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Not to be practice alone.

      A period of silence and fasting is required. A little wine in which mistletoe
    leaves have been steeped may be taken ever half hour. Smear scented oil
    over the forehead, wrists and throat. Visualize the Tree of Life. Draw the
    two triangles of male and female under your bare feet and make a magic
    circle in chalk. This circle will prevent Satan from tearing you to pieces.
    A mantra is required in continuous repetition. It can be anything.
    Some Witches like to chant: "Oh Jewel in the flower of the flame."
      Light red candles at the edge of the circle at each point of the Pentagram.
    Scented candles help in attaining the trance, while drinking the wine.
    An actual out of body projection can happen as the wine takes effect.
    Be careful not to slip out of the circle. Satan will seize your spirit and
    possess your body. It is wise to have someone with you to keep you in
    the circle. The imagined and real will become blurred.
      Levitation is a common sensation as well as a heightened sexual desire.
    Satan may attempt to seduce you out the magic circle. Let those who guard
    you chain you to the circle. You are now ready to speak to the Devil.
    A tape recorder can be used or witnesses may write your words.
    Remember, Satan does not want to help you. You are a feast for demonic
    possession. Choose your questions wisely. Questions must be asked slowly
    to the one in the circle. They are in a deep trance. Their words will be slurred
    and confused. A straw broom is used to sweep the circle. It is also used to
    whip the one in the circle to wake them. The ceremony is completed.

                Some perform this ritual at sunset or moon rising.
                It should never be done alone.+

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