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A futurist takes a look at one way the shift in global consciousness is occurring.
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The New World Order

    Drop terms like "The New World Order" and you're likely to get nods of understanding from people who are certain they know what you mean. Many have been pushing for a NATO with teeth, i.e. a world government with enough moxie to get all the desperate nations of the world to agree to act in concert to effect change on issues that go far beyond national boundaries, and for which no country or countries acting in unison can hope to resolve.  Issues such as global warming, or mass migration of human populaces secondary to desertification secondary in turn to global warming.  What we have currently is a kind of paralysis, a total inability to effect change regarding the most debilitating crises of our time precisely because they're all happening beyond the scope of nation states and the mandates of those nation states to protect their own at the expense of "the others."  Ergo, America has been slow to accept the Kyoto protocol measures because it sees no need to stymie its economic growth by weighing down its big businesses by making them take full stock of the true costs of doing business, i.e. by taxing them or applying cap and trade overhead costs to major polluters and environment killers.

    And while everyone sees the need for some kind of world order -- many seeing the world government working more like an uber-efficient corporation than as a traditional bureaucracy, many have pulled back from such an eventuality for all the Big Brother fears that go along with it.  Not to mention the desire to maintain control at a more local, or national level, rather than cede much authority over their own fates to a world government.

    But quite frankly, you're all missing how the new world order is already coming about.

    And it is not by such grandiose schemes.

    Although if we were to pick a grandiose scheme that it most aligns with, the European Union and the mission it has tasked itself with comes closest, as laid out by Rifkin in his seminal The European Dream.

    So how does the new world order come into being?

    Hint:  Think fractal geometries.  And Cantor Sets.  Think how nature comes together, built up on Mandelbrot nested infinities.  Think of the fractal geometries governing the branching neurons in your brain and your circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Nature uses fractals as a template to self-organize itself around. If you were looking for a blueprint of the Godhead, you could do no better than to start here.  Making the godhead manifest in the mortal world would most certainly involve embracing the fractal mind of God; it would involve marrying ourselves to the underlying geometries giving order and life to all things.  Okay, so what is the analogue of this at the level of societal systems, of global civilizations?

    Historically we had a coat of many colors embodied in various ethnic cultures. Surprisingly, the more America tried to Americanize the world, sticking Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in staunch vegetarian strongholds, the more ethnocentrism came to the fore, ever defiant and ever resurgent.  To that template of ethnic diversity we have now supplemented countless more cyber-cultures.

    As these group minds take form, they have an even greater tendency to link up with one another, to nest naturally within self-organizing holoarchies, to borrow Ken Wilber's term.  We see this as various NGOs and CSOs cross-pollinate one another and interweave their various agendas to achieve even more influence and clout with both governments and big business, to help curtail the excesses of either.  Scientific communities - sharing something in common with hive minds, likewise will network outside of the small interdisciplinary teams of which they are part to tackle even bigger problems that cannot be handled from within the existing networks.

    In this manner we can bring as much mind power to a problem as necessary. The fractal mind of God - because it has the ability to nest infinities within infinities, can quite frankly throw as much mindpower at a problem as is needed to solve it; even if it requires all the group minds on the planet coming together to tackle say: migrating us through the stars in an affordable and timely manner, in order to accelerate the learning curve ahead of the next crashing meteor to hit our planet.

    And what is driving all this self-organizing effort?  The shift from ego-centered consciousness to a trans-human consciousness, one that is centered in the Witness state. 

    This shift in planetary consciousness is not coming about because we all woke up and got enlightened because the thought of spending one more day inside our own heads, married to our infernal narcissism, was driving us crazy.  As much as philosophers and spiritualists and New Agers would like it to be so.  Change has never happened for lofty reasons.  And the Plato's of the world could never argue the rest of us into seeing sense if their rhetoric was as compelling as Moses's staff.  No, change comes about owing to necessity.

    And in a world in which we are all increasingly interconnected, our fates are likewise becoming interwoven.  We simply cannot get ahead any longer without helping our fellow man to get ahead, without creating some sense of mutual indebtedness or obligation.  By putting others first, moreover, a politics of empathy -- that Rifkin takes great pains to elucidate in both The European Dream and The Empathic Civilization -- comes into being.  Our circle of compassion widens.  Our narcissism dissolves.  We abandon the "it's all about me" state in favor of actually seeing ourselves in other people, until one day we can see ourselves one with the All, or the Godhead, and inseparable from it.

    No, this does not mean we lose all individuality. Just the opposite.  Individuality can only flourish as our circle of empathy widens.  As we come to see more of ourselves - both the good and bad aspects of ourselves -- in others, so our sense of self expands until it includes all creation.  But also, our ability to get distance on ourselves expands with this Zen-like mirror game, where others exist to show us parts of our psyche we chose to keep hidden from ourselves. And in so doing, failed to grow and mature in fundamental ways, remaining perpetual adolescents.  So the paradox of it is, as we shift focus from our self to others, our sense of self expands - in a good way.

    And as our identification with ego softens, and we enter a trans-egoic state, where our consciousness seems to be embedded in each and every thing - so it is easier for humanity as a whole to align itself with the godhead - those underlying fractal geometries seeking to bring us together for ever-greater empowerment.  Prior to entering this state, we had too many defensive barriers to truly be able to link up with one another even in the most superficial of senses.

    The curious thing is even a little goes a long way. Even a few individuals shifting their center away from pure narcissism to ever-greater empathy with their fellow man causes an amplification of the mindfield of influence that ripples into everything else.  The more individuals who "hook up" in value added networks, and feel the empowerment that comes with this, with the shifting of concern to mutual self-interests beyond simply one's own, the wider the ripple effect.

    Look at it this way, you get excited because you see yourself blossoming within your various support groups, with aspects of your personality coming to the fore that you never knew you had before.  Your friends and co-workers take notice.  "Hey, you're becoming a new person right before our eyes.  More confident. more at peace with the world.  You're smiling more. You're laughing more. And you seem to spread kindness and good will wherever you go, because you always seem to be in a good mental place.  What's your secret?" So you tell them. "Hey, I found this great group of people who allowed me to be more myself, who understood where I was coming from, and sought to connect me with others who could help make my dreams come true."  Afraid she might be referring to some cult, you stop asking questions. But you do decide to take her up on this idea of trying to empower others. And low and behold, without being networked into any particular secret society yourself, you're feeling a hundred percent better.  And you're finding "networks" of people are self-organizing around you like bees to honey.  After all, positive consciousness is contagious.  Maybe more so in a world where it's such a rarity, and as such, more potent than any drug for snapping us out of our defeatism and despair.

    So find a group to join, or start your own with simple acts of loving kindness, watching what magnetizes to you, and what is repelled from you.  Study this self-organizing principle at work in the universe as if it were your own personal scientific experiment. And you were determined to put it to the test, cynic that you are.  And just see what happens.

    See if the self-organizing universe is really some wacky New Age idea, some complexity theorist's aborted thesis, or simply the missing rung on Maslow's hierarchy of needs; the next stage beyond self-actualization.

    Whatever you find, I'm betting it'll be positive.

    Welcome to the world of "six degrees of separation" - in case you were wondering how we were going to get there.
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