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I am starting to write my first novel.. what do you think?
My eyes shot open to the sound of my blaring alarm clock. Just another day I thought as I made my way into the bathroom. Little did I know that this wasn't just another day.
Jenny was always the pretty girl. She was captain of the school cheer leading squad. She had like a billion friends until she started dating Dan. Dan was trouble. He was a partier, and when Jenny was around him I guess she was a partier too because that's how little John came into the picture. John was 3 months old and since he was born everything changed. Jenny found herself loosing more and more friends and straying off to hang out with me more and more.
When I got the call in the morning, it didn't really seem like anything unusual. It was Jenny of course but this time is wasn't John crying in the background. This time, it was Jenny.
"He is gone Beth"
" Who's gone?"
I couldn't believe what I just heard.
"What do you mean he is gone?"
"His crib is open and there was a note under my pillow. I'm so scared right now Beth"
"A note? Did you call the cops? I doubt I should be the first one that you call right now."
"Yes, a note Beth. I says come and get me. Come and get me Beth. They want ME to come and find him."
"You? Jen, are you joking me right now? Call the cops, or I will call them for you."
And with that i hung up the phone not knowing what to do with myself. I didn't know if I should or should not call the cops. Maybe Jen was wrong, maybe she needs to call the cops..... or maybe she doesn't.
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