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This was written very quickly and came straight from the heart when I couldn't sleep.
Stop. There comes a point in your life when you must admit to yourself: you’re in too deep.

I’m lost in the void; the eternal darkness, where echoes of what once were resonates in disappointment around me.

My world is collapsing; brilliance becomes brutal carnage, a carnivorous landscape devouring itself... drowning in depression and doubt. Frivolously drifting through the night; possessed by a timeline of countless moments, frozen moments... forever moments. Raw seduction pulling me under, that moist, inky indigo glistening through me: reflecting the shimmering moonlight.

A ticking metronome; structure, order and rhythm... it’s only when you close your eyes that you realise just how fast your world is turning and how much you’re trying to cling to it. You close your eyes and realise you’re an off-beat, out of sync, out of time. You wipe the stave clean but not even a semibreve could regulate the pace.

Stop. Okay, I’m in too deep.

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