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"Everything from sports, recent ailments,/Weekend plans...and news", a poem on work breaks
Casual, chatty breaks at the office water cooler,
So iconic in this high tech age of gadgetry,
Cell phones, and MP3 players –
A simplistic, yet styled diversion
From our databases, spreadsheets, and word processors
Which are so beholden to our insights,
Special planning, and various executions
On tasks and projects. 
Meetings so unexpected, yet so productive
In their humor, quality, and pervasiveness
On a variety of subject matter.

Everything from sports, recent ailments,
Weekend plans, decisions and news
From other departments, upcoming trips,
And how to keep the break room tidy,
As well as the strength of the coffee,
Post season analysis, and fantasy teams,
Lend a clear and dedicated path
Of discussion to the groups or persons
Huddled around the sturdy and reliable,
Thirst-quenching water cooler.

Engaging in this brief refreshment
And the scintillating commentary
Of our most trustworthy and complimentary business associates
Is the ideal way to learn about the company
And one’s daily dealings in this imperfect,
Mysterious, sometimes serious,
Oftentimes celebrated world we now live in.

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