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I asked a friend to find a word so that I can write about it, and look what I got !!
Dear Mommy,

All I ever wanted you to be was perfect. Of course, you decided to marry my daddy, so my wish was wasted big time. I don't like him; he drinks alcohol all the time and makes funny faces that only him and his buddies (that are so big, OMG!) and it is quite embarassing for me.

You once told me that people, when they grow up and get bigger, well I don't really remember what is it that you said, but it wasn't really all that nice.

Mommy, is it possible for me to find another family where I can have sisters to play with ? You can't have more babies daddy told me, so I can start looking. My friend Michelle told me that google got all the answers for me, was she lying to me ?

Also, at Christmas that happened two years ago, you gave me a gift that I never aksed. Why did you do that ? Are you not supposed to love me and make me happy ? I wanted the talking Barbie doll, but oh no! you insisted on giving me a stupid cooking lesson !!!!!!!!!!

I saw my friend on T.V. yesterday and she was running up for a contest where girls wore not a lot of clothing. Why can't I do that too ? It is so unfair that I sit in my ugly room while other girls are looking all pretty and being so happy!!!!!

When I grow up, I'm gonna be a beauty queen ! Everyone will love me and cheer my name because I will be special and better than everyone, including you, mommy !

- Your little princess (I luv you, but not that much)
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