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It's an early draft. Lot of error, I know. A mad scientist and psychic dissention
want to know how and why we are psychic and why do we have the power we have.  We can do and access all of those psychic power but we each have more facility in handling and using only an handful of them!”

Félix, with an heartbroken voice: “This is the stuff we all ask ourselves.  Even if I am no longer in the psychic ferret research project, I wonder, I am searching for those same answers.  You are not alone in this!  We all do what you do but each in our own ways!”
Thalie, putting her chin on Félix left shoulder: “Did you found any answers?
Félix, putting his hands on Thalie’s own hands and pressing them lightly: “I am coming to the conclusion that it is a life long quest.  The answsers may or may not come in time.  There is some days, I think I have found some sort of explanation.  Other days that shatter what I previously thought.”
Thalie, her voice trembling and tears in her eyes and on her cheeks: “It is a wise answer!  For me, it is too late now!  I will never find the answers during this life time!  I feel myself dying even if I want to live with all my strength.  My body is failing me!”
Félix, feeling tears coming up to his eyes.  He have seen some of the devastation in Thalie’s body but he partly deny what his psychic x rays vision have seen: “Stay alive!  If it not for you, do it for my sanity!  I still need you!  Stop taking the psychic enhancer!  If you stop taking this, it may be possible to be healthy again!  You will be looking better for sure!”
Thalie, clearly sobbing and holding Félix very hard: “It is too late already!  Your new friend have seen it right.  The psychic enhancer is destructive even if it have great result for our psychic powers.  But the worst is not yet known to every ones except for me.  I have taken the psychic enhancer for some time now.  I am the first one who have taken it.  I am the only person who have taken the psychic enhancer the longest.  I have now realized that the psychic enhancer is highly addictive.  It is worst than in the Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hide story!”
Félix, rising his head: “But you can go to a program!  There must be some time left to save you!”
Thalie, releasing her pressure on Félix’s chest: “How could the members of those detoxification programs can help me?  It is an unknown new drug for them!  We  had discovered that the psychic enhancer is not detectable by the usual tests.  So, I could cheat!  Etienne have designed the psychic enhancer that way.  He say that would no difference the psychic from the non psychic.  I suspect he is doing all this, the psychic enhancer included, for something higher.  There is something fishy about Etienne!  He is even more dogmatic now than when you quit.”
Félix, pensive: “I have seen that before you jumped through the window.  It is time for Damien, Frédérik and me to put Etienne  down.  L. M. will not be able to help us but his granddaughter, Castalie, who is still inside may be able to help us.”
Thalie, with a raspy voice: Castalie is the grand daughter of L. M?  I should have notice that!  But before I go, I want to makes one last wish: I want to give you all my psychic powers!  I know you will put them in good use in your battle against Etienne.  I had a sad and short life.  But I had you all along.  Be happy, Félix, I love you for ever!”
Félix, sensing Thalie cooling rapidly on this back: “Thalie!  Let me examine you!  I may keep you alive a little tiny bit longer!  Do not leave me!”
But it was too late.  Félix notice a little bright ray crossing his chest.  He can feel that this ray is coming from the lab.  It is crossing also the body of Thalie.  Tears freely flow on Félix cheeks.  In a soft murmur: “L. M. was right.  We have to face death and live it.  My pain is so great!  But I still do not understand why emotional pain is so much more painful than physical pain!  It is so much difficult to deal with emotion!”
A soft short breeze ruffle the leaves in the trees.  Félix finally got out of Thalie’s last embrace.  He takes Thalie’s body in his arm.  He cradles her gently.  Thalie’s corpse start to act strangely.  Félix can sense the corpse solidify but not as the corpse get more rigidity.  It is more like a marble stone under the fingers.  Félix press Thalie a bit harder in his arms.  But as he is doing so, Thalie’s body shatter in a small and fine dust.  The dust goes strait into Félix breathing and lungs.  Félix does not cought.  He only feel new energies that he have never felt before.  Félix does not know what to think about all this.  He also feel he need to rest a little.  He feel a bit light headed.  His thinking is not very fast at this moment.

We found him in this state, in shock and terribly sad.  It was a good idea to come here, by turning around the building.  It is not very high from the ground but safer.  There is scattered glasses around, on the ground.  Félix have a bit of difficulties to move around with his strained ankles.  It was a bit hard for Damien and Frédérik.  Both of them have to handle two persons who does not have their full capacities.


This is what happened while Félix and Thalie were talking to each others…
The two Men in Green keep me firmly in place, on my seat.  Damien stop his attack.  I can not see them.  My head and neck refuse to obey me.  I feel a light pressure around me that contain me and my aura.  I sense my own aura now, because of that pressure.  I feel unable to move and I am not strong enough to break the shell of pressure around me.  Etienne gives me the injection.  I feel the psychic enhancer enter my veins and blood.  I feel it diffusing itself all into my body.  Lastly, it goes into my brain.  It is the  worst place the psychic enhancer can be.  I feel a rush of energy coming in me.  I sense something opening to me, inside me.  It is painful and scary.  It is the source itself.  I can sense that and with instinct, I recognise the source.  I feel torn apart.  I am a bit afraid to be crushed by it.  I loose myself in the source and the source loose itself in me.  Better take the leap of faith and into the source.  If I die here and now, my suffering ends. If I survive, the source may be of some help in a way or another.  I sense a sense of purpose in this primordial energy. I feel a bit of relief but I am not out of the wood.  The source takes possession of my body and voice.  I stay conscious of what is happening.  “Stéphane, better known as Stab (it is the one with the mohak hair style) and Stéphane, better known as Slab (it is the fluo green haired one) release me immediately!  You are no match to me!  I have to talk to you, Etienne!  I have chosen Castalie as my messenger to you, Etienne!  I want to warm you!  You are speeding the process too fast.”

I sense waking up and walking toward the head researcher of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  “You speed up the process, endangering your collaborators!  I am the source and you do not imagine how long it is taking me to achieve what you had achieved by that destructive and horrible psychic enhancer!  Do you know that it is killing Thalie without her own realisation?  Do you know that Thalie will die tonight?  She is dieing right now from the ravage of the psychic enhancer you have carelessly created and tested!”

Etienne, taking a few step back: “But I am making you stronger!  You will be able to influence more people!  It will benefit humanity and humanity will fast forward to the next step of evolution!”

I now understand the Pythia from Delphi must have felt when she was at work, relaying the message between men and god: “You are messing it up!  It will be as any human invention!  People will be ready to do war around it and because of it.  There are ripples created by your own psychic ehancer.  The ripples are now growing stronger even if the psychic enhancer is barely used.  Imagine if more people end up using and rely more on the psychic enhancer!  It will turn ripples into giant tsunami, for sure, if your wish truly happen”

Etienne des long champs, arrogantly : « As in all tsunami, the waves finish by passing.  It is not an eternal state and that all will calm down after a period of tempest, after an initial rush!”
My voice is not sounding quite the same.  I feel being there and not there, all in the same time.  “What arrogance and self assurance!  I should consider this hubristic!  You talk as you knew every thing!  What do you truly know about me, the source?  You barely have discovered me.  I know more than you on how I work.  I have developed a self awareness by my long contact with human.  I know that I do not have an unlimited power source.  I have augmented the psychic people as I was getting stronger.  I am not stronger than when human and I were born.  I have stretched my limits.  I do it everyday.  The ripple affect me more than you think, it can affect me and all the psychic.  Your discovery and training program on the reliability of the psychic will mean nothing while facing the ripple.  All your efforts will go to waste then.  You will loose credibility.  Then fall finally into obscurity.”
Etienne, really angry and in complete denial : “I will not let this happen!  I will find a way out of this problem, as I have always done until now!  I will solve all problen.  It will only be an additional challenge to my ultimate goal!  You gave me my psychic powers but I have upgraded them myself!  Now, I do not want to go back to my plain powers!  I will do everything to keep what I have gained.  It is my research, my reward and my greatest success!  I let you know that I have taken my own personal creation, my precious psychic enhancer.  I am ready to engage in a war and to win.  There is a lot to gain in this affair!  I am unstoppable.  It is all because of the psychic training and the psychic enhancer!  I am the new master of the psychic world and of its source!”

And he lauch his psychic attack toward Damien, Frédérik, me and the source.  I feel that Etienne was pulling from the source to attack the source.  As I was feeling the tug on the source, I feel an uncontrollable laughter coming out of my throat.  I feel myself waking up.  My feet rises a few centimetre above the ground.  I move ahead, passing across the two Men in Green.  Both the hohad headed man and the fluo green haired man looks shaken by what they are heard, seen and by what is happening right now.  They did not tried to stop me.  Damien and Frédérik do not move.  They look and have followed carefully the conversation between Etienne and the source.  They both (Damien and Frédérik) stand ready to assist me and the source against Etienne.

Etienne recklessly attack the first.  He uses telekinesis to throw a table at my body, controlled by the source.  As the table touches my aura field, it disintegrate into a fine dust on the ground.  Etienne takes one step back.  I feel smiling dangerously: “You do not show the principal quality of your profession.  Did you sensed any fluctuation in the easiness and power needed to use your telekinesis?  It is sure and certain because I, as a source, I can control the energy I give when somebody uses his or her psychic powers.  It is logical and evident.  I can guess you have or you will find a way to use your power without passing by me, the source.  Or to expand me in a way that I am diluted in the wholeness of myself.  It is what I would call a challenge!  You are a bright scientist.  I do not have anything negative against you.  But you do not seems to grapple what you can do to truly attain your objective within my limits.  You are trying to play the role of your god without having studied everything well, to understand how the system really work.  You are very arrogant!  You are going too fast for me and for the rest of humanity.  Retreat now to make a réévaluation of your little project, dream and hopes.  You definitely need to do this because of your arrogance and uncarefulness!”
Etienne, deciding to gamble it all: “I may not be able to beat you face to face as long as you over rule the body of Castalie!  Now, I no longer am able to study her!  I will no longer know if you, the source, will be in her or not!  You have spoiled everything and put Castalie outside of my wonderful research!  You will be able to go under cover to steal the product of my research!  Nothing tell me that you are not another human being that tries to fool me with all this nonsense about the source.  I want to find your strength and weaknesses!”

He is really truly mad or a fool.  “Will you be able to stand up in face of what I am able to do?  You definitely does not grasp what I am!  I am the sum of all the psychic.  At the same time, I stand as my own.  As for ‘invading” the body of someone, It is the first time that it is required for me to do.  I find you go harshly against me.  Taking a voice to speak directly to you, on your level.  Now, I am ready to fully go against you.”

I feel some pressure and power going up inside me.  It create a bright light ball around me.  At the level of my navel, there is a small black ball.  I put my hands on each side of that small black ball.  Ten rays irradiate from the small black ball.  Six of those rays exit the room to go touch the six Men in Green we saw earlier.  Two goes for the mohak headed man and the fluo green haired man.  One go for Etienne.  The fluo green man, the mohak headed man and Etienne are affected by those rays.  It makes them goes backward a few steps.  The last ray exit by the window.  I know that the last ray is a special one.  It goes out for Thalie, to fetch her soul and her psychic powers.  The soul reintegrate the source.  That ray give Thalie’s psychic power to Félix.  It is sad but it is for the best.  Better end the pain and the misery right now.  I do not feel any pain right now.  It is just a bit uncomfortable.  But it did not last long, only a few seconds.  The source return inside me and invisible  to every one present.

Etienne, with a deep breathing to release the pain: “We will retreat for now.  It seems that the psychic enhancer will need a bit of tweaking.  A new version must be created to add power and strength to psychic powers.”

Etienne exit the room followed by the two Men in Green.  I suspect that the other six Men in Green follow their chief to his office, in this big building.  I feel the source retreating.  It is not hurtful this time.  But I feel a bit weak.  It demanded a lot of energy.  I am exausted!

Damien and Frédérik comes to support me.
Frédérik, feeling some urgency to act: “We better get out of here while we can!”
Damien, rationally: “I agree!  Better go outside as fast as we can.  And we will be able to regroup with Félix.  We have to find one of the cars in the garage to go back home.  We better take the one that had brought us here!”

I am glad to be with those two guys right now.  They know what to do.  I do not have enough strength left to help them in a useful way.  “Do what ever is best.  I am only interested in my bed right now.”  They understood there was no time to loose…

                   A bundle of papers what help me understand what is happening more clearly.

We were able to go back to town without being too much trouble.  I know it is only a brief respite.  I will meet with this Etienne sooner or later.  He will probably have thought of something to have an advantage over us.  As soon as I arrive back to town, I did not have time to rest much.  It was early morning.  That day, I had to meet with my grandpa’s solicitor.  The solicitor had something to give me exclusively.  I have to go to my home town to resolve this.  It took me the whole day to travel from the big city to my home town to get those papers, sign a few forms and get back home.  It was even more tiring because of the events of the precedent night.  I could not rest, not even during the travelling time.  I have motion sickness and could not use the respite I could have if I did not have motion sickness.  Once home, I literally fall in my bed, bundle of papers firmly in hands, tightly in my arms.  I did not notice that Damien, Frédérik and Félix had taken some measure to secure my place at my arrival.  They had the time to rest during the day.  At my arrival home, they where ready to keep vigilant around my building.  They guard me against the Men in Green and the maniacally mad scientist Etienne Deslongchamps.

The next morning, I felt less tired and a bit refreshed.  But I felt like after an hang over.  My head ache.  I do not feel very good.  I could not eat right after waking up.  I also shiver.  I have to throw up in the toilet.  It help me to feel a tiny bit better.  I need to drink some water after that because I was very thirsty.  The effects of the psychic enhancer gone.  But it had left an bitter after taste.  My body tell me that he want to have another dose of that psychic enhancer.  I do fight against that unpleasant urge.

It was time to look at that bundle.  A knock at my door made me jump out of my chair.  I got strait to the door and look by the hole.  It was Frédérik, Félix and Damien.  I did not expect them but I let them in.  It is only then that they told me they kept a surveillance around my building the preceding night.  They had a few items with them they just purchased to eat and snack on.  They ask me if I did not mind if they come in to eat and rest a little before going to their own home.  I let them in and told them they could have a look at my bundle once I finish to read it..  I also offered my bed to them but they all declined.  They all slept on the hard floor around the sofa.  They took all my cushions to be more comfortable.  As they were deeply asleep, I put some blankets on them.

Only then that I turned my full attention to the bundle.  It was all in an envelope.  I look inside and it is what I saw…

Psychic Ferret Research Project charter, procedures and research protocols, first draft.
The Project have the main goal of studying the psychic phenomena and to make it more reliable and safe to use.  This is an entirely voluntary project for the research.  Those who volunteers and subject themselves to the research.  To our present knowledge, the psychic powers include scrying, telepathy, telekinesis, psychometry, the auras, remote viewing , talking and seeing the dead, cold and hot reading, dreams inducing, channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, mentalism, mediums, crying, psychic x rays vision and elementalism (a control of the primordial elements: earth water, fire and air).

This is a non for profit organization.  The donation are accepted from private sponsors.  All donation is tax deductible.  Secrecy of the name of the donors and of the volunteers are hightly valued.  We also keep our sponsors well informed of our research.  Direct favors from us  for our sponsors are forbidden.  But we can train some selected members of our sponsors personnels.  Our sponsors may benefit from our research only by having their personnel formed in conformity with their own psychic powers.

In exchange, our sponsors gives us the exclusivity of psychic research, psychic training and all the derivative that can be found from psychic powers.  Each part, the Psychic Ferret Research Project and his sponsors, are under the obligation to keep silent on the topic of psychic research.  It is to be kept secret as long as it deemed necessary and as long as the public is not ready for the benefit of psychic research and training.  The public must not be informed on the results of this broad research and development of psychic powers.  The test subjects must be some volunteers from our sponsors work force.

Once the volunteers enter the Project, there is no way to turn back.  Once in this Project, those volunteers can not opt out.  The only ways for the volunteers to retract themselves is by death or by seeing the Project going way out of track.    There is also the turning down of an application or a volunteer because of inappropriate misconduct.
For the research aspect of the whole project, it must follow the rigors of the scientific mind and process.  The E S P test cards, extra sensory perception clairvoyance deck are to be used in the tests, to help in the testing of the first hints of extra sensories perception.  In the preliminary research, just before establishing the psychic ferret research project, we have found that the E S P test cards, extra sensory perception clairvoyance deck is a good tool for a first encounter with the volunteers.  It is also a good tool to get some good hints in the powers of the volunteers.

This is the first draft of the psychic ferret research project charter, procedures and protocols.  Subjected to the approbation of all the parties concerned.

Letter to my grandpa:
October 4th, 1984
Office of the prime minister, both from Ottawa and from Québec city, conjointly.

Dear Mister M.,

It is our pleasure to announce to you our approval to your “Psychic Ferret Research Project”.  We think it will be a good addition to our culture of research and a phenomenal break thru.  We hope that your research will meet its goals and objectives.  We also think that it will give you and give us some advantages.  We need an edge in this competitive and globalized world.  Humanity is now ready to face the next step in it own evolution and to explore the possibilities of its own future.  We only want to suggest a few improvement to the documents you have submitted to us.  We have included those documents with our own annotations.  It is some minor changes.  We think that those minor changes are necessary to improve the research project.  We also want to submit an independent researcher that will become the head researcher of your project.  We think it will gives more credibility to the Psychic Ferret Research Project.

Also, we do not want to over pressure you, nor to exhaust you in this big enterprise.  We are sure we will come to an agreement on the best advantageous person to second you in this enormous and gigantic task.  Joined with this letter is a short list of name, submitted to your attention, by us.  Do not worry.  We had approached each person on that list.  We have not entered in he details of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  They only know that their help is needed to have a critical eye in a top secret research on psychic abilities.  They have accepted to have a look in the project if they are picked up by both of us.  Do not be afraid.  Those on this list have good credentials.  They also have published on a variety of studies that can be verified and read pretty easily and those studies still have good availability.

We hope that our association will be good, long and prosperous.  We wish you good luck in this venture and we hope it will be fruitful for us both and for our marvellous country.

Distingly yours,…

A letter from my grandpa to me.

October 4th, 2000

Dear Castalie,

I am writing you form a hospital room.  It may takes some times before you read this letter.  I feel that my own health start to decline.  I do not know how much time I have left.  I am still strong right now but for how long?  In the mean time, there is a lot for me to do.  I have assembled the documents that you will find, at my death, in the hand of the solicitor.  He will gives them to only you.  It is written so in my will.  Those documents will describe better the situation to you.  It may be a shock for you.  I never talked about it to you.  It was important to me at the time I put this project under way.  I did it partly because of you, to protect you.

Do you know why?  It is because, in our family, we have psychic gifts.  Not all members of our family have or can use those psychic powers.  Those who are non psychic usually lives their lives without knowing there is some psychic people in the family.  Those  who are psychic have two things that happen to them: first, they man never discover that they are psychics.  The other options is that they accidently discover their psychic powers.  When they takes conscience of their powers, they use them discreetly and may become what we call faith healers or ramancheurs.  The other way to deal with this is that they quit the family and travel their ways into the world.  The psychic users, in our family are a bit rare.  I have done some research in our family tree.  It is, usually, only one psychic person by generation.  Sometimes, it skip one generation, as it had happened for the generation between you and me.  I had compared notes with some  trustworthy people and discovered it can happen in other families too.

It grows more recently, in the last few generation.  It is starting to get much harder for those who are psychic to stay hidden in the shadows.  So I took a bit gamble and tried to keep you in the shadows.  It did not turned out that way…

I have seen the signs of psychic powers in you.  You were still a child.  But I have told no one and always had protected you and took your side.  I have done everything  in my power to keep your psychic powers undiscovered.  I had succeeded more with you than with the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  This project had turned bad.  They took some children to do a long term study and research.  I could do nothing to prevent this.  Even if the children came mainly from disfonctional or poor family, those children had needs that can not always taken care of in a cold looking lab nor in the view of the scientific process.  As I became powerless in the direction of the research was taking, I turned myself to the children.  I took care of them and putting them at ease, strengthening the bond they were developing between them.  They did not left me indifferent either.  I was particularly found of Frédérik, Félix and Damien.  They had a close connection with me.  I think I was their role model.  They needed one and I was there for them.  And they made me thought of you.

I hope you will understand what I have done.  I tried to do my best but it did not turned as I wanted.  It will probably back fire to you.  My only wish is to dissolve the Psychic Ferret Research Project as it is now and to extract Etienne out of this project.  He had turned mad with this project.

He want to recruit new childrens in this project and give them training.  He want to take over the world by invading it with an army of psychic.  By this way, he will be able to turn everybody on this planet into a psychic.  He also believe in extraterrestrial and he fear of their invasion.  He think that the only way to be saved from an alien invasion, is to turn the whole planet into a psychic world, because the psychic powers are our only and sure mean of defending ourselves against extraterrestrial alien.  It is what he had told me.  Maybe he think to distract me with that madness.  The only thing I am sure is that Etienne is very sneaky and intelligent.  Beware of him, kick him out of the research project and get him out of the project at all cost.  I want you to take the leadership of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  I know you will turn this research project right on track and put an human side to it.  The project need it.  I trust you to accomplish what I am wishing here, on my hospital bed.

Take care and untangle this mess!  You deserve to lead the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  If you do not do it for yourself, do it for me and for the future psychic.  They deserve to learn more about why they have those powers and how to be able to rely on them.  It is what I wanted to know when I created this project.

The psychic files, the first reports

Name: Damien Beauregard
Age:  12 years old and 6 months
Birthday: May First
Psychic powers: affinity with water, telekinesis on small objects, hydromancy, good communication with dead people that had drown as a way of dying.
Other comments: Have been found out after a light case of portergeist activity.  It was mainly linked with tap water.

Name: Frédérik BelleRive
Age: 10 years old and  10 months
Birthday: April 16th
Psychic powers: affinity with fire, aura attacks, being able to start the process and ignition of the instatenaeuous human combustion.
Other comments: caught manipulating the start of a fire.

Name: Félix BelleRive
Age : 13 years old and 5 month
Birthday: February 5th
Psychic powers: psychic shielding, psychometry, mental illusion and invisibility/ hiding by recreating the surrounding around the area he is in.
Other comments: was hard to find on some occasion.  His room could not be accessed as it was an invisible shield applied to the room’s door.

Name: Etienne Deslongchamps
Age : 31 years old and 11 months
Birthday: November First
Psychic powers: telekinesis, levitation, small remote viewing power
Other comments: independent scientist that discovered his powers once he was reviewing and testing the various tests on himself.

Name: Stéphane “Stab” des Tablette
Age: 8 years old and 9 months
Psychic powers: psychic poisoning, necromancy (having to be proved or put under mental disturbance), mediumship with the death.
Other comments: coming from a severely disfonctional family.  Very perturbed.  Rehabilitation and giving him self confidence.  Have seen a recreation of a murder, in a ghost form.

Name: Stéphane “Slab” des Rondeaux
Age : 8 years old and 7 months
Birthday: June 30th
Psychic powers: shock waves(air waves), some hint of telepathy, remote viewing
Other comments: perturbation due to the death of both of his parents.  Give him some stability

Name: Thalie Connicelli
Age: 9 years and 2 months
Birthday: October 19th
Psychic powers: channelling, psychimetry, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience
Other comments: found terrorized near a cemetery.  Being sended to us for further study and training.  Very powerful in passive psychic powers

Name: Elisa Matroni
Age: 8 years old and 4 months
Birthday: January 1rst
Psychic powers: psychometry, remote viewing, a tiny feeble telekinesis power
Other comments: coming from a rich family.  Abandoned  because of her supposed abnormality (the psychic powers)

Name: Eva Castragneta
Age: 9 years old and 3 months
Birthday: September 11th
Psychic powers: scrying, aura reading, mentalism, remote viewing, mediumship
Other comments: was afraid of unseen people and was seeing auras.  She is the daughter of a volonteer

Name: Maxime La Vérandrie
Age : 7 years old
Birthday : August 21rst
Psychic powers: telepathy, telekinesis, the auras
Other comments: From a strict rich and religious family.  A bit cruel child.  Take an mental shield and handle with care.

                   Talking with Damien, Frédérik and Félix

I put aside the bundle of papers.  I now understand why this whole psychic ferret research project had been termed as a big mess.  Because, as anything, it started with a great idea on paper.  As the project evolved into a more concrete state, it degenerated out of control.  The Psychic Ferret Research Project was only a shadow of what it was supposed to be.  My grandpa saw too big and hoped too much.  Things did not happened as he wanted to.  It is what I can deduce from the bundle of papers I got from the solicitor.  But I still wonder what had pushed my grandpa, Frédérik, Félix and Damien to quit the research.  Was it because hope to set it right was lost?  Was it out of hand?  They could have stayed and try to makes changes, do something from the inside or completely cut out the Psychic Ferret Research Project.

“Still thinking about that bundle?”
I look up.  It was Frélix with Frédérik and Damien.  They have woken up.  They are looking at me.  I gesture toward the other nearby chairs.  “Please, you can sit down.”
Félix, sitting down and looking a bit concerned and a bit absent minded al in the same time: “Are you feeling better?  You sleep a lot since you came back with that bundle.  Damien and Frédérik had time to told me what happened in the lab when I was not there, that I was just outside.”
Damien and Frédérik are sitting down too.  I still feel a bit tired.  “I think it will take a few days for me to recover from my encounter with Etienne and the forced visit within the lab.  It was really draining!”
Damien, a bit hesitant: “And what about the psychic enhancer?  Does it still affect you?”
Félix, looking a bit distracted and a bit distress by what happened to him at the lab: ‘Yes, we must be careful with the psychic enhancer.  But I also learned, while talking with Thalie, that the psychic enhancer is addictive.”
I feel a bit annoyed: “It is only now that you are telling me?!  Is there a way to know if I am already addicted to this stuff?”
Frédérik, with a daredevil air: “Well, maybe you can answer your own question.  We do not have any idea.”
Damien, ignoring Frédérik and his comment: “Now, we are totally into the unknown.  We do not know everything on the psychic enhancer.  We do not know the effects of the psychic enhancer over a long period, especially if the subject does not dies from the addictiveness of the psychic enhancer.  The psychic enhancer is a tiny element in the big picture, anyway.  It is the tool of Etienne.  He is the one we have to go after.  We do not know what Etienne is up to.  He may be ready to create more problems.”
Damien is diverting easily the conversation.  Frédérik have a point in saying that only I should know if I am addicted or not.  Frédérik is not very tactful.  I was ready to jump at Frédérik if Damien did not spoken up.  With the intelligent intervention of Damien, I decided to go along with Damien and to ignore Frédérik’s comment: “That lead me to ask why you quitted the Psychic Ferret Research Project?  You could have stayed and work it out of business from the inside.”
Frédérik, very casual (he does not seems to be not much concerned that I did not answered on his comment): “We got kicked out of the project.”
Damien, blushing up a bit: “Frédérik have put it very bluntly.  But it is the truth.  We got expulsed from the research project.”
Félix, looking around without any visual goal: “We could have stayed, willing or not, to the psychic ferret research project.  The situation was untolerable.  The sponsors had found us too troublesome to handle.  So they kicked us from the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  We were young adults at the time.  We only wanted to have some fun.  The sponsors had enough of our carelessness.  We were too happy, at the time, to be kick out of something we did not cared of.  We only wanted to do all the other young adult do.  It was not fun to pass all our free time into the lab.  Now, we see it was something worth investigating more and trying to stop Etienne.  It was a mistake but it is only later on that we have seen it.  Now, it is too late.  The only good thing out of this is that we kept contact with your grandpa.  We do know more than when we left.  The Psychic Ferret Research Project is more dangerous now than when we left.  We can be sure of that now.”

It was strange to heard Félix talk about this project now. Until now, he was always reserved about the research project.  Something must be going on in his head.  “What happened to Thalie?  I thought we would find her with you.”  I think I have done a smart move but I proved to be wrong…
Félix did not look at me and with a hollow heart broken voice: “She is gone.”  He did not have to go into long explanations.  It was clear she was dead, as the source had predicted.  I must discreetly talk with Damien and Frédérik, if I can.  I hope they are keeping an eye on Félix.

                   The vision state

I am a little energy drop in a lake made up of other little energy drops.  I am floating in the lake of energy.  I can feel the limits and dept of the lake of energy.  I also feel, near me, the drops of energy of Damien, Frédérik and Félix.  They are not yet aware of their presence in this lake of energy.  They are in a sleeping state.  I feel reassured even if Félix, Frédérik and Damien are in a dreams state.  I know I am not lonely in this place, surrounded by all those strange energy drops.  All and each of those drops represent a psychic person.  It is a place where we are all connected together.  Every drops is a person and they are not aware of the big pool lake I am in.  This lake of energy is deeply hidden and does not have a tangible physical location.  I can feel a link deep inside each psychic person and myself included.  Why I am conscious of this place?  Is it because I had channelled the source not long ago?  It had been only once but it seems to be enough to find myself here right now.  I take some time to look around.  I see, now, a tiny drop that is the core of the lake.  It is the consciousness of the source.  A very small one considering that the lake have a good size and dept.  As I was ready to direct myself toward the source’s tiny drop, I sense Etienne’s drop impacting the lake.  It is a strong impact, like a meteorite impacting the earth.  There is the drops that painfully separate.  Every drop goes its way.  We got separated from the tiny drop of the source.  Each drop goes its way.  There is no more lake of energy, no more bonding and connection between the little drops.  I try to hold on the drops of Damien, Félix and Frédérik but I cannot.  They only stay close to me but I can not blend with them.  The tiny drop of the source is looking lonely there, at the place where the lake of energy was.  The tiny drop of the source ignite a red beam toward my own drop.  By that beam of red energy, I feel the following message: “That man named Etienne Deslongchamps have done something very bad!  It is dangerous for us all now!  Without the lake, there is no longer psychic powers.  We are all separated now.  With the help of your friends, do something and help me to stay alive!  I will soon die with all the psychic people!  There will no longer be psychic in the world for a extremely long time.  I am no longer strong and I am vulnerable as you are!”

I opened my eyes with a sense of danger and urgency.  I better call or send a email to Félix as soon as possible to inform him of this.

         Forced rest and receiving a delivery

Damien, with his eternally calm attitude: “Why do you absolutely want to see Etienne?  We had gone to all the places he could be!  He is no where to be found!”
I feel defiant.  It was a time to be stubborn.  I know there is an urgency to find Etienne and to act by confronting him.  “The more time we leave him alone, the more time he have to make devastation with his psychic enhancer and to the source.”
Frédérik, looking a bit lost: “But why deciding to go against Etienne right now?  Why did you not kill him as you channelled the source?”
I look toward Félix.  He was deeply in conversation with someone else on the phone.  Félix was using all the resources he had to pinpoint Etienne.  I could sense it was an arduous work.  So I had time for some explanation.  “First, at the time, I did not knew as much as I do now.  Second, Etienne did not look that threatening.  He did not tried to kill us right away.  He was looking more like a partially harmless mad scientist than anything else.  Third, I did not expect him to attack the source directly so soon.”
Damien, blinking his eyes: “Attack the source directly?  How can he do that?  I thought the source was intangible and inside each of us!”
Nice that Damien takes part in the explanation.  It will be a little bit hard to explain what the source is.  At least what I understood from my vision of the drop and the lake.  “Have you sensed a fluctuation in psychic energy?  You are partly right, Damien in saying the source is a part of us.  But we are also part of the source.  It is a loose network of people who share a light connection at their unconscious level.”
Frédérik, looking amazed: “Wow!  How do you know all that stuff?  You seems to learn really fast!”
I smile.  Frédérik is a bit impetuous but very enthusiastic when needed.  “Since the events in the project lab, I seems more aware of my link to the source itself.  Last night, I have received a distress call from the source itself.  Something terrible had happened to the source I sensed it is Etienne who is responsible.”
Damien, starting to understand my urgency: “Oh, now I understand why you want to find absolutely Etienne!  You want to stop him before he does more damage!  I did not put much mind on looking at the fluctuation of the psychic energy since the lab event.  I admit I was a bit careless!”
I scratch my head: “You have part of the answer.  I want to stop Etienne before he does more damage to the source.  But I also want to know what he knows about the source.  Even if he is doing something wrong, he must have some deeper knowledge about the source and how psychic energy flow between the source and each one of us.  If the psychic energy and psychic powers really exist, I wonder why it have not been discovered and exploited sooner.”
Damien, pensively: “It is true that he have researched extensively on the psychic powers.  He always had been very secretive about what he discovered along the years.”
Frédérik, dashingly: “Etienne is very secretive and very protective of his precious data.  I do not think he will share freely the result of his research.  I am ready to go and steal the research and the files containing the data.”
Félix, having finished his phone calls: “You want to show how foolish you are?  You are truly reckless!  We have to find Etienne to be able to find his files and his data on the Psychic Ferret Research Project!  Have you forgot the fact that he always keep his files, old and new,  the description and results of his experiments near him at all time?  The closeness of the two are legendary!”
Frédérik, almost banging his head on the table as he bent over it: “Oh!  Damn!  I forgot about it!”

I look at Félix: “Did you find anything on the location of Etienne?”
Félix, shaking his head : « No, no traces can be found of him.  He is not event at the lab!  It is well known that the lab was his most loved place!  We were always pretty sure to find him there.  If not in the lab doing research and experiment, in his office doing some paper work.”
Damien, trying to help: “Maybe he is there but have asked every body to say he was not there.  It is often happening for big business bosses.  It happen all the time at my work place!”
Félix, looking and feeling down by all his inquiry over the phone: “No.  It is not the case. I can sense when people are not telling the truth to me.  I no longer have any idea where Etienne can be.  We can not do anything right now.  We can not meet him.  Maybe some rest will help us think more clearly.  I feel a bit exhausted.”

Frustration mount in me.  “I hate that kind of situation!  It is really frustrating when I am ready for action but I am forced to rest and to do nothing at all!
Damien, shuffling a deck of E S P test cards I have seen many copies at the Psychic Research Project Lab.  Damien got them out of his shirt’s jacket): “Well, we could put good use of this period of forced rest.”
Félix, putting more at ease (and changing forgiving his preoccupation at the same time for the moment present): “True, Damien.  We know next to nothing to the psychic powers you hold, Castalie.  We better to give you a quick basic training to help you, just in case you need to use those psychic powers.”
Frédérik, to my ear: “Beware!  This is highly boring!  I stand ready to support you in this and through this the best I can!”
I smile.  I do not like not being able to confront Etienne right away.  Bit it is true that I can use this time to know more about my own psychic powers.  Part of me is still a little tiny bit sceptical while the other part of me wondered what could be the psychic powers that I have.  “I saw and heard the mention of “passive psychic powers” or something similar.  I wonder what its mean exactly.”
Damien, finishing to mix the E S P test cards and putting them on the table: “It is all those psychic powers that do not necessitate much concentration or going for inner strength to manifest on exterior objects.  You just have to let your perceptions to take over.”
Frédérik, with a soft tone: “Put into simpler wording, it is all those psychic powers you can do in our own comfy arm chair.  Just like clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, etc…  I think you are getting the idea right now.”
Damien, picking the first card on top of the deck of cards: “The cards will not tell me every powers you have.  You may have more active powers like telekinesis, for example.  But the cards will give me some hints on your more passive powers.  Frédérik is good with examples on psychic powers.  Oh, and by the way, usually women scores higher with passive powers.  They are more intuitive, it seems.”
Interesting.  But it could be easily be deduced from history.  “Well, there is well known women psychic in history like the Pythia from Delphi or the Sybilla from Cumae.”
Félix, showing a bit edgy: “Let get done with this test!”

On the course of the next few days, I have done some tests and exercice with Damien, Frédérik and a bit with Félix.  Félix was not easily letting go of finding Etienne.  Félix had his own personal reasons to find the mad scientist Etienne.  I fairly guess that one of them was named Thalie.  The search for Etienne was without much success.  Etienne was well hidden and was surrounded by a well kept secret on his location.  We were loosing hope.  I was loosing the hope of stopping Etienne.  I did not have any other vision or dream with the psychic source.  I was afraid that the tiny remain of the source might be extinguished or that it was already happened.  There was also the possibility that the source was in the hand of Etienne.  The source would be enslaved in this case.  I only feel a fine spider web that link us, all psychic, growing cold.  As I was growing desperate and did not know what to do, what to do next, I received an invitation from Etienne.  It was on a small apple green card nicely folded in two and in a white standard envelope with some fine blue lines inside the envelope, for security measure.  The envelope does not have any stamp nor any marks left by the postal services.  So, this envelope had been delivered directly to my mailbox, probably by one of the men in green.

The message read as follow:

Dear Castalie,

This is a note telling you of my coming back into the normal and every day world.  I invite you to a face to face meeting between you and me.  I had sensed you in the source when I had tear the source apart.  I know you were conscious of the source and of what I was doing.  Because of your awareness of my doing with the source, my plans are a bit delayed.  I do not want you to delay me any more than you had done until now.  I want to meet you and make a proposition to you.  I want you on my side.  There is nothing to gain in staying with Félix, Frédérik and Damien.  Well have to be all together.  I am ready to take Félix, Frédérik and Damien back in the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  Damien, Félix and Frédérik had gained maturity in the last few years since I had fired them for the project.  They still are a bit rogues.  There is no way for them to become what they can be and reach their full potential.  Without my knowledge on psychic powers, they are nobodies.  I had solved many of their problems and had mentored them in the development of their psychic powers.  Some may say that I have exploited them and all those who had passed time at the Psychic Ferret Research Project Lab.  Those who criticize me are not seeing all the goodness we can benefit from the research project.  It is earth breaking.  It will shatter some prejudices hold by the scientific world on the psychic powers.  Psychic powers can be measured and quantified by science.  I want to prove my point to the whole world.

So, tonight, I want to invite you.  Come to the park where you have meet with my two Men in Green for the first time.  I will wait for you there, at the benches, near the baseball field turned into a  dog park.  You will come with your three friends, I am sure of that.  It is fine with me that you will do so.  I want to see their humiliation on their faces as I make my demonstration in front of camera and a few independent scientists.  I trust you to come tonight.  I know you tried to meet with me soon after my incursion at the source.  So come after dark, at night fall at the park.  I will be there with my Men in Green.

Rest reassured.  No harm will be done to you.
Graciously yours
Etienne Deslongchams.

This is smelling truthful in part and like a trap to do some kidnapping in another part.  He sound a bit desperate to be accepted or to impose his way of thinking on others.  I do not have much time to contact Damien, Félix and Frédérik in time. I know I barely have time to go to the part after the phone call…

                   The bloody encounter

Félix is taking a beer with some non psychic friends in a tavern in the downtown part of the big city.  It is later after noon and early evening.  There is no rush in those present in the tavern.  It is the beginning of another busy evening at this very popular tavern.  Félix still have scars from the Psychic Ferret Research Project Lab events where Thalie had found her death.  Love hurts but loosing your lover to death is even more painful.  Félix had the main thought to get rid of Etienne.  He was ashamed not to have understood the message of Thalie that Castalie had given him.  The message only said: “I am sorry,  I am no longer able to see you in the near future.  There is something promising for me right now.  I can not talk about it right now but you will discover it fast enough.  I hope that one day, you will come back into the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  I miss you already. Never forget that I love you for the rest of my life.  My wishes to you.  Thalie”

It was not an extremely clear message.  It was a bit mysterious.  Nothing more is said than the bare essential: Thalie was no longer be with him.  Now, thinking of that message, it was putting Félix in a dark mood.  He was no longer able to see her forever.  He was in a dark mood but his non psychic friends does not seems to notice about it much.  Félix have the reputation of not being a big talker.  When he says something, it is something that needed to be said.  A tiny part of him enjoy this moment.  Always being with Frédérik, Damien and me was a little bit heavy on him.

Félix was lost in his thought for a brief instant.  He look around without any specific.  He was daydreaming a bit.  It was as he was looking around that he saw Etienne.  Etienne was at the bar and ordering an alcoholic drink.  Félix feel anger submerge him.  Etienne was partly responsible for the death of Thalie.  To Félix, to see Etienne here was a bit of a provocation.  It was hard to keep his cool, on the spot, as he was looking at Etienne.

“I can sense you are here, Félix BelleRive.  Nice coincidence, isn’t it?  I just take this marvellous opportunity to tell you that I make myself available to the public world again.  We probably see each other very soon.  Castalie may try to contact you right now about something I had sended her a few moment ago.”
It was a telepathic thought from Etienne to Félix.  Félix look around. None of his friends had noticed it and it is the same for the rest of the present clientele of the place.
“Damned you, Etienne Deslongchamps!  He is partly responsible of the death of Thalie and he is presenting himself near me, right in front of me!”, thinking Félix.
“Tututu!  I may have my part in the death of Thalie.  But I had, at least, the decency to wait a few days before coming back into the world and stumbling on you by inadvertence.”  Etienne was smiling and felt witty.  Félix could sense that in Etienne mental voice.  Félix, feeling annoyed, sarcastic and a bit invaded in his mind: “How nice!  But it does not resolve anything!  You seems as sure of yourself than usual.  I am sure you will follow your plan even with the death of Thalie on your hand.”
Etienne laughing: “I can not go back ward!  I must finish with what I have started.  I am now unstoppable!  I have dismantled the source.  And we are now autonomous.  We no longer need the source to have psychic powers and to decide who is psychic or not.  I am the one who will decide and I am having full control on the destiny of the psychic community.  Each psychic will be found and enrolled in my rigorous training.  They will be working in improving life on this planet!  Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to a important rendez-vous.
Félix, finishing his beer after having looked at his pager and talking to his friends: “It was nice to be here.  I wish I could stay longer.  But I am having a duty call.  I have to go”
One of his friend, jokingly: “Too bad!  You definitively have no luck when you come here with us!”
Another friend, following the same joke, knowing it was not always the case: “Next time, do not come with your pager!  You will  be able to stay longer!”
Félix, thinking and hoping for Etienne still read his mind: “Etienne Deslongchamps!  You will not get out of here easily!  You are up to something and I am ready to oppose you!”
A reply did not makes itself wait.  “I expected this kind of reaction more from Frédérik than yourself!  But I can guess that the loss of Thalie have put you in a justified reckless mood.”  Etienne walk toward the exit.  There was a crowd and some people was blocking his way along the path, slowing him and it was not easy to move around this crowded place without getting close to people: “Pouah!  Your shielding and your illusion are nothing against my telekinesis!”  This was a disgusted Etienne speaking.  Félix, going for the exit too but by another way, and stopping near a window close of the door: “I do not have to do anything right now.  You are way too quick in assuming my use of my psychic powers!”
Etienne uses his telekinesis to discreetly displace slightly the people around him, on his path, just a few centimetre, freeing himself and advancing toward the door at a quicker pace.  As Etienne tries to open the door, the door itself refuse to move.  It was Félix that was blocking the door by a shield on each side of the door.
Etienne, roaring telepathically: “Félix!  Now, it is not funny!  Let go of that shield!  I do not want to be late to my next appointment! !”
Félix, firmly thinking: “I will not let you go that easily.  It is time to resolve our differences!”
Etienne taking a step back from the door, waiting for some one  to go in or out: “It is not quite the time to do this!  Go now and start in talking with Castalie right now!  I am going to prepare a surprise for her later tonight!”

The door open by a new customer coming in.  Félix, revising himself, seem deciding to go out to finish it out outside: “Let go outside! Let finish all this in the street.  There, you will have more chance of crushing me to death with a heavy object like a car!  I know you want me death!  Do not deny it!”

Etienne take his chance to go out without responding to Félix.  But once on the sidewalk, Etienne hit heavily on Félix.
Etienne, with his normal real voice : ‘How did you come here so fast!?  When I came out, I saw you were still inside! You did this with an illusion, I guess!”
Félix, giving a punch toward Etienne stomach that hit his target: “You guest it right!  I wanted an advantage over you.
Etienne takes a step back from the force of the punch on his stomach.  Etienne bending under the impact force.
Etienne,beathless: ‘I am not Houdini, you know! »
Félix, taking Etienne des long champs by the collet of his shirt and bringing Etienne des long champs in a small adjacent ruelle, nearby the tavern, before too much people gather around both of them.  No one follow them there.

Félix, intensively: “Now, let end all of this child play!  You definitively are going deep into madness!  Let get this simple and end it right here, right now!  It is between only you and me!  No one else are in those matter as deeply as you and me!”
Etienne, going out of the grip of Félix, taking a defensive pose and ready to go into battle: “It was only one of my little dirty secret, you know!  You have seen it and you did not supposed to have done so.  You could have stumble on any other secret too!  It was because of you, your brother and your cousin that I discovered that little dirty secret and that I had became conscious of it potential!  L. M. never learned about it.  At least, not consciously, I guess.  As he was trying to keep all the children of the Psychic Ferret Research Project together and united, he did not realised he was doing a mistake.  By trying to ease all of your wounds, he did not help you at all!  I discovered the reasons recently, that by cooperation between psychic people only get the source stronger, not the psychic persons involved themselves.  They only handling less and more manageable small piece of energy. With strong emotions, the psychic individual is able to channel more psychic energy and have a chance to get stronger psychically.  But I did not expected that you, your cousin and your brother would go over the top.  You three had become unmanageable.  I did not expected that you would turn that way and I did not knew, at the time, how to handle you properly.  I only knew about the strict way, as a way of discipline you and follow the scientific methods.  Psychology was not one of my strong point back then.”
Félix, putting himself in a stable position, the leg a bit apart: “You did not how to handle our little escapades where we were testing our psychic powers!  You had no power over us and could not study us up close and personal!  You are possessive and wanting control!”
Etienne, pointing his index at Félix: “You were the possession of the research project!  I had full and exclusive custody over you!  I had no other choice to get you out of the project for a certain time.  And the law was on your side at that time!  But I always had the hope and still have the hope of your coming back in the project with your brother and your cousin.  You do not have a place in the non psychic world.  I let you out into the colder world for you to see that you could not totally fit there.  Your only place is beside me in my fight to get the psychic recognised and to turn the hole world into a world for us.  We have more powers and resources than the non psychic.  We have an advantage and we must use it. The only way the non psychic will recognized us is by makes them straight in front of the facts, making them scared in the process.  I have put my life and my respectability in this.  I think it is a just cause!”
Félix, taking a defensive posture: “A just cause for your own selfish end!  If you reason the scientific world, you will receive all the honor and credit and all the prizes!  People will venerate you  and you will become a god to them.  Those who will hate you will be no better than you, they will be zealeous religious extremist.  They will try to get out of the way and to eradicate all psychics!  We, the psychics people enrolled in the Psychic Ferret Research Project, will stay in the shadow and still be working for you all our lives without any benefits.  Since I had left the research project, I have gained freedom and a life.  I had developed a bit more my social skills.  I could not have done all this in a lab, working there and doing tests for you during all of my free time!  I was a slave, this is what I felt toward the end of my stay in the research lab.  You are experimenting on recluse and anti social people!  Those people had tormenting lives before entering the psychic ferret research project.  They do not need to be in a cold lab doing experiments and test on their psychic powers!  They need to heal their wounds before thinking of their psychic powers!  It is not a life and they may turn sociopath if they are turned totally free in the normal non psychic world without any guidance and help!  I got out of your manipulative ways in time and could better adapt myself to the world.  I am an happier man now!  Even if I just had lost Thalie!  Her death affect me, I am conscious of that, but it also urge me to end our dictatorship over the Psychic Ferret Research Project!  There is no one else that will contest your leadership from inside the project.  The Men in Green and all those who are still in the Psychic Ferret Research Project Society are on their knees for you.  They had been trained and brain washed to follow you without questions asked!  They firmly believe in the dream and hope you had given them!  They venerate you and are putting their head in the sand.  They believe you are their savior.  Even you, you think you have al the answers and know the way to lead them to the promised societal state of your common dream!  I do not share your dream!  The world is not perfect, I agree.  But I like living in it.  I learned to live in it!  I am not forced to use my psychic powers all the time!  I would compare my situation to a left handed person living in this right handed world.  The analogy is pretty much the same for the psychic persons living in a non psychic world.  I am free of my actions and my thinking.  I do not want to renounce that for any cost!  I do not want to return back in time by going back in the present Psychic Ferret Research Project!”

Etienne, arrogantly: “Nice speech!  But you do not impress me at all!  You belong to my dear and perfect research project, even if you have not participated actively since your depart.  I will oppose every once of your will to bring you back in the project.  I must gather as much psychic people that I can.  I have to put all the weight I can to put my plan into action.  Félix!  Do you know I just decided to get out of the secrecy and into the world?  It is time to get out of the closet!  I want to show the world that I am serious when I talk about psychic powers!  It will put some pressure on the government to sustain me more adequately. They no longer see the need to support the Psychic Ferret Research Project even if it is very successful and very promising.  I am using their own terns!  I have trained a few persons in the secret services of this country.  They had become more efficiently, got out of critical situation more easily and came back with very useful information on secrets of other countries that become confirmed later on.  Now, the government start to forget us and our usefulness.  Psychic powers do have useful application in this world.  There is proof of that by now with the secret services.  As usual, the government does not see farther than its own nose.  You are part of this new elite and you will have a better living than right now where you barely survive!”
Félix, taking a step toward Etienne: “Do you know that you are a megalomaniac?  Once as the shinning star of science, you will be at the top of your domain.  Will it be enough for you?  You seems to be ready to rock the world and to become the first successful world dictator!  You seems to be ready for total world domination!”
Etienne, really angry: “I will not accept to be called a megalomaniac!  I am doing this to makes the world better!”
Félix, smiling: “All megalomaniac says that!  They have big dreams and they promises a better world.  To deliver a perfect world, it is not easy.  Dream of a better world and the reality are two different things.  Look at what happen with the ex U. S. S. R.!  It is now history!”

By the face of Etienne show much of his displeasure.  He reply by sending some ordinary trash can toward Félix.  The ordinary trash can are easily stopped by Félix’s shield, a few cm from him, at the border of his own aura.  Etienne tired to move a big trash container but the trash container is completely filled up and very heavy.  There was no cars that could pass through or handled in this ruelle.  Etienne had a strong telekinesis power but the container proved to be too hard to move by.  As Etienne was searching visually for a good heavy target other than the container, Félix goes to his turn to attack.  He uses his shield to surround Etienne.  Etienne could no longer move.  Félix makes smaller the shield that surround Etienne body.  Etienne  auras was being squished under the pressure of the shield of Félix.  Félix use this moment of advantage to get closer to Etienne.  Next, Félix quickly release his shield before Etienne could break free from Félix’s shield.  Félix does not loose time and his advantage.  Félix gives an upper cut to Etienne face.  Etienne moves incontrolably a few step back.  Félix gives a second hard punch to Etienne but this time, the target is the stomach.  Félix does all that with his bare hands.  Etienne also out of breathing due to the second punch on his stomach.  Félix goes straight to his next target: Etienne’s neck and Félix push Etienne toward the nearby wall.  Félix grip as hard as he can around Etiennes’ neck.  Etienne have even more difficulties to breathe now that he is being strangled, under the strong and mortal grip of Félix’s hands and fingers.  Etienne des long champs tires to pull out Félix’s grip out of the way of this breathing air ways.  But Etienne des long champs is rapidly loosing strength.  Etienne feel light now and feel his knees feeble.  Etienne was loosing out and abandon all his hope of getting out of this situation.  At this point, it is at this moment that there is a release on the pressure of his neck.  Etienne open his eyes that he had closed a few second before, as he was loosing all hope and strength.

Félix had been pulled out and back from his dominant position by the two Men in Green that are the two must trusted by Etienne: the mohak headed man, Stab and the fluo green haired man, Slab.  Both of them hold Félix.  They are at each side of Félix, preventing Félix to return toward Etienne.  Etienne fall on his knees.  He takes time to take a few deep breathing.
Etienne feel lucky that these two men in green came to help him in a critical moment.  As his breathing returned to normal, Etienne straighten up.  “Good!  I have the upper hand now!  It is your turn to suffer now!”
Etienne des long champs walk closer toward Félix.

Félix now feel lonely and knows he is now in big trouble. Events have now turned against him.  The stress, adrenaline and tension building up against Félix.  It is now the turn of Félix to feel desperate and loosing all his hopes.
Etienne, pensively, as he look at Félix : “What should I do with you?  I could kill you right away.  Put your corpse into the dumpster with impunity.  I will not be able to tap into your powers.  Yes, do not be surprised.  I had found a way to tap into other powers and using foreign powers to me to my own advantage.  It is an old discovery.  I discovered it the day you took that peak in the lab.  It is the day you discovered my dirty little secret, the one involving selling  the Psychic Ferret Research Project, the discoveries of the research project to the government and the letter that had been send to L. M. to pull him out of the program.  You should not have seen this. It was a sensible information.  And you always had a much too good relationship with L. M.  It was not good in your psychic development.  Look at the state you are because of the death of Thalie!  It is not good for your psychic powers!”
Félix, desesperate to get out of this situation: “You were jealous of the relationship between L. M., Frédérik, Damien and me!  You partially succeeded in breaking him from us.  We had some problems in finding L. M. after he quited and our departure from the lab.  We only found him again bit it was too late!  He was dying and we almost missed his funeral also!  He was the only one who gave us emotional stability and a good role model.  He listened to us and he helped us the best he could!”
Etienne, looking at Félix, boringly: “But did you become stronger psychically?  It is I who shaped your psychic powers!”
Félix, having nothing to loose: “Why becoming psychically stronger?  It is only good in a war context or to launch a course to power!  Those with more powers will oppress the more feeble ones and the strongest will also struggles against each other to know who is the strongest.  It my degenerate and be bloody.  You are encouraging the psychic community to self implose and to self-destruct itself!  Are you ready to face that?”
Etienne, laughing loudly: “You know the old adage that say that it is better to divide the power to better be in control!  It is what I am doing!  Anyway, it is better to have strong psychic people than feeble ones!”
Félix, moving briefly his head on the side: “You are putting the psychic community head on toward extinction.  Only to keep all your power and exclusivity in the psychic research.  One day or later, you will be found without any body to use in perfection your research and refine your test!”
Etiene, ready to go on: “Ah!  Félix!  Always so pessimistic!  But it is not our priority of debating ethic and philosophical issues right now!  I think I will bring you with me, a kind of hostage in my hand, to bring Castalie, Frédérik and Damien to reason and to cooperate with me, the Psychic Ferret Research Project and the Men in Green.”

A bright light rapidly surround them.  Etienne des long champs only had time to say to his two Men in Green: “Get out of here!  Get some protection!  Reformation at the meeting point!”  All three, Etienne and the two Men in Green split apart.
Félix stay in place, using his shield against the incoming fireball.  The fireball was of the diameter as long as an arm (from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder).  The fireball hit the asphalt and  crash on it.  It did not take long for the fireball to no longer be a fireball and for the flames to extinguish themselves and disappear.  The only trances were found on the ground, the smell of the asphalt and the residual heat left by the fireball.
Félix, at that moment, release his protective shield.  The air was still hot after the passage of the fireball.  Félix had to take a few moment for his eyes to shift back to the blackness of the night.  The fire ball was very bright.  But Félix knew that only one person could do a fireball like that: Frédérik! Félix look around.  Finally, he could see Frédérik, Damien ad me.  The relief was mutual.
Frédérik, taking out an expiration: “For once, I could use a fireball to help you out of this!”
Damien, looking relieved: “And for once, it was not Frédérik who was in trouble!  But I hope you will not be in that kind of trouble too often!  You are lucky, you know!”
I was looking and scanning around: “I think that Etienne des long champs and the two Men in Green are gone now.”
Félix, relieved: “It is getting serious now!  Etienne have something in mind.  He is as dangerous as ever.”

I do not like that. “Etienne had invited me, and you three, to a park.  He says, in his inviting note, that he want to prove his point to the scientific community.”
Damien, looking very concerned: “It is the time where we will see if Etienne  will be able to realise his goal or not.”
Frédérik, defiantly and roguishly: “It is the final count down!  I am ready, especially after my warm up!”
Félix, to me: “Where is it?  We better go there right now, I suppose”
They are clearly ready and Etienne is probably is getting ready to a success or be ridiculed.  I am not sure if I want to assist to this.  Frédérik, Damien and Félix look ready to move on.  I am In this a bit against my will.  I just hope to end all this soon.  I know well the location, so I do not have much choice to lead them there.  I hate when I have the gut feeling to act and to go to that park!  “So, let get going!  The park is a bit far from here.  Let’s jump in the car.

                   Shame to an end, spotlight in the park

The park I visited earlier, a few weeks ago and where I have meet with the two Men in Green.  It is the one between Prieur street and Fleury street.  There is no one in the baseball field turned into a dog park.  Just beside the dog park, there are a few spot lights, digital cameras and other film paraphernalia.  It is set in a semi circle.  It is a very illuminated spot of the park, coming right after the degree of illumination of the baseball field turned into a  dog park.  It was easy to see this place in the park from afar.  It was dark already.  The park was quiet.  No one was seen in the park nor near the filming gears.  We hare come here right after quitting the dark and oppressive small ruelle.  The encounter between Félix and Etienne there did not stir anything, from the ruelle point of view any way.  The bigger street that give access to the ruelle, was bustling of life, without much concern of what could happen in the ruelle.

All that hurrying did go to waste, in a sense.  We had expected to come a bit late or that a group of people would have received us at our arrival. It was not the case.  Our arrival was by the Fleury street, on the side that goes along the dog park.  My first action, as I reach the illuminated spot, beside the dog park, was to sit on a nearby bench.  Damein, Frédérik and Félix had moved at a faster pace than mine.  I was, now, out of breath.  Damien stay close to me, as to protecting me in a close range.  Félix and Frédérik moves and look around, to secure the place and to look if there is some one, at seat a guardian, around the equipment left there.
Frédérik, taking a brief look at the digital cameras, as he was securing the perimeter: “They still are able to invest in good equipment!  I can not even buy that quality!  I am very well paid!  It is a shame to leave all this equipment without any surveillance at all!”
“Ah! Finally!  You are here!  We did not have to wait long for your arrival!  We expected you and we are ready!”  It is Etienne des long champ.  He does not bother to mention about our earlier brief encounter.  He have four men in green with him.  There is Stab and Slab.  The other two Men in Green where seen at the lab.  They had been the ones that were standing on guard at the entrance of the room we were in at that time.  There was four scientists, still with and in their sparkly white lab coats. The group was coming from Prieur street.  There was a green spacious van parked in the Prieur street, right in front of the park.  We have not hear them coming.  They had kept silent and noiseless as they were coming here, up until the last moment.
Etienne des long champs, gesturing to the scientists to join me on the bench: “Sirs, please sit comfortably. It will not take long.  Once my little demonstration will end, you will be escorted back straight to your labs and out of the chilly air that we have tonight.  Félix and Frédérik, please join Damien, Castalie and our guests.  We will immediately start the cameras and the presentation.”

Etienne step inside the semi circle made by the equipment.  Stab and Slab takes their place behind two cameras.  The other two men in green post themselves each near a spot light.  Slab makes a sign to signify that the cameras are rolling. 
Etienne, straightening up and with pride, in a satified air: “Hi and welcome!  Some of you may recognize me.  My name is Etienne Deslongchamps.  As you may  already know, a few years ago, I had been recruited as an independent scientist by the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  Now, I am the head researcher of this research project.  The goal of the Psychic Ferret Research Project is to study the psychic powers phenomenon.  Of course, the problem of being able to count of repeatability and mesureemnt of the psychic powers phenomenon.  I had found a solution to these two problems.  First, I had recruited young children who had shown hints of psychic powers.  I had found out it was easier to work with children than adult.  Next, I had compared their brain waves with the brain waves of normal children who did not have any psychic powers.  There was differences between the brain waves of both groups.  So the first group composed of children, those who had exhibited some psychic powers, started a training regimen to control, develop and be able to control their psychic powers at will.  After some trial and errors, we found the recipe to makes psychic powers more reliable.  It was not easy and it took some time, a few years in fact.  Tonight, I am ready to show you the result of all this monumental work.”

Etienne takes a period of time without much speech to present himself a trick of telekinesis.  After that, there is the turn of Damien, Frédérik, Félix, Stab and Slab to demonstrate their psychic powers to go in front of the camera.  Damie, Frédérik and Félix are forced to go in front of the camera by the two other Men in Green.  Damien had to demonstrate his main affinity with water by shaping water from a bowl into various small shapes.  Frédérik had to iginite a fire and juggle it.  Félix had to show his shield power by making one between himself and Etienne.  Etienne showed how much hard that shield was.  Slab show his psychic shock waves, but not directed toward the cameras.  The Stab show his psychic poisoning on some gold fished in a tiny bow.  The bowl containing the fishes was only showed at this time.  They probably had carried it with  them as they came in.  The gold fishes died as the water took a little slight apple green tint.

After all those demonstration, Stab and Slab took back their places behind the cameras.  Damien, Frédérik and Félix came back behind me and the bench.  Etienne  took the parole back and concluded in those terms: “I hope to have been convincing enough.  I am waiting for your comments and approval.  You already have my email address in your mail boxes of your computers.  I also am ready to receive offers for collaboration or further testing.  I am also ready to receive you personally at my lab.  One of my collaborator is setting up a portable computer right here.  I have a connection to internet and am already waiting to receive your emails right now.  There is a chat room that is also set up and ICQ and Messenger are also available, so we can chat and talk in a more convenient and instantaneous manner.  I want to thank each of you to have taken the time to look at this little live presentation.  I would like to thank the four scientists that had come right here to assist to this presentation right on site.  Thank you again and have a nice evening.”

One of the two extra men in black had made a quick set up during the little presentation of psychic powers.  He had took a pliable table where he had put a laptop computer.  The laptop computer is fully charged and on its own batteries.  The response did not take long to come in.  Etienne, looking at them.  His face turn grey.  “What?  Special effect? No way!’  Etienne turning toward the scientific guests: “You are my witness in all this presentation!  You can help me prove that this presentation tonight was not fabricated with special effect!”
A scientist, calmly: “I do not understand why you bring me here!  It was only magic tricks!  You can become more famous than Chris Angel or David Copperfield with those tricks!”
Another scientist, bored: “There was not much fuss about this!  It look more like elaborate magic tricks and optical illusion than psychic powers!”
The third scientist, a bit angry to be bothered by this event: “Can I go back to my lab?  I should not obey to your men!  This was a waste of my precious time!”
The last scientist, as unhappy: “Yep, this was a waste of time!  Nothing is more important than my own research.  The topic of your research is way too hard to prove or to disprove.  You are going after a chimera!  What value does psychic research have compared to cancer research or other medical research?  I do not see the application in the use of psychic power in our world!”
Etienne, barely keeping his control over himself: “In that case, very well!  Two of my men will bring you back to your respective labs.”  Etienne turn back to the scientist.  He also makes a gesture for Stab.  It was way too evident that Stab received the order to psychically poison the scientists on the way back to their lab.  The Stab and Slab took care of the scientist.  The other two Men in Green were busy in packing all the paraphernalia used for the diffusion of the little presentation.
It was hard for me to let the scientist leave without being able to warm them of their fate.  Damien, Félix, Frédérik and myself were a bit frozen on place.  Etienne seems to have totally forgot about us.  He was walking back and forth and was truly in a bad mood by what just happened.  Etienne did not look at us.
Finally, Damien got out of his frozen state.  Even the two Men in Green did not look at us.  Damien put his hand on my shoulder and I understood it was time to go discretely.  I woke up and retreated.  The spot lights were now off, facilitating our retreating.  We headed back yard toward Fleury street.  The three men did not bothered stopping us.  As we hit the side walk on Fleury street, a police car stop at our heights.  The two policemen disembark from the police car.  The police man from the passenger seat ask us: “Is there a man named Etienne Deslongchamps still in the park?”
It is strange he know so much and no infraction was done.  They were quick to come if there was a complaint.  Frédérik, a bit naively: “Yes, he is in the park.  But why do you come for him right now?  Did he done something wrong, like going faster than the speed limit?”
The driving policeman, getting on the side walk: “We do have a warrant on him. We got a tip that he could be here tonight.  He had done some illegal smuggling of various drugs.”
Oh, it must be the ingredient for the psychic enhancer!  Silly me!  I have not thought that Etienne had to find the ingredients for his psychic enhancer somewhere!  It is a fact that did not come to my mind right away.  They probably have all the proofs they need to have for his incarceration.  I am way too happy to put Etienne behind bar.  Even if it is sad, he already just experienced a deception and some shame in the hands of his peers, now he will have to face justice.  It will slow him down in his plan and research for the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  I have no remorse in saying: “You better to hurry.  He is packing some filming equipment in the park  with two associates.  You cannot miss them!  The two associate have apple green suits and white shirts.  His car is on Prieur street!  Maybe you will find more incriminating proofs in the car or on him.”
The police man that was on the passenger seat: “Thank you!  You have been of lot of help.”
Another police car parked itself behind the first one.  The police man who was in the driving seat of the first car make a sign toward his arriving companion while saying to us: “Please just stay here.  We want to makes sure you did not just made a transaction with Monsieur Deslongchamps.  They will takes your names and address.  We probably have to contact you again for the trial.”
This was less fun but it was the only way to clear out or names.  I hope they will believe us when we will tell them that we had been invited here to witness a filming on the “wild” claim and theories of Etienne des long champs…

The white chamber

The room is entirely white.  There is no window.  There is an heavy steely door with a small window at a man height.  There is no handle on the face of the door that is facing the inside of the room.  There is no furniture inside the room.  It does not have any bed, no drawers, no decoration of any sort.  There is the hard concrete on the floor without any softening.  The concrete floor is painted white, as the ceiling and walls.  The walls are made of cement block and there is a thin plaster panel, painted with white paint.  The plaster panel seems to be stick right on the cement block that are behind.  The only two object that had been allowed in this room are a halogen lamp firmly attached to the ceiling.  The other object is an very small digital camera firmly fixed at the top of the heavy steely door.  The small digital camera is pointing at the centre of the room.

And there, right in the center of the room, there is Etienne.  He is sitting down.  He is dressed in white and have one of those special shirts used in psychiatric hospital to restreint the patient.  It is the one with very long sleeves that can be attached to the back.  In the case of Etienne, the sleeves are attached firmly and very tight at his back.  He sit with his legs crossed beneath him.  His arms are in the sleeves and are crossed on his chess.  He could not moves his arms nor his hand, even less his fingers.  The special shirt had been fitted just for him.  The sleeves tubes follow tightly the shapes of his arms, hand and fingers part.  After the tips of the fingers, the sleeves tubes become a strong large cordon that goes in his back to be attached.  His pants are thin cotton white pants.  He does not wear socks nor shoes in his foot.  Right now, he is sitting right in the middle of the room.  His back is straight.  He look at the small digital camera suspended just up of the heavy steely door.  His face is flush red but it is because Etienne is a bit angry to be placed here without much care and without any reconnaissance of the hard and important work that Etienne had accomplished.  He seems determined to prove his point and to fight for it. Etienne does not try to use his telekinesis on the small digital camera nor the halogen lamp.  Etienne knows there is nothing to be gained from using his telekinesis on those two objects right now.  The hardest impulsive part of his angry mood is passed.  Etienne des long champs have all the time to think right now.  To think and to wait.  It is sure that there will be a moment where there will be a relaxation in the attention of his guards and of the personnel that is taking care of him.  The room have been emptied of all the furniture to keep Etienne safe.  Etienne had laugh at that measure.  He can moves object from another room and cause more damage that way than being in a empty room without any thing to do or to practise his telekinesis on.

Etienne, deciding to harass those who are looking, at the other side of the small digital camera: “You can not keep me eternally here, you know!  You will have to release me one day or the other!  I am still sane and you will not find any major wrongs with me!  I do not have any mental illnesses!”
He did not expected to receive an answer through some unseen speakers in the room.  Etienne was a bit surprised when he heard:  “You will stay here as long as we wish you to be.  Do you expect we will leave you full carte blanche for the Psychic Ferret Research Project?  Going public with the result of the project results and to gives credibility to psychic powers is the worst thing that can happen for our interest!  People will want and ask for it.  We want to keep it as under ground as possible.  You can not imagine how much it is useful for the government to have some leverage over the population with  the use of psychic powers!  We are using it in espionage and contre espionage.  All those discoveries you made are ours now.  It is what is written in our contract that link us both.  Now that you got your head all turned up with your megalomaniac plans and dreams, it was useful for us to put you out of business.  We do not need you nor for you to continue your research.  We know the process of psychic powers well enough now.  But even if we had put you aside, you still are an treat to security, to the national security.  Telekinesis is a very useful psychic powers in your hands.  We do not want to create more trouble than you had cause over your years as the head researcher of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  You will stay here until we have decided upon your future.”
All went silent.  Etienne was lonely again.  “I am not K. O. yet!  I can wreak havoc in other rooms with my psychic telekinesis!”
The voice,  with some exasperation in it: “You have done much harm to the psychic energy!  You are not feeling the psychic energies thinning out?  By using it, you decrease what is left of psychic energy!  We should have intervened sooner!  You are not as stable as an individual as we have thought first.  It does not seems to have much hope in rehabilitating you again, I see.  It is too bad.  You had shown some promises in your research on psychic powers!”
Etienne did not quite listened to what the voice just said to him.  He was  too busy in trying to use his psychic power at a distance.  It was a bit harder to use telekinesis at a distance without seeing anything in other rooms.  Etienne was so concentrated in using his telekinesis that he did not see some smokes coming from the ventilation of the room.  The smoke fill the room.  It is affecting Etienne breathing.
The voice, cold as ever and with a last intervention as Etienne was coughing: “I hope you will like this little scent.  It is the counter balance of your psychic enhancer.  But instead, our version kill a person faster than your psychic enhancer.  So sorry to kill a bright mind but you have search for it by your stubbornness!”

The smoke is clearly visible and the white puffs of smokes fill all the room space, even near the floor.  It is an heavy and dense white smoke.  That heavy and dense smoke stay there for many hours before being cleared out by aspiration from the ventilation.  The body of Etienne is quickly retrieved from that room and immediately send for an autopsy and embalmment.  The body of Etienne was quickly put to his final rest in a tomb less than an hour after the autopsy and the embalmment.

This is the sad end of Etienne Deslongchamps.  Etienne did not have considered his superior (the governement) and have done a hubris.  What he have left behind him would prove hard to repair!  A lot of damage had been done in a short time.  And his end in that room of the psychiatric hospital of l’Assomption would not resolve anything and will not lead to an happy ending.  It is only the most threatening person that had been put out of the circulation.  Etienne Deslongchamps is no more.  It is sad for him but who knows?  Etienne was stuck stubbornly into one path.  He was working to attain in what he had believed in.  It is just that he did not considered being stopped in such a low way.  Etienne is the kind of person that goes on and does not consider everything.  He wanted to realise things by his own means and in his own ways.  Etienne had crashed into something bigger than his own will.  It is only his own loss.

What will happen to the Psychic Ferret Research Project Program and of the Men in Green now that Etienne is no longer there?  Etienne lead both organisations with a iron grip and rigorous hand.  And every body in the psychic ferret research project and in the men in green have put all their trust into Etienne des long champs.  There is no designated successor.  This probably mean chaos and the government have not seen this chaos coming!

                   The source

I feel like a tiny drop again.  I am returned to that dreamy trance state again.  I had no news from Etienne nor anything about the legal procedure he is in.  I sense that Etienne had lost a lot of credibility and is now no longer a treat.  He seems to have lost the trust of the sponsors of the psychic ferret research project.  Because I have not heard of Etienne since that night, where we last meet.  There the possibility that he is hiding, waiting for another opportunity,  as he had done before.  For now, that Etienne Deslongchamps is out of business, it does not mean that I am out of the woods.

The source had not reformed as it was before Etienne intervention.  Do I miss something?  Did I have to do something more?  I am now at the place of the energy lake was, still nothing there happening.  The energy lake have not fill up again.  There s no drop of the source itself.  I feel really alarmed!  “I am here!” I say, to have good conscience and to express what I feel and know. “Etienne had been arrested for drugs traffic.  What should I do now to help you more?  What should be done?  This place is still empty, as when Etienne impacted with the psychic’s energy lake.”

I barely discovered that I have psychic powers that I have to mourn them.  It is a peaceful place.  Even when I came here the first time, I had felt at ease.  But there is nothing to help me understand what I should do now and why I am here right now.  How to refill the lake and to reconnect all the psychic’ inconsciousness?  I still have much to learn and a lot of unknown.  I only can look around.  So it is what I do.  There is no crack to hide.  Everything is in plain view even if there is some darkness around me.  Darkness is clearly visible upside, over my head.  I cannot see through that darkness.  It look like the night sky except there is no stars at all.  At the place were should be the horizon, I now see three little lights.  They find their ways toward me.  It is three bright drops, like me.  It is Félix, Frédérik and Damien!  I feel a bit relived!  They are conscious of where they are.  I need the help they bring by their presence!

I go toward them.  I forget that I am also a drop, without any physical body.  I tried to hug them, all three, in my arms.  But we merged together.  Strangely, four drops (Félix, Frédérik, Damien and I) made a small pool. It was tiny but it was a small, very small pool nonetheless.  Our minds were in that small, tiny pool.  Another drop join us.  That drop is darkening and unconscious.  It is Etienne.  His mind is not the one he had shown to us.  He seems to be in a deep sleep and inert.  Etienne’s drop was on the centre of our little tiny pool, floating on it, without mixing with us.  It was as if we were holding him.  It was pinch black under us.  The drop of the source extirped itself from there and came right to us.  The source fixed itself under us.  The tip of the source’s drop going right thru our tiny pool to touches Etienne’s drop.

The source speak to Damien, Frédérik, Félix and myself: “Etienne Deslongchamps is now dead.  The threat he directed toward me is attenuated and pretty much gone.  I feel relieved.  I feel and I am drained.  All this have depleated the lake we are in.  there will be some time before psychic peoples reconnect here.  They have retreated in their own little bubble as a way to cope with what Etienne had done.  It is normal for any animal, human included, to do that.  But it will take some time before the reconnection.  What Etienne had done over a short period of time will cause ripples well into the future.  It will takes a long time to come back as it was before Etienne’s attack on me.  There is a delay on me for reaching my full potential and vitality.  From now on, there will be a delay on psychic powers development.  Even those who are already psychic , they will feel some effects, some fluctuation in their powers and psychic energy.  We will be going through rough time ahead.  This is why I wanted to warn you on that.  Etienne had stolen my energy too.  It was partly poisoning him and partly over powering him.  He did not live long enough to experience the effect of the poisoning and the overpowering.  What you see here is all the energy Etienne had stolen plus his own energy, psychic powers and personality.  I will take that back with me.  I must retreat deeply to do my own healing and reintegrate back all that stolen energy.  For the time being, you all will function on your own reserve of psychic energy.  You four are among the strongest of the psychic people.  I had just took Castalie’s body to meet with the sponsors of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  They know I was the source of the psychic powers and energy, in a human body.  We have reached and come to a deal.  They will be able to continue to do their own sneaky ventures for their own selfish good.  In exchange, they let the project on under the leadership of Castalie.  Now, the goal of the research project will have a slight change in program.  The psychic ferret research project will still go on with the research part but it will be more carefully regulated and will study the finer lines of the psychic powers.  You had learned much under Etienne leadership of the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  By the way, you will be able to find a recent copy of Etienne research data in the psychic ferret research project lab.  It is the time to use the Psychic Ferret Research Project for educational purpose and on the field.  The project will stay secret, for now.  The psychic project will have a handful and handpicked of people, referred by the sponsors, who will come to be awakened and trained in their psychic powers.  It will also permit the Psychic Ferret Research Project to renew his personnel.  The psychic project will also be able to grow to be able to face the demands.  When the whole world will be ready to accept psychic powers, the Psychic Ferret Research Project will be able to train the generations of psychic users.  This will happen in the next decades, just after your life expentency.  I can see and I will be able to help a handful of human to convince the rest of the world in the psychic powers.  The technology will be able to measure and appreciate the result of those psychic powers.  The psychic project will also, in the mean while, keep all its knowledge and keeping it safe through troubled time.  This is the deal I have concluded with the sponsors of the psychic ferret research project.  Now, of you four, I want that a little tiny group of psychic be set up. I want that this tiny little group of psychic act as guardians on me.  I do not want similar event to repeat themselves.  A group of serious, dedicated and people with integrity will do a perfect job.  They will also be good in screening people who will want to speak or study me.  I want the talking and studying done in a respectful manner.  I think that a group of four people will do the job.  Each person of this group will have a major responsibility.  Here what will be those responsibilities: one person will be responsible and be an studious person.  That person will take care of knowledge.  Call that person the guardian of knowledge.  The second person will be in charge of active powers.  It will be used if I come under attack.  That person will attack the enemy.  Call that person the guardian warrior.  The third person will be in charge of more passive powers, especially shielding.  This person will defend me and shield the guardian warrior.  This guardian will be called the guardian protector.  The last but not least person will be able to have a direct link with me.  That person will be the intermediate between me and the outside physical world.  This person will be the last line of defence if the other guardian fails in their mission, or a close bodyguard.  This will be the guardian of  communication.  All those four guardians will be on equal status.  As you may noticed, I have gotten inspired by your personalities and psychic powers.  This is my way of thanking you and it also encompassing all the major  powers that may exist.”
I feel I must ask something at this point: “It is sounding a bit like Sailor Moon.  This is not what I truly wanted to say.  What I wanted to know is why keeping the Psychic Ferret Research Project alive?  By dismantling the program and the Men in Green program, we saves ourselves a lot of trouble and you can hand pick your guardian yourself!”
The source, patiently: “To end the Psychic Ferret Research Project and his supportive Men in Green will not solve the problems!  The sponsors of the project would have opened another agency and they would have taken all the string and full access to that home made psychic program.  I have seen it with another country.  I think it is better to have this project as  semi-autonomous so that when the time comes, there will be no uncontrollable chaos.  The Psychic Ferret Research Project will already be up and running.  The only thing the research project will have to do would be to reveal itself and take some actions and to limit the consequences of a sudden eruption of psychic powers.  Of course, human being are what they are.  I can not have full control when the psychic powers will become more accessible and be revealed to the public awareness.  Consider this project as my physical ally and who can intervene where I can not intervene.  The research project and I will be partner in the psychic related field of the human condition.  Of course, we all start up with the best of intention.  Both parties have the possibility to become jaded or conservator.  But I think it is worth the try.  Just let try our best.  If there is a problem, I have trust in some body some where  who will stand up and fight to put the whole world into track back again.  In a sense, it is what you had done, just now.”
I did not feel particularly proud: “But how are you surviving all this?  Can you survive without the energy lake and a connection with the other psychic?”
The source, taking carefully Etienne’s inanimate drop: “You are the one who have permitted me to survive.  You and Thalie.  Both of you had a role to play in my survival.  Thalie have given me a bit of her life force when she died.  You, Castalie, you were my carrier the whole time.  You kept my tiny energy drop safe.  You are hiding me by your energy drop.  So, it is a very effective cover up for me while I was in danger.  Now, I have to go.  You too.  You all will be busy from now on.  Damien, Frédérik, Félix and Castalie, you all have your life to lived!  You are now relieved of the treat of Etienne!  It was not an easy battle but you four are the survivors.  You will have to take care of those who have survived the death of Etinne.  I am glad you were able to prove that Etienne was wrong in thinking that the psychic powers and his view on them where the only way to go.  Psychic people had lived within a non psychic society from the dawn of human time.  Psychic people will do that for the rest of humanity’s life!  Now, go in peace and in peace with yourself.”

The tiny small pool break at this point and I find myself within the limit of my own tiny small drop.  I go apart from the others.  Frédérik, Félix and Damien return to their own drops too.  Now, we are back to single individual again.  No more psychic mental closeness and feeling as one.  Frédérik, Félis and Damien are gently pushed back toward their own body as I am also being gently pushed toward my own body. I took my last look of the source’s drop. The source’s drop was going into the pinch black darkness, dragging the unilluminated drop of Etienne.  I finally loose the source’s drop brightness in the ebony darkness.

Going out of this dreamy trance state was not as soft as the first one.  My body felt cold as I reintegrated it.  The source does not seems to be able to regulate body temperature when it borrow a body for its own use.  I must point it out to the source the next time I have the chance to meet it.

                   Meeting of the personnel of the Psychic Ferret Research Project, of the lab and the Men in Green.

This is it!  It is the big day.  I break through without an itch or I got myself lynched psychically.  I am standing in front of all the staff of the Psychic Ferret Research Project and of the Men in Green.  There is a lot of people in the room.  The administrative staff, the lab staff and the operatives of the men in green are all present.  They do not seems to be happy of my presence nor of the event surrounded by the demise of Etienne Deslongchamps.  I have to make them understand a few things first, before we start to work together.  I am aware that it will not easy for them to accept me nor my leadership.  They always had trusted Etienne and it may be a long time before they change their allegeance.
I brace myself by taking a deep silent breath before starting talking: “I am aware you had a blind faith in Etienne Deslongchamps.  I want to let you know that I do not want to diminish your admiration toward Etienne.  I do not want to become idolized any way.  Do not take me for a total stranger to the Psychic Ferret Research Project.  Most of you may remember my grand pa. L. M., who was the founder of this research project program.  He had put a lot of himself in this.  Even if I did not knew at the time, I was among the few who suffered from his dedication to this psychic ferret research program.  I do not want to erase all the achievement of  Etienne.  He have done some remarkable scientific discoveries in the psychic field of research.  He had a brillant mind.  I just not agree with Etienne logic nor all of his methods.  I do not even want to retrieve his dream of a better world where psychic will be a recognized power in this world.  Etienne do have a nice dream.  By taking his post as the leader of  this program, I am indeed taking up Etienne dreams, in a sense.  The dream and hoping of living in a better world is something good and worth while!  Now that Etienne is no longer here to bring that dream to you all, you, individually, all have to take the torch and bring this dream and hope into a more concrete and physical form.  Do it for Etienne, for his memory.  Because he was not able to see his own dream becoming through, each of you can bring that dream into the real physical world in your own life time!  Some of the tests I had recently taken show that I have a tiny hind of prescience in me.  I want for you to realize this dream!  It is something that makes me hope and keep the faith into humanity.  Etienne had given you this dream for you to live on.  Now take this dream and make it a reality.  I am ready to help you in doing so.  I know I have been against Etienne des long champs while he was living.  Now, I regret it a bit not have been able to act more like a friend than a foe.  The loss of a human life is terrible, especially when it is a psychic person.  I only recently discovered that I was a psychic person.  It was not easy to accept that.  I find it was a little bit traumatic.  I do not know if you have lived it that way the first time you discovered that you had psychic powers.  So, even if you are not considering me on your side, at least, when some new recruits comes in, I am sure we could find something to help them cope with their psychic powers.  At least, to ease the process as much as we can.  I think we need to make a bit of research on that side.”
Slab: “What will happen to the Men in Green?”
Stab: “It feel so strange to have tried to recruit you and now to see you as our superior!”
I tried to suppress my smile: “Well, in a sense, your recruiting tentative on me was more successful than you think!  I had thought long and hard before accepting this position.  If I had not meet with you before being invited here, I may not have taken it.  I would had not been interested in the psychic ferret research project nor cared about the men in green.  The men in green will pursue their recruiting activities.  So take it as following business as usual.  You are doing a good job and I am now thankful of you to had come see me.  It was just the conjunction that was not too good.  The recent loss of my grandpa is still affecting me right now.  Now,  let agree on something for the next couple of days: I will be mourning my grandpa and you will mourning the death of Etienne.  So, even if we will not be mourning quite the same thing nor the same person, we will be mourning together.  I am a bit easy going so do not stress out.  You do not have to worry about your jobs nor your qualification nor any thing else.  I am not here to tell all of you what your jobs are.  I know that Etienne had chosen you for your qualifications first and because you are doing your jobs.  I do not want to make any changes in the Psychic Rerret Research Project nor in the Men in Green organisation.  It had worked well until now so I do not see why it should not be working well in the future.  Let take some time to work together and learn about each other.  If it does not work in the long term, at least, we would had tried!  At that moment, we will be able to resolve any problem in a reasonable manner.  Of course, I do not want to replace the void left by Etienne!  I do not think it is desirable any way.  And if there is something that concern you in any way or if you feel insecure, you can come talk to me.  I am here to make things go smoothly here.”

People start to go out of the room after my speech.  I exhale deeply.  I am hoping that I made a good impression on them.  I know it is only a speech.  In a non psychic setting, it would have been received in a certain coldness.  But here, it is a bit different.  People  here are psychic.  They can sense if it is heart felt and truthful or not.  I think the worst is lived thru, for me.  I am trying not taking anything for granted in this new position but I feel a bit relieved that no one tried to use their psychic powers on me or any other options that could have happened!

The  sadness upon us.

I was running as fast as I could in the street.  I just received a phone call with the terrible news.  By chance, I am near the drama took place.  I was lucky that I was near Damien, Félix and Frédérik’s house.  It was even more surprising that I still remember where this house was!  I only have gone there once.  I came in the house before the arrival of the paramedics.  And, of course, the paramedics had been called first!  I find Damien, visibly shaken, near the door steps of the house.  He is clearly waiting for the paramedics to guide them toward the person in need.  Damien, while as a sheet and with some difficulties in keeping his calm, it is affecting him for sure and it is not an easy  time to be under a carapace any way: “He is inside, on the second floor, in his room.  You will find easily.  His room is near the step leading to the second floor.  Frédérik is there, with him.”

I do not loose time, after the brief comment of Damien.  I enter the house by the open door and head on for the nearby steps.  Later on, I would only remember a sensation of a upward jump to the second floor.  I saw the entrance to a room, with  an open door.  The two other doors were closed.  I approached nearer.  It was Félix room.  I go through the opened door.  I see the king sized bed at one end of the room.  Not too far from the door where I stand, there is a drawer and the garde robe.  There is not much else in this room.  There is a few poster from various musical people or bands from various epoch.  There are, also, a few swords hanged on the wall, over the head post of the bed.  The walls are painted a soft blue color.  The floor is made of wood.  The ceiling of the room had been painted a dark blue and stars had been painted.  It was more an attempt to recreate the sky.  Right in front of me, on the floor, there is Félix lying there, with blood on him  and a few splashed of blood on the floor.  Beside Félix, there is Frédérik.  Frédérik is trying to keep Félix alive until the paramedics come in.

I literaly rush to Félix’s side, the one free side, facing Frédérik. 
Frédérik, pointing at my feet: “You are not in a secure place!”
Seeing that, I looked puzzled.  I had not looked at my feet yet.  My main concern was and is Félix.  The rest is a bit out of my brain’s recognition.
Frédérik, hardly, quickly adding, with a good intention: “Better put the swords out of the way.”
Then, a light popped up in my head.  I looked under my feet.  There was a very long broad swords between my feet and the floor.  My brain have not registered the presence of the sword before, now.  I quickly take a step back, pulling myself off the sword. I feel a bit disgusted.  The sword is very bloody.  I straightened up.  There was my foot prints on the steel part of the sword.  Félix’s head was on my right (and facing the door.  He could see the entrance of the room and the door if he pull up his head).  The sword was between me and Félix.  The sword’s handle was on my left side.  With my left foot, I push on the handle of the sword.  The sword moves  It is a light sword despite the look of it.  I have no difficulty to put the sword out of the way.  I pushed that way (more toward the window and up until the sword is farther than Félix’s head) and until the sword was completely out of the way, no more being between me and Félix.

Once that done, I took back my position at the side of Félix.  He was still conscious, for what I could see.  His eyes were open and moving, but start to look a bit vitreous.  He have not spoken out loud yet.  I can ear his heavy breathing and respiration.  Félix seems more agitated since my arrival in the room.  With a low, soft, dying voice, Félix finally find the strength to speak a few words: “Why did you have done?  Why did you done that?  Now, I can not die in peace!”
Frédérik, frustrated and knowing it is him that Félix is talking to: “You say anything!  You did this because of Thalie!  You are more foolish than me!”

Emotions are such a pain!  This is tragic and this will stay in my mind for the rest of my life.  “Félix!  How am I suppose to handle this?  My heart is already scared and bleeding from my grandpa’s death!  Loosing you is as terrible as loosing my grandpa!”
I take Félix’s closest hand in mine.  At least, I hope this simple gesture will bring him some comfort.  I can feel this are the last moments of Félix.  Félix struggle to speak again before finally saying: “There are always events that will scar us for the rest of our lives.  We always encounter a deep pain and a deep sorrow.  Our hearts are so fragile!  I can sense that your mind is as sensible and tortured as mine.  I am showing you a bad example.  I do not want you to end this way.  It is so much painful!”

Tears comes to me.  I could not stay cold faced.  “I know that I could not have replaced Thalie…”
Félix, pressing my fingers and interrupting me: “This is not what you should think!  Yes, I did it because of Thalie but I did not gave you out any chances.  I know you saw it coming!  This was inevitable.  No one could have stopped me from doing this.  What could I do now?  Etienne is out of business, you have full control over the Psychic Ferret Research Project and the Men in Green.  Most importantly the source had been saved, after all.  I no longer have a life purpose!  No one to be angry at!  No drive to move me forward!  There is no living happily ever after with Thalie!  There is nothing for me to grip in this life!  I lost Thalie too soon and too fast!  You did not had the time to save me from my fate!  I have no time to find love again!  All is lost for me!”

Félix have now his eyes full of tears.  He look exhausted.  His respiration become unrhythmic.  There was space between each of his breath.  This was the end of his life, the moment where life goes and enter death, as a candle being blown by the wind and the flame being extinguished.  Finally, Félix cease to breathe.  He did not take any respiration any more.  I could not control my sobbing now.  It is the moment where the para medics finally comes in, when they appear, in plain view, up the stairs, directed and accompanied by Damien himself.

I did not felt concerned by what happened next.  I put and dragged myself  into the nearest corner of the room.  And I put myself in a foetal  position, my head on my knees, my arms around my bended legs, my feet close to my body.  I was rocking myself, unable to do any thing else.  I do not look around me.  My eyes are closed.  I do not even know how long the paramedic stayed nor when they removed the cooling body of Félix.  I only stay in his room wanting to be lonely and not caring about those who where there, moving around.  Frédérik and Damien tried to comfort me as they where trying to live thru their own pain and own loss of a brother and cousin.  But I did not listen to them at that point.  I needed to live this hard moment all by myself, in my own little bubble.  There is pain and I know I was at a low point at that moment.  I know that I have stay there for a certain amount of time.  I do not know how much time elapse before Frédérik and Damien forced me to break my little bubble and making reintegrate reality.  It is when I realised I was not the only one in this disastrous and heart breaking boat.  Damien and Frédérik are alive right now and I need them as much as they need me.  Probably that this even will put us closer together for the rest of your lives.  I do not want that Félix’s death bring me apart from Damien and Frédérik.  I lived something special with each of them.  I just wonder what they will remember from me…

                   Epilogue of a tragedy

Loosing Félix was very hard to live through.  I know that I barely knew him.  After meeting some one like Félix and loosing him was hard to take and to loose that was even more much harder.  I was starting to trust Félix and to appreciated who he was.  He was trying to get me out of what I was feeling.  Before I met Félix, I felt miserable.  After Félix’s death, I am feeling even more miserable.  Something had snapped in me with Félix’s death.  All this wild adventure was something to live through  it was more than draining emotionally.  All happened in a very short time.  I could not take time to think throughouly.  No step back and being able to say “That is enough! Let me take back my breath!  I want to sort things out!”

Now that the adrenaline had take its plunged down, once all this turmoil have calmed down, I am left with myself.  The only thing that is different, is that I had learned a few things along the way.  It took me some time to be able to go around by myself.  To experience some one’s death is really not easy, especially when that death person had a big impact during its life time.  There was a period of time where I could not do anything worth wile.  Some may say I was into a depression.  For me, I had to deal with the emotions I was having.

Mourning does no longer have any value now nor meaning.  People stop when somebody dies.  They may simply goes paying their respect with the death, speaking with the living relative, assist to the mass and the burial ritual.  After that, life must be resumed as it was before, minus the dead person.  I reject that!  Mourning can not be a short time set aside, clearly delimited in time and once done, throwing emotions by the window and returning to work without any second thoughts!  Human emotions can takes longer to be dealt with!  Loosing some one is loosing that person forever!  There is no coming back, no way to keep contact with the departed ones!  Mourning is deeper than going and observing rituals and social interaction!  It is a package deal: the mourning plus what the dead person had meant for us, our relationship with that dead person and all the unconscious non verbal things that can become more verbal after the death of the person!

What ever become of Frédérik, Damien, me, the Psychic Ferret Research Project and the Men in Green.  It is not the main point of this story.  We have all lived.  Frédérik, Damien and me are among the survivors. Does that mean we are the winner?  Survival of the fittest is not needing what is best in the long run.  It only mean we survived a trial of life.  The source stay what the source always was, been, be and will be.  The source is not even part of humanity, even if the source wanted to live as strongly as us and took action for its survival.  It does not mean that the source is eternal.  It just mean that the source is a part of the human condition but have  life of its own at the same time.  Both human and the source are intertwined, both have an instinct of survival.

The fittest vary over time.  What was considered the fittest a few generation back is no longer applying for today’s world.  And it will be the same principle for the future.  I am a bit rambling right now but I am in the process of a deep reflection.  What I had lived have  a deep impact.  I may take years to process everything.  All this can be taken on a symbolic meaning.  I can play with what I can extract from those events.  But in the end, the experience itself is what is truly matter.  Now, I have written everything that happened.  I do not need to write on what it will be.  The future, as the past and the present, only bring its own emotions forward.  Our lives will have what every ones else will have.  The only thing that put me, Damien and Frédérik aside is all that we lived thru, our sentiment of not totally fitting into society and not just because we are psychic.  There is no need to have psychic powers to be a marginal.  We do think differently and we do not follow what is considered as “normal” by the heavy societal pressure.  We have learned what truly needed to be learned, even if we unconsciously already knew it on some level: that we have to live with our emotions.  With our own conscience to the end.  Even if it means we have to suicide our own selves to live by what we believe in, we will do it.  Félix have set the example to us.  This conclusion was what we have reached with time.

Now, it is time for me to return to the silence that I had before starting writing all this.  No more words will come out of me.
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