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"Seek and ye shall find" but at what cost?
Eye of the Goddess

Illustration for Eye of the Goddess

In myths and legends, tales are told;
they grow with time and each telling
inspires dreamers. Like fool's gold,
dreams, not reason, are compelling.

A sapphire, a sacred gift
from the goddess Ameretat.
Discovered in a holy rift,
it vanished not long after that.

The fabled stone, its mystic power
said to grant immortality,
smuggled to an ancient tower
and beyond that - a mystery.

For years he searched for tell-tale clues
in dusty tomes and ancient text.
A siren's song he could not refuse.
Each broken hope led to the next.

Exhausted, he sat late at night,
his head lay on his latest find,
when the gift of second sight
showed him a vision in his mind.

He saw a graveyard, overgrown,
with mossy markers carved from lime.
Inscribed upon a black headstone
a symbol of that long lost time.

Awake but in a trance like state
he journeyed to where he was shown,
trusting to the hands of fate,
unafraid of the unknown.

Though the sun spread morning light,
a decayed stone stood in the dark
as if infected with a blight;
its worn surface bore a mark.

Within a tower shone an eye,
an arcane rune from long ago.
A secret money could not buy
hidden in the earth below.

With trembling hands, he tore the ground
in culmination of his schemes.
Here, at last, he'd finally found
reality instead of dreams.

In his haste, he did not note
the bones piled up around the prize.
Ancient words formed in his throat
as he traced the carvings with his eyes.

The dark blue stone began to glow
with light that came from deep within.
He felt a spectral hand bestow
a gentle touch upon his skin.

He yielded to the joyful tide
until, too late, he felt the pain
as his soul was drawn inside
to where the Goddess still held reign.

Awareness did not leave his mind.
Eternity was his at last.
Within the stone he was confined
without a future or a past.

In myths and legends, tales are told;
the cost is not often made clear
until too late. So, like fool's gold,
their truth is just a thin veneer.

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Ameretat – Zoroastrianism's goddess of immortality. Zoroastrianism is a religion and philosophy based on the teachings of prophet Zoroaster and was formerly among the world's largest religions founded some time before the 6th century BC in Persia (Iran).

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