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Snow wants to find love, but might be broken beyond fixing.
Chapter 1

Eyes were glancing everywhere, everyone was slightly nervous. It seemed like it had been four days, though in reality it had only been about an hour and a half, but through some magical means, people were still testing. To keep my mind busy, I started to ask myself random questions as I hooked a small strand of pure naturally white hair behind my ear. Questioning myself had become almost a habit when I was 8 and older because sometimes after tramatic events in people's -mostly children's- lives can lead to amnesia. Sometimes I would wake up and forget everything about myself and it was the scariest thing in the world. The amnesia eventually passed, yet the habit remained.' How did you get here? Easy, walked from English. Why did people not start to ask you if your hair is naturally that color, or if you were just wearing pink contacts? Also simple, May was right next to me. She somehow manages to scare people away sometimes... Why? Dunno...'
I glanced across the room, to where the red-headed junior sat doodling on that sketch pad that she seemed to always have at hand. I had always been jelous of her "doodles" because they were better than anything I could do in one year.' Focus. Okay, so maybe the way her hair always lays? It's pretty layered... and dark red... like mahogany.' My eyes turned to study the other's face.' It's angular, like what you would expect from a female spartian.' May glaced up, making quick eye contact with me before smiling and turning back to her drawing, but only now did I notice that I had been smiling ever so lightly whe I was looking at her. The red-head flipped to a random page and scribbled a note then held up the book for me to read. It read "Awwh, is Snow blushing?! " I blushed and quickly looked down to hide it, my short hair not doing much to hide the blush, but it did something. Through the side of my vision, I could see May put down her book and start a new drawing, only glacing up every thirty seconds or so. I returned to my questioning with a small sigh. 'What's your full name? Snow Eli Marrow. How old are you? 15. What grade are you in? 9th, a freshman in High School. What grade class is this? Junior, just because algebra and geometry were too easy. Why do you always glance up to that girl or notice when she even looks your way? Because she teases me.' My voice in my head was starting to turn to a growl. 'Why is it okay for her to tease you and not anyone else? Because she's my friend! Enough questions.' I decided and busied myself by lightly tugging on my red and black school girl skirt, then adjusting my black and teal "FREE HUGS" shirt and retying one of my black combat boots. fter about five minutes -the kind of minutes that feel like years- the lunch bell rang and everyone got up, grabbed their bags and started to leave the class. Some said 'Bye' to the teacher, but most just went out the door, not caring enough. I took the chance to stretch and take my time.

May walked over, her sketch pad under her arm. 'Oh yeah, another thing to add to the reasons people avoid her, she's tall.' I nodded and grabbed my grey messenger bag and was a step from leaving when Mrs. Button stopped me. "Snow? May I have a moment?" The tone in her voice left no room for argument, so I nodded and turned to face her.

"You wouldn't mind if I stayed, would you?" May's voice was so cold and harsh that it was less of asking permission than demanding permission. The woman looked uneasy for a moment, but then put on her mask of calmness with a stiff nod as May leaned against the door frame. The teacher turned her attention back to me.

"Snow, I've been meaning to talk with you a bit but you're always gone before I get the chance or I just forget. I need to have a confrence with your parents about if you really should be up this high in school and only be a freshman-" She stopped me before I could ask the question that was most commonly asked, "And yes, it has to be both parents, not just one so that you can't just bring the cool one and get away with not doing work with the other one."

I looked extremely uneasily at her, "Um, only my mom can come... My dad-"

"Oh, I understand, I'm sorry. I know divorces are so common these days, but if you could call him u-"

"Her dad's dead." May said loudly, interrupting her own teacher so that she would finally shut up. It worked.

She looked distraught. "I'm so sorry! I had no idea!" It looked like she had just received a slap to the face by a baby who she had no idea was a ninja master. She started to apologize profusely, but I just shook my head and smiled sullenly before May and I were dismissed.

When we arrived at the lunch room, May gave me a small pat on the back and seperated as the red-head got a sub-sandwich and I just got a cookie and a pink lemonade from the vending machine then I sat down. "Sup Snow." Sabi greeted as she sat on Oktober's lap. I wondered how that could possibly be comfortable in the slightest, but they did that everyday -sometimes the role was reversed- so I wasn't phased.

"Not much, I got a new swimsuit! It looks amazing on me!" I said, deciding not to touch on the subject of the teacher. Only Josh knew about what happened to my dad, everyone else figured that he and my mom had divorced and that I hadn't spoken to him since I was 8 so I got sad when I talked about him.

"Ohh, I can't wait to see it! I bet black would look fantabulous on you." Oktober said and I laughed lightly with a bit of tease.

"You think everyone looks great in black." It's true. It's also ironic because she was always wearing black, like right then she was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest that clung to her far too thin stomach, a pair of black skinny jeans with black knee high boots with her -yup you guessed it- black waist long hair left down while she rocked out the black eye liner supprisingly well. It was strange, usually when people wore that type of clothes people would think that they look scary, stupid or annoyingly emo and think that their life sucks, but Oktober pulled it off and people were just curious.

I turned when I heard May's converse tapping lightly on the ground behind me. Everyone greeted her with the usual smile and wave. She sat down next to me so close that our knees were touching, and purely out of habit I scooted away a little while ignoring the very miniscule yet still noticable frown. I sighed and stole a hot cheeto from Oktober. "So, I'm having a birthday party on friday. It's going until Suday and you're all invited."

Josh was the first to jump in, "I'd love to go! What's the theme?" He didn't even hold back on his excitement. His thin framed glasses were reflecting the light so that I couldn't see his eyes real clearly, but I imagined that they were gleaming.

"I'm not sure, what should it be?" I asked, looking to everyone for advice.

"Winter wonderland!" Sabi interjected happily. Considering that it was winter right then, it would be easy. All the designers are itching for someone to do that.

"Well, I dunno. Candy land sounds better to me." Oktober said with a little shrug.

May bit loudly into her celery, the snap almost hurting my ears. "Winter wonderland, just snowflakes and shit, or candy land where it would be difficult as fuck to actually get all the candy, not to mention expensive. How about this. A combonation of raving, candyland and winter wonderland." Now she had everyone's attention, even the table closest to us. Sabi rubbed her fingers off, leaving an orange mark on the black and cyan material of the trip pants. "Alright. Snow, listen to this so you can tell the designers. Okay, media room, raving. There's a lazer disco ball. Since the room's already black there's no painting problems and since there are no windows that helps too. Living room is the candy land. Giant lolly pops and willy wonka - the original, not that newer piece of shit that they got out a monkey's anus- and then there will be a tea table somewhere is eatable tea cups just because I've always wanted to eat a tea cup like Willy did. It was so amazing. Anyways, every where else is the winter wonderland. Except your room and your mum's room." She sounded so official through the whole thing and I knew that stage designer May was up. Everyone was looking at me expectantly and it felt like I was on the stage that May was setting up and directing and if I said the wrong lines the whole play would be screwed to hell, but this was all so expensive, at least 2 thousand dollars.

I sighed, defeated. "Fine, but you have to go over to my house and talk with the designers today. The set up will start tomorrow but they need designs today so that they can get all the materials that it takes. Poor Nic will be so over run... though I guess he's used to this by now." Every one cheered and laughed before I finally noticed that Sabi's shirt was inside out. I pointed this out with a small sigh, "What was written on it this time?"

"Fuck the President." For some odd reason she sounded proud of this. "My dad helped me out with this one."

Josh shook his head, "Isn't that illegal?"

"Nope, I'm not threatening him, I'm just saying he sucks. It's only illegal if you say 'I want to kill the president' or 'I'm going to hire someone to kill him.' Stuff like that." So she had done research. For a long while we just talked about how she needed to make a shirt that didn't say "fuck the-" so that she didn't get suspended... again. Oktober was getting tired of being with out her at lunch.

The brunette dragged her fingers through her somewhat bland haircut -straight across the forhead and then shoulder length without any flow, amost like Lady Gaga's- then turned to me. "So, I was just thinking, are we going to be allowed to smoke?"

I shook my head, white hair jumping slightly. "No, my mum would think that I'm the one smoking. But anything that wouldn't leave a scent is fine. Though she has always let me do hookah on my birthday or just a special happy day." I said with a small smile. The smile was short lived when foot steps stopped right behind me. Instinctivly my back tenced and we all looked up to the new arrival. The teen beind me gave a lopsided grin and lightly toussled my boy cut hair saying "Hey lezzies" before May rudely shoved his hand off.

"Can we help you?" Her voice was so cold that even Oktober flinched though didn't let anyone see it... willigly.

Jay looked slightly shocked, but regained his composure. "Oh, Josh, Mrs. Lohr said that you could help me in chemistry." He smiled lightly, using what I knew as his "charmer" smile. I knew that because he had tried it on Sabi once and ended up with a fist in his face, later on a broken nose from Oktober. He gave up on this group of girls. Though I knew that he didn't have to even use that smile because Josh would buy anything Jay had to say.

"Absolutely. Where do you want to talk it over?" He asked, trying not to sound too eager.

"I was thinking the staircase in the far back of the school." I wondered why they just couldn't go to the library, but again Josh went along with Jay's little scheme. Okay, so there's something you should know about Jay and Josh. Josh is a cute gay nerd. He has short yet slightly untaimed wavy dirty brown hair, he usually wears plain colored shirts with jeans and black high top converse. Then there's Jay. Jay is... Jay. Every school has the famous bi-sexual who steals every girl's heart and most of the gay population's hearts. He's on the tennis team, plays foot ball in his extra time and is almost always wearing some team's jersey, I think he should get paid for it because when the popular people wear a jersey, everyone suddenly switches over to that teams side.

I sighed as Josh stood and made his leave with only a wave. We all waved except for Oktober. When he was gone, Sabi said one word. "Bullshitticals." With a completely straight face, but as soon as we were all laughing, she joined in. "Did you see the look in his eyes?! Behind the glasses I could have sworn I saw his pupils turn into little red hearts!" She joked while laughing. Soon we were all making glasses with our hands and attempting to pull off his short hair.

"Oh Jay, please take me away!~" May mimmiced, bringing a new wave of laughter.

Oktober put her hair into a messy pony tail and looked up at Sabi who was still sitting in her lap and put on the most devious face I'd ever seen her with. "So Sabi, could you help me with my Chemistry homework?" The flirtaciousness in her voice was unmistakeable.

"Absolutely!" I had a feeling that the chemistry they were talking about had nothing to do with science or class at all.

"You're so amazing!" And with that, they were making out - something I had a feeling that Jay and Josh were at least thinking about. Josh had always had a crush on Jay, and the popular teen seemed to have recently gotten an eye for the nerd.

"PDA GUYS!" I groaned before suddenly getting pulled into May's arms so that I was leaning against her chest - one that I've been jealous of before multiple times. She was so much more devoloped than me.

"You know, you act like it's such a bad thing, but I bet that if you tried it, you wouldn't mind it so much any more." The red-head purred as she looked directly in to my eyes. I felt my cheeks tingle and get wam and knew that I was blushing. I bit my lip, this was comfortable. 'So that's why they do it.' I thought before the lunch bell chimed, saving my life. I sighed in releif and attempted to get up, but May grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me down, but just as I was about to protest her lips were on mine. We were kissing. For a moment, all of my thoughts were lost and I was about to kiss back, but I realized what that would mean. It felt awesome, but I pulled back while gasping for breath and stared at May. She looked slightly triumphant.

"W-why did y-y-you-" I stopped myself and took a deep breath. "Why did you do that?" It was difficult to keep my voice even and my hands were shaking like crazy.

"Felt nice didn't it?" May asked her voice so calm that I clenched my teeth. Oh how I envied her sometimes. Though the side of my vision I could see Oktober and Sabi were just standing there, watching us like were were just some show on cable.

I huffed. "You didn't answer my question."

"I don't have to. You already know the answer, you've known for a whole year." The lunch room was clearing out, showing that third period was about to start, though there were still some guys looking at us. May's grip on my hands did not loosen. "You're shaking, have you been eating right? I know you don't eat right unless I make you." I gritted my teeth, angry that she was trying to change the subject and I tried to jerk my arm back.

"I'm fine." I lied. "I've been eating like I should." Another lie, but I really didn't care at the moment. I just jerked my arm back right when her grip got even slightly lighter then grabbed my pack and quickly left the room. I walked into my Latin class and plopped down in my seat.
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