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by TS Boz
Rated: 18+ · Lyrics · Erotica · #1775359
A 'crotch" rock lyric I wrote
My love is like a fire
You're stokin' the flames higher
Burnin' up your negligee
Ooh sweet baby, come let's play

Shadows dancin' in the night
Bodies glowin' in the pale moonlight
Honey drippin' from your pot
Gimme, baby, all you got

are you ready to sin?
then count me in

I'll give it to you
Once, twice, baby all night
ooh your love is like a glove that fits me skin tight
Oh, wo-o-oh , oh
Once, twice, so baby, hold tight
Taste my love now, baby
Let's Heat Up The Night

Picture perfect sticky sweet
Your sweet release sugaring me
Feel my love throbbin' hard
Target practice in the dark

oh a love embrace
cum on your face

Feel the warmth of my love girl
(Let's Heat Up The Night)
Ooh I aim to rock your world
Rock it til the mornin light
Let's Heat Up The Night

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