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by Mike
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I was just free writing one night.
Freedom; what is freedom? The English settlers came to America to find freedom. They wanted to make their own choices. So: freedom means making your own choices. We now live in a country that supports basic freedom. Basic freedom. Sounds different from the freedom that the settlers were talking about. Now there are people in charge who tell you which freedoms you are allowed. Of course, you also must earn your freedoms. You don’t believe a five-year-old and a forty-year-old actually have the same freedoms, do you? Then again, did the children of the original settlers have equal freedom to the adults? So WHY can’t young people have the same freedoms as adults. Perhaps lack of knowledge, or lack of maturity. Does one need to be smart and mature to have freedom? I know a lot of people who are neither, yet are allowed a good measure of freedom. So what do I get for my freedom? I can go shopping wearing only socks, I can have sex with whoever I want, whenever I want, I can sacrifice virgins in the name of my religion…wait, seems to me I can’t do any of these things. Where did my freedom go? I could have sworn I paid for it. This is America, right?

Freedom seems to be one of those things that people take for granted, like, feet. I’ve got feet, I can walk, who cares? What’s the big deal? Ok, but where are those feet taking you? What? They take me where ever I want to go. Really? You wanted to go back to work at McDonald’s? You wanted to walk into the stuffy, hot, boring office this morning? Ask your feet: would you rather be in shoes today or sandals? My point is: people forget about how precious freedom is. They forget what to do with it. And often, without knowing it, our freedom goes away. Maybe it’s taken from you; maybe you drop it on the side of the road. Either way, it’s gone.

In today’s society people value time and money. Both can provide freedom. So it would seem that if you have more money or more time or both, that you would have more freedom. Makes sense. Or maybe as you work harder to get more money you begin giving up your freedom. Ok, so what is freedom worth? Can a price tag even be put on freedom? Some people I’ve talked to say “Yes”. Well, does Donald Trump have freedom? He’s got billions of dollars; he can do whatever he wants, right? I doubt it! And what about the guy hanging down by the pier, no job, no money, does he have freedom? My guess is that he has more freedom than most of us. But just like Mr. Trump, he’s forgotten what to do with it.

Do you have freedom? Have you forgotten what to do with your freedom? I bet it’s not too late to get it back.

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