rips at our hearts and not a soul seems to care. If we may be saved, let it be quick. For the Plague and their cockroach ways make me sick.

3 Biker: It’s all because of Lucas’ killer that our club seems just filler. Let his death be a thousand, his soul left on an island, no Hell or Heaven. As we live, the Plague is our Hell; we lay in the layer of seven.

[Enter BIKERS quietly from stage left. BIKERS sit at the bar, bowing their heads. Enter EDDIE REX stage right.]

EDDIE REX: Look at all of you-- reduced to prayers and inability. Where are the outlaws that roamed the highways, listening to their human instincts? I know I’m but a stranger to Lucas and his sad death, but as the president of this chapter I demand justice! I demand to know who took our brother. [Paces.] No one wants to speak up? That’s fine, that’s fine. I’m now offering a reward for the capture of Lucas’ killer. I will be more than happy to pay a hefty reward for whoever did it. Until I find out who did it, let the Wreckers know no hospitality! Even to other charters I am not going to let any of you rest until we find who did it! Is that understood!?

[1st biker of the CHORUS steps forward to EDDIE REX.]

1 Biker: Yes, Eddie, it is understood. But if I may interject; I neither murdered him nor can I point out who did. Lucas was a friend of mine; a brother to us all, but his death came so long ago. Can’t we just assume that whoever killed him has already met their fate and suffering more now than we ever could do?

EDDIE REX: Assume? HA! And make an ass of myself? I know revisiting memories like these are the reason why the old timers drown themselves in whiskey nightly. [EDDIE REX takes a look at the BIKERS silently drinking.] But I say, as president, we must and we will.

1 Biker: Eddie, then listen to me. Tire Iron, though old and blind, is wise and knows much about everything. Call for him to come and help, if anyone can find new clues to an ancient crime, it’s him.

EDDIE REX: That I already have. Twice! Once before I sent Chris and then I sent Chris with a request. I have not heard anything.

2 Biker: Why do you suspect he’s named Tire Iron?

1 Biker: He uses a tire iron. And not just for fixing flat tires. You can ask him when he arrives if you don’t believe me.

EDDIE REX: Tire Iron is coming? How do you know?

1 Biker: Forgive me, Eddie. He called the clubhouse and the prospect answered.

[Cue up motorcycle engine.]

EDDIE REX: And I know of this now because why?

[CHORUS and EDDIE REX look at the entrance (stage left). Enter TIRE IRON, holding a tire iron, led by his GRANDCHILD stage left.]

EDDIE REX: Tire Iron! Welcome, welcome. I’ve tried to get a hold of you, to have Ripper send a few more guns, guys, anything. But a new problem has come up. It’s said you know who killed Lucas, the former charter president before me?

TIRE IRON: Aye, I do. But no good will come from knowing.

EDDIE REX: Then give the bad news to me. Let my strong back burden the truth.


EDDIE REX: Excuse me?

TIRE IRON: I said no!

EDDIE REX: No to what, Tire Iron? You came here to inform me of the killer of Lucas.

TIRE IRON: I changed my mind, I better get going back home.

[TIRE IRON turns to GRANDCHILD, hand outreached.]

EDDIE REX: What? You know who killed a brother and you won’t tell? Treason! I call treason on your head!

TIRE IRON: [Turns back.] I don’t see the point of words, Eddie. They are all in vain, I tell you! Your search, your threats, it’s all in vain!

EDDIE REX: Vain? How about I cut out a vain or two and see if you speak then. You may be a founding member but you lost your patch when you lost your eyes, old man.

TIRE IRON: I lost just material sight! I gave up my patch because of the truth. The truth of Lucas and you! Ripper is my cousin, yes, so he let me live in peace. Why don’t you do the same?

EDDIE REX: You say you know who killed Lucas, damn it! You proved that by coming here, now tell me or I’ll make the Spanish Inquisition look like a civil debate!

TIRE IRON: If you dare try to strike boy, then so do it.

[EDDIE REX pulls his arm back. He ponders hitting TIRE IRON but TIRE IRON raises his tire iron, as if knowing. EDDIE REX takes a step back.]

1 Biker: But Tire Iron, sir. Years ago, was it not Lucas who blinded you?

[TIRE IRON looks up, thinking.]

TIRE IRON: Aye, it was. Decades ago, we were racing on our motorcycles. He kicked at my front tire and I lost control. I hit a curb and my face went through a shop window, my goggles broke and slit my eyes. It was the most painful experience I ever endured. Why do you ask?

EDDIE REX: Aha! So you admit it. Lucas is the reason you were blinded and you wished he never saw the light of day again, just like you. So you killed him. Didn’t you? Didn’t you?

TIRE IRON: No! I never wished revenge on a fellow brother, never wished to raise a hand to his head. I told you what I came here for.

EDDIE REX: No you didn’t. All you said is my search is in vain.

TIRE IRON: It is. For the murderer of Lucas is here. He’s desperately close.

EDDIE REX: Close? How close? Damn it, old man, who did it?

[EDDIE REX goes to grab TIRE IRON, but the CHORUS intervenes, holds him back.]

TIRE IRON: Blind you are, Eddie. Not in sight but mind and truth. If you continue your search you will know the truth; but I warn you, you should let the truth escape you this once. It will be your undoing, Eddie. This truth will tear you apart worse than any member of The Plague. Child, take me home.

EDDIE REX: You say I’m blind, but I see fine and the truth will be like binoculars. Go home, old man.

[Exit TIRE IRON and GRANDCHILD stage left. When offstage, cue up motorcycle engine. EDDIE REX turns to the bar.]

EDDIE REX: Where is Chris!?
[Retires stage right, fade to black.]


[Spotlight on BARTENDER, who has a shot glass raised.]

BARTENDER: To the memory of Lucas. May the wind be forever at your back, brother.

[BATENDER takes a shot. All lights come on. CHORUS meet downstage center.]


1 Biker: Who is he? Who was said to be by the state line, to have hands blood red? Do they go nameless, with unspeakable deeds? Time is where they fled, faster than storm frightened steeds! With hope they will feel a shock—Armed with thunder and fire, fearless Eddie Rex at the head, even Destiny will dread, he shall follow and never tire.

2 Biker: True is Harley and Davidson were wise and knowers of what concerned our stranded souls. How can the word of a blind man ring like church tolls? Is his wisdom by a lucky guess, or is there something sublime that we must address? How strange a man of violence can hear words from silence.

3 Biker: Terrible are the crimes of murder and treason, more so that the time been more than a season. Dangerous are accusations of the crime, wishes of death and grime. Can Tire Iron’s warning be just? Is Eddie Rex already blind from the truth by searching for it?

[CHORUS goes stage right. Enter CHRIS, stage left.]

CHRIS [pacing]: So Eddie wants to accuse me of killing Lucas? Really? What would I gain from my brother-in-laws’ death? Money? I run this front. Women? I’m happily married. I have no desire to be the head of this chapter, to be the bulls eye of every gun belonging to the Plague! My sister loved that man and so did I. How dare anyone call me a murderer? My family, my friends, even you? [Points to CHORUS.]

1 Biker: No, Chris, never! Eddie did accuse you, but it was out of the heat of the moment, he said it with not a clear head, I assure you.

CHRIS: Tire Iron, that blind fool. He rattled Eddie so much he made that unstable man run amuck with bloodlust. Eddie wants my head, your head, maybe even his own head because of that old bastard.

1 Biker: I don’t know what runs through his mind. Only he knows.

CHRIS: And if he doesn’t?

2 Biker: Here he comes, ask him yourself.

[Enter EDDIE REX stage right. EDDIE REX and CHRIS stare at each other. EDDIE REX walks angrily to CHRIS, who keeps away from him.]

EDDIE REX: You! You dare show your face after what you done? You think you would get away with killing one of our own? Don’t run, Chris, there is nowhere to hide without my protection.

[CHRIS gets behind the bar.]

CHRIS: Eddie, stop and listen. Eddie!

EDDIE REX: No use in running, Chris. You can never escape your past deeds. Nor your due punishment.

[EDDIE REX hops over the bar, CHRIS hops out of it.]

CHRIS: Eddie I swear to you I had done nothing against our club.

[EDDIE REX raises a glass, aiming at CHRIS.]

EDDIE REX: Then why so quick to run? Surely if you are innocent you have no real reason to run from me.

CHRIS: Eddie, you have a complex. [Ducks.]

1 Biker: For Harley-Davidson sake, Eddie let the man defend himself against your accusations!

[EDDIE REX lowers the glass and walk out of the bar. EDDIE REX folds his arms.]

CHRIS: Thank you. I have done nothing wrong. I was in full cooperation with the cops when they tried to investigate Lucas’ murder. [CHRIS strokes his chin.]Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing you out there helping.

EDDIE REX: It was before I came to this city. How would I have known?

CHRIS: Lucas didn’t die in the city. It was at a major highway at the state line. So again, why didn’t you help?

1 Biker: That is a good question, boss man.

[EDDIE REX sharply looks at the CHORUS.]

EDDIE REX: keep your mouth shut or you’ll be holding your tongue.

[All three CHORUS cover their mouths.]

EDDIE REX: Don’t spin this on me, Chris. You’ve been jealous of me since the day I rolled in here. I’m everything Lucas wasn’t and everything you couldn’t be.

CHRIS: Such big talk about a dead man. I wonder if you even truly love my sister or if Joy is a perk for being the big man in the club to you.

EDDIE REX: Watch it Chris. I do love Joy but kicking your ass would give me much joy. [Cracks knuckles.]

CHRIS: You have no excuses, Eddie. You’re just an opportunist. You’re not a real biker and not a true leader.

[EDDIE REX and CHRIS meet center stage, their foreheads together, bodies tensed.]

EDDIE REX: First the old man now you. Today must be Piss Off Eddie Day. And it’s working.

1 Bikers: Brothers, stop! Here comes Joy. Our lovely biker queen will set everything straight.

[Enter JOY stage left. EDDIE REX and CHRIS part ways as JOY lean and rub against EDDIE REX and kisses his cheek.]

JOY: What’s with all the commotion? I can hear you two bicker all the way in the parking lot.

[Neither EDDIE REX or CHRIS talk, but stare at each other. JOY clears her throat.]

JOY: I said what’s going on here?

[Neither talk still.]

JOY: [annoyed] Tell me… I SAID TELL ME!

[CHRIS and EDDIE REX shake their heads, shielding their ears.]

CHRIS: Joy, my dear sister, it’s your husband. He dares to paint me black as a villain. He claims that it was I who killed Lucas!

[JOY turns to EDDIE REX.]

JOY: Is this true, Eddie?

[EDDIE REX mumbles.]

JOY: [Sternly] Eddie.

EDDIE REX: Yes. The blind man said that the killer was desperately close. Chris is a reasonable suspect.

JOY: How so? Lucas was his family too.

1 Biker: Eddie, if I may interject again.

EDDIE REX: If you must.

1 Biker: Tire Iron, as wise as he is, indeed said the killer was desperately close. Maybe we’re not looking at the right distance. Maybe the killer is close but not as close as we think.

JOY: Speak clearly!

1 Biker: Yes ma’am. Um… er… um…

2 Biker: He’s trying to say that the killer is in the club but not in this room now. We must investigate the entire club.

JOY: I agree.

CHRIS: Investigate, yes. We are in America after all, Eddie. We have a right to a trial.

EDDIE REX: I wasn’t going to arrest you.

CHRIS: No, you were just going to hang me!

EDDIE REX: Hang you, club you, stab you. Whatever was in my hand at the time.

JOY: Can someone please tell me what started all this? I can swear on my life that Chris, my own brother, had nothing to do with the murder of my first husband.

1 Biker: It was Tire Iron.

JOY: This is the third time today I heard about him being in these parts. He gotten lost?

EDDIE REX: No, my love. The blind man spoke as if he knew Lucas’ killer but told me nothing but a riddle.

JOY: Riddle? Like the only hippos have baby hippos riddle?

EDDIE REX: No. Just riddles like I’m the killer or Chris is.

CHRIS: So we are good? Everyone here understand that [Cups hands shouting] I DID NOT KILL LUCAS?

[CHROUS, EDDIE REX and JOY nod and verbally agree.]

CHRIS: Good. If you need me, I’m going to question a few of our brothers. Maybe someone remembered a clue they forgotten. [Exits stage left.]

JOY: Now what’s with you? All of the sudden you’re curious about what happened to Lucas? Why?

EDDIE REX: Tire Iron told Chris that the pollution of our clubs’ blood must be cleansed. The only cure is to solve the murder of Lucas and bring his killer to justice. Yet no one seems to know who did it. Tire Iron knows but he won’t talk.

JOY: That blind bat, bringing trouble with him like white on snow. Indeed he would know. Eddie, listen. It was years ago. Lucas blinded Tire Iron during a motorcycle race. It was no accident. Lucas and Ripper were having some trouble. They both wanted to be the alpha male of the Wreckers so Lucas went after Tire Iron in the race, Tire Iron of course is Ripper’s cousin. When Lucas won the race he boasted with pride, as any winner would. But of all days, it was the same day that Ripper’s wife, a Cherokee medicine woman, died. It’s said the reason what Ripper said was because he was momentarily possessed by his wife.

[EDDIE REX grabs hold of JOY’s arm.]

EDDIE REX: What he said? Joy, don’t stop now. Tell me what was said!

JOY: Ripper said that his son will be the death of him. [Panicked, speaks faster.] He said that his own son will kill him on his 22nd birthday, and a few months later marry me, his own mother.

[JOY crises in EDDIE REX’s chest.]

EDDIE REX: And what happened to Lucas?

[JOY looks up at him.]

JOY: He was killed. The police suspected by a gang or The Plague jumped him. They must have hid in the bushes and leaped at him when he drove past. It was such a long stretch of road, anyone could have gotten jumped.

EDDIE REX: Long stretch of road? It was not in the city limits? Joy, tell me where.

JOY: Highway 19. He was on a run for the club and he took a different route home. They found him anyways.

EDDIE REX: Highway 19. What time? How much time has slipped by since then?

JOY: To me it’s been ages. But it was around the time you emerged and took out the Plague. Ripper quickly named you president. He said he knew you as a nomad.

EDDIE REX: That I was. But I belonged to no club until Ripper met me. I was riding around and Ripper found me at a gas station and much like how you said he spoke like he was possessed.

[EDDIE REX walks to center stage, face lit up with thought.]

EDDIE REX: Was he with anyone?

JOY: Two people, actually. One was killed with Lucas. The other managed to get away with a savage beating that ripped his ear. Apparently one of those animals bit it off.

[EDDIE REX turns back sharply.]

EDDIE REX: Where is he?

JOY: He left the club. He looked at me in the ER, with the doctor sewing his wounds shut. He begged me to leave in peace. I was deeply distraught, yet I had sympathy for the man who watched my husband die. I agreed to let him live a life of peace. He lives around here working as marketing advisor for the minor baseball league team. I always forgot what they’re called.

EDDIE REX: Can we get him here? Quickly?

JOY: I’m sure I can coax him out of hiding. But why? What troubles you?

EDDIE REX: Don’t ask, my love. I fear I’ve spoken too much.

JOY: I’ve spoken what you ask of me. Now I demand you to return the favor.

EDDIE REX: Alright, alright. As you know, I’m a man who wants more out of life; more money, more power, more fun, more freedom, more everything. I come from a very humble upbringing, raised in the country by a farmer and his wife. But I had that desire, that fire that burned for more. Ray and Jean, as nice as they were, couldn’t understand it. They were fine living like that but I wasn’t! So I bought my first Harley, an old Harley, and rode into the sunset. Birds and salmons do go back to their nesting grounds, where they were born. Humans do too, I know, because that’s what I did. I checked up on the old couple but found they weren’t there. After I left they sold the farm and moved to Florida where they can get more. Least that’s what the old man at the front door told me. I never found them in Florida so that could have been Ray lying to me. On the road I did hear about this city, about the great advancement in nearly everything. On my way here I was on Highway 19, much like how you said Lucas got killed. I found a trio on very nice Harley’s, much more new and powerful than mine—I wanted them. A few insults were said and I stabbed one guy in the neck. His friend pulled out a knife out while the other ran. I killed him and took his bike and chased after the third. I let the poor soul live. Maybe letting him live, letting him suffer like that I’m as evil as a human can be. For a new bike and insults I killed two men and butchered another. No man of heaven has more hate than I. And for reasons unknown. Not a day goes by do I think about that day. Did the man lived long enough to continue suffering, or if he did himself in. Now I fear I know the reason why I never stop thinking about that day. Am I the one seeking justice, or is justice seeking me?

[1 Biker steps forward as JOY comforts EDDIE REX.]

1 Biker: Eddie. We all grieve over the death of Lucas. But you can’t beat yourself up. Highway 19 has taken the lives of many.

EDDIE REX: There is still hope. I will wait for the one ear marketing guy.

JOY: Suppose he was here. What would you say?

EDDIE REX: It depends on what he says. If he said what you said than I’m cleared.

JOY: Wait, what did you hear me say?

EDDIE REX: That it was a gang or the Plague. More than one, so it couldn’t be me.

JOY: You have nothing to fear.

EDDIE REX: I’m sure you’re right.

JOY: Come; let’s go to the back room. We’ll send for Marcus later. For now, let me do nothing to displease you.

[JOY takes Eddie Rex by the hand.]

EDDIE REX: Oh momma.

[Retire to stage rights. Fade to black.]


[Spotlight on BATENDER, behind the bar with a raised shot glass.]

BATENDER: To the capture of Lucas’ killer! May we see his death.


1 Biker: Pride is the germ of kings. Pride, puffed up and vain, with many things. Pride, unseasonably, unreasonably, mounts on the wall. Only to hurry the fatal fall. Vain are the feet to quickly serve her. I ask, who among us can conquer the task? Pride, oh pride, stay away! Else I shall cease my welcomed stay.

2 Biker: If any man proceed, silently with word or loudly with deed, without fear of right or care. Sit where the virtues are, for his unneeded pride. Let an evil death betide! If honesty is a gear he cannot gain, and keeps his deeds unholy, he shall be blinded by folly. What mortal from his heart, dare to avert this indignation?

[Enter JOY stage right, attended.]

JOY: Oh my, what to do? My poor Eddie is so troubled by this whole ordeal. His passion for justice knows no bounds; it has nearly absorbed his entire being. I pray this case will end soon and peace and mind will be restored. Ugh! I hate problems that can’t be solved with a simple raised voice.

[Enter MESSENGER stage left, holding a piece of paper. MESSENGER stops near the CHORUS.]

MESSENGER: [looking up from the paper.] Excuse me, sirs. Is this the Wreckers hangout? I’m looking for the president Eddie Rex.

1 Biker: Aye, this is our hangout. Eddie is our president, but what does he have concerned with you?

MESSENGER: I’m a prospect sent from Ripper. He tells me I have good news for him.

JOY: Then don’t hold back, what is it? I’m his old lady.

MESSENGER: Such a beautiful lady you are.

JOY: Thank you. But what is the good news you have from Ripper?

MESSENGER: I’m not sure how it can be good news when it’s wrapped so badly. At least to me. The old man named Ray no longer walks among us.

JOY: This is good news. You, prospect. Go get Eddie from the back; he’s sure to enjoy this.

[Biker exits stage right.]

JOY: Oh Lord how good news this is. His father died and by natural causes, not at his hand.

[EDDIE REX enters.]


JOY: Oh grumpy Eddie, cheer up. Hear this man’s good news!

EDDIE REX: Who are you?

MESSENGER: I’m a prospect at the mother chapter. Ripper himself sent me to tell you that your father, Ray, has died.

EDDIE REX: Died? How so?

MESSENGER: He was old. That’s what old people do.

EDDIE REX: Oh yes, I’m free! No more fear, no more worry.

JOY: See? You should have listened to me.

EDDIE REX: Yet still, I have a stinging dread. A dread that a waits for me in my mother’s bed. Prospect, what about the woman?

MESSENGER: What woman?

EDDIE REX: Jean, the wife of Ray. I need to know if she still lives.

MESSENGER: Brother, what causes so much terror? Are you waiting for an inheritance?

EDDIE REX: No, they were simple folk. What I fear is a dark future that was claimed. I must see it not be made.

MESSENGER: What’s it about? Or does it lose value each time it’s said?

EDDIE REX: No, not at all. Ripper, said to be possessed by an Indian medicine woman, laid claim that by me spilling the blood of my father, I shall bed my mother. So I kept on the road, away from the farm that raised me.

MESSENGER: Ray is dead. Why don’t you return to visit?

EDDIE REX: I dare not to. It truly frightens me.

MESSENGER: [looking down at the paper.] You tremble at nothing.

EDDIE REX: How so?

MESSENGER: Ray isn’t your father.

EDDIE REX: [shocked.] H-He’s not?

MESSENGER: According to Ripper, no. Ray took you in when Ripper presented you to him as a gift. The wife was unable to conceive. He found you in a dumpster, tied and a few days old. Your parents left you but Ripper saved you untied you and gave you to a new home. That’s what he said in this letter.

EDDIE REX: Prospect, continue. What else does the letter say?

MESSENGER: [Reading from the letter.] Ray was not your father and Jean not your mother. The visions of his wife are true. Lucas’ blood has been spilt by his own seed, and the seed replanted in the wife. Feeble attempts to stop the prophecies hindered it not. Eddie was blind from the very start.

[JOY runs to the backroom, stage right.]

1 Biker: Where she going?

EDDIE REX: Joy! [Cue gunshot sound.] NO!

[MESSENGER, frightened, exits stage right.]

EDDIE REX: Woe is me, oh how woe is me. My wife… my mother? I’m the murderer we have been searching for. My mother… my wife? How blind I truly have been. My wife… my mother?

[Exits stage right. Fade to black.]

Act Four

[Spotlight on the BARTENDER, holding a shot glass with despair.]

BATENDER: The whiskey can change a man. But it can never change what the man is destined to be.

[Puts down the shot glass and exits stage left.]


1 Biker: Oh, the generations of mankind. How can it feel that your lives are worth nothing at all? For those, in great state, only seem great and then fall. I’ve seen those patterns, by a lot. For Eddie Rex, I envy not. Tormented by his mortality, that is he.

2 Biker: Who, shooting past all the rest, won wealth in such zest? Who rose and took stand, between death and the land? Eddie Rex, regarded in the highest.

[Enter stage right second MESSENGER, shaken.]

2 MESSENGER: Death. Death is everywhere in this club. The blood. The blood fills this club. The secrets. Secrets flood this club that could drown the strongest swimmers.

1 Biker: Prospect, what is the word? We heard a gunshot and the screams of our leader. He forbade us to enter back there. What did you see?

2 MESSENGER: What did I see? I saw why the old timers drink. I saw why war veterans go silent. I saw why the druggie shoots up. I saw death itself.

1 Biker: Joy is dead? What of Eddie?

2 MESSENGER: Joy indeed is dead. The gunshot was to her mouth. She took out her handgun from under the bed, the same gun she told me to hide this very morning! No note, no hesitation. I just walked by the room, peered in and watch her finger pull the trigger, her blood painted the walls like a sinister painting. Her body fell and forever propped against the same wall. Her eyes… they remained open. Her gaze is so far away.

2 Biker: And Eddie? Did he go with his wife?

2 MESSENGER: No. Eddie Rex, the fearless leader whom I slaved for, that we all ride under, he’s alive… but as a shell of a man. I watched, helpless to stop it. Eddie Rex took the diamond ring of Joy. Her wedding ring and his own ring. He looked at me, he said something but I couldn’t hear from panic. Eddie then shoved the rings into his eyes, his screams overrode my panic. The blood washed down his face as if he was taking a shower of blood.

1 Biker: The wedding rings of his mother and him. The vision that Ripper foresaw has come true in full circle.

2 MESSENGER: Eddie! Come to my voice, slowly.

[Enter stage right EDDIE REX, blind.]

3 Biker: Oh what a poor sight. Such a shame, how the mighty Eddie Rex has fallen. His will was to be free, but even he fell to destiny.

EDDIE REX: Where must I go? I’ve fallen into the words of Tire Iron. I’m no longer blind in truth. I’ve made myself known to the truth and it took my sight away. I’m planted in the soil of woe, a tree sprouted in a dark destiny. I must go, like my glory.

[CHORUS surround EDDIE REX.]
1 Biker: Eddie…

EDDIE REX: Tend to me not.

2 Biker: Sorrow has claimed another.

EDDIE REX: Sorrow? I’m blinded in so many ways. I’ve tried to stay free and now I’m caged.

1 Biker: Here comes Chris. Maybe he can help you.

[Enter CHRIS and PRIEST stage left. 2 and 3 BIKER rush to CHRIS.]

2 Biker: Chris, please, talk with Eddie. He has blinded himself.

CHRIS: He’s blind from the truth? How tiresome to hear.

3 Biker: No, Chris. Joy killed herself and Eddie has taken the rings and slit his own eyes!

CHRIS: My dear sister is dead? And my brother-in-law took his own eyes? [CHRIS runs over to EDDIE REX.] Eddie, you fool! What have you done?

EDDIE REX: Nothing that hasn’t already been warned.

PRIEST: [Looking up] What dismay have taken over this once proud club?

CHRIS: Your wife lies in eternal sleep as you simply weep.


CHRIS: Eddie, you were so proud. You wanted the truth and now you have it. They say the truth will set you free, but they never tell you how miserable it makes you. Eddie, you should have let the secrets lie, you should have never stirred it awake.

EDDIE REX: I know, but my greed overtook me.

CHRIS: Greed?

EDDIE REX: I’m a mere man. I want more than I have. The truth was just an object of affection I can idolize until the next challenge. But this truth was my undoing. To know the truth of yourself, is more humbling than death. Oh, Chris I have been a fool not to listen.

CHRIS: There are some secrets even the angels fear to carry.

EDDIE REX: And I’m no angel.

PRIEST: [comforting EDDIE REX] You are but a child of God. He will forgive you.

EDDIE REX: But can I forgive myself?

[Cue motorcycle engine.]

1 Biker: Who comes here at this hour?

[Enter TIRE IRON, with a tire iron, led by GRANDCHILD stage left. PRIEST has a look of fright when he sees TIRE IRON.]

TIRE IRON: [Sniffs] I smell... I smell hypocricy and greed.

[PRIEST tries to exit. TIRE IRON sharply turns to PRIEST, who stops in midstride.]

TIRE IRON: Hello Father.

[PRIEST crosses himself in a panic and runs offstage.

2 Biker: Tire Iron, the wise and the blind. You have returned?

EDDIE REX: Tire Iron? Is that you?

TIRE IRON: So you learned the truth, Eddie. I warned you, did I not?

EDDIE REX: Yes… yes you have. I’m sorry I ever fetched you. You are no simple blind man. You are the bringer of sorrows, the harvester of pain!

TIRE IRON: The truth knows no good, nor evil.

CHRIS: Is this why you have come? To gloat?

TIRE IRON: No, I’ve come to take him.

EDDIE REX: Take me? Take me wear?

TIRE IRON: I said that the club will not be safe until its lungs expelled its pollution. The blood of the club had to be cleaned. The pollution was you, Eddie.

[GRANDCHILD walks over to EDDIE REX and takes off his rocker.]

EDDIE REX: What are you doing?

TIRE IRON: Ripper has put you in exile.

CHRIS: Who is the new president then?

[GRANDCHILD holds the rocker out to CHRIS.]

TIRE IRON: You are, Chris.

[CHRIS takes the rocker.]

EDDIE REX: I’m left to drift? Like a discarded newspaper?

[TIRE IRON takes EDDIE REX by the hand.]

TIRE IRON: The blind shall lead the blind.

[All exit stage left.]


1Biker: As blind as Eddie Rex was, is not all man blind? The poor soul wanted to change his fate, but it was too late, his soul was in a bind.

2 Biker: Oh how the truth of our fates forever dangle in front of our outreached fingers. The truth is as venomous as a scorpion’s stinger.

3 Biker: A mothers’ love was never meant to be that deep. Over her body we all weep. The forgotten children grow up with questions unanswered. They’ll grow up conscious, social lives severed.

[All three rise up shot glasses.]

UNISON: To mankind, to the truth they are blind.

[Lights out. End.]
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