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Candice wasn't having a good day
The sun shone through the patio door as she slid it open and stepped out onto the deck. Not even a hint of a cloud or a whisp of mist could be seen in any direction. A perfectly wonderful day. The grass sparkled with dew and the flowers raised their pedals toward the morning sun’s rays.

“Yep, it is a beautiful day,” Candice muttered with sarcasm.

The soft soles of her sneakers did not allow much sound as she stomped back into the house and closed the door with a bang. She used the same firm tread up the steps to the first floor and sat on the landing. She put her elbows on her knees, propped her chin on her tight fists and made a very loud sigh, then a little moan.

The door to her mother’s home office opened and she stepped into the foyer. “Candice Snider I think there's a problem. Do you want to talk about it?” Candice shook her head, her ponytail swung back and forth with vengeance. “I can’t work with you stomping around so you better come in and let’s talk.” When Candice didn’t move nor change her angry expression, her mother came to sit next to her on the step. “What seems to be the problem?

“It is a horrible, ugly, terrible day. I hate it!” Her brows met in the folds of her frown, her lips pursed, while her arms wrapped around her body.

“Hmm, that does sound like it is a problem. What's so bad about it?”

“Did you look outside Mother?” Candice raised her head and rolled her eyes as she spoke. Her hands waved in the air at the front door. “Just go look Mom, it couldn’t be more awful.”

Her mother could see the blue sky through the transom window. “It isn’t cold. It looks perfectly lovely and you won’t need a coat or hat today.”

Candice threw her hands in the air again and wailed long and loud, “Mother, that's what I'm talking about! It is warm today, the sun is out, and it isn’t going to rain for the rest of the week, or even until the end of the school year. AAGGHHH!! She shook her head in dramatic frustration.

“Calm down Candice Mae Snider. What is wrong with you?”

“Mother, We bought that new outfit for my birthday, the coat with matching gloves and hat. I can’t wear it now. It's going to be too hot today and I'll look stupid in it. Why did you let me buy it?” She wailed again. Her fists waved in the air and her face twisted into a grimace.

“If I remember right, I mentioned all those things to you at the time you wanted it. You said there was time left to wear it this year and it would still fit next fall,” Her mother offered.

Candice stood and faced her with her hands on her hips. “You just don’t understand!” Tears formed in her eyes. “There's just four days left of school. I thought we would at least have a cool morning or rain, but OH No! we have sunshine and hot weather for the rest of the school year!” She hooked her back pack over her shoulder and stomped down the stair. As she opened the door, she wailed again, “Why does it have to be so beautiful this week? Why?”
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