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by cassie
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Hi. I'm new here. This is basically just an introduction of myself.
I'm pretty sure very few people will even bother to read this, but that's okay...

Anyway, I'm Sandara Belle. That's not my real name of course, I just wish it is. I live in Vancouver, Canada and no, I do not say "eh". But then again, I'm just an immigrant - maybe some people who were born here fit the stereotype. I've been living here for less than 2 years but I can already hardly remember my life before then.

I enjoy reading, specifically young adult novels with a lot of that teenage angst sort of drama. I don't have much experience with writing, although in fifth grade I started writing poems. I do keep a personal diary (although I prefer the term "journal") in my computer and I use that to practice my writing. In search of an online writing group, I recently joined Scribophile. I read somewhere that it was a very good website where writers critiqued each other's work, etc, but I didn't think the writing level would be that intimidating! So I tried to google "teen writing group" instead, and I found this. And that's how I got here.

Anyway, I guess you could say I'm an ordinary 14 year old girl who spends half her time doing nothing and the other half wondering what the hell happened to her life. I consider myself a generally nice person, but under some circumstances could possibly also be the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. I swear I have a split personality disorder, but apparently, wikipedia doesn't think so.

I have to warn you that I'm pretty messed up. You might witness a lot of lunacy from me in the future, depending on how much information i choose to disclose on this blog (or whatever it is). I think that, for now, I will just do a blog (or a diary, journal - you name it) on basically what happens in my life - what I feel, think, and go through, etc. I know, I know, it sounds boring. But what else can I do? I might write poems every now and then but they usually suck. I'm not interested in writing fiction either, I don`t think I`m confident enough yet.

Take note that sometimes I will have to dramatize the words every now and then if I feel that I need to, because even though it will still be a hundred percent true, I still want people to read it. Feel free to review my pieces and offer critique, I am highly inexperienced in literature (so please take it easy on me) and would really like to improve my skills.

Anyway, I think I'll stop writing for now. If you have read until the very end, then bravo! I hope you didn't suffer too much reading it *BigSmile*
See you guys next time!


(^LOLJK i ain't gossip girl *BigSmile*)


Sandara Belle

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