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prompt: you find a valuable coin in your jeans.
"Where are those shoes?"  Marilyn was talking to herself as she rooted through a pile of clothes and shoes on her closet floor.  Behind her, the room stood as disheveled as the closet.  "I never can find anything!" she exclaimed while standing up.  "Ouch!" she yelled as she bumped her head on the closet shelf, knocking it and its contents cascading to the floor. 
          "I'll be....! Look at that will you -  I hunted so hard -- right there all the time." Still rubbing her head with her right hand, with her left, she picked up and shook out irregular folds from the purple jeans she held out in front of her.
"Perfect!" The shoes forgotten, she picked out a t-shirt to match and changed from her robe into the outfit.
Looking into the mirror she thought, I've always loved these jeans. They sure fit good, and they go perfect with my butterfly t-shirt. Turning, looking under the bed, "... boots' --  They're more comfortable anyway.  Yanking them on, then standing, "won't that Sophie go OO-OO-OO when she sees me in this.  Yes, ma am, I'm a 10 today!"  She did a little shuffle dance and turned to leave the room.  As she did so, she stuck her left hand into her back pocket.

What's this? It feels like a silver dollar... haven't seen one of those in a while.  She pulled the coin from her pocket.  It looked foreign and unfamiliar.  On one side were vines with grapes hanging off in a wreath around a stylized sun.  She turned it over and there was a smiling moon.  Looking at the sun side, she thought the coin was brass, but looking at the moon, she quickly realized it was glass.

Where'd this come from?  ...never saw anything like it...  how'd it get into my pocket?...  sure is pretty.  She rubbed her thumb over the face of the moon. It was cold to the touch.  When she finished, the expression on the moon had changed.  Now, its eyes were scrunched shut and its nose and mouth all puckered up.  Marilyn stood looking at it, puzzled...wasn't that face smiling?  I must be losing my mind,  she shook her head.  "Wait 'til Sophie sees this!"  Just then she heard a horn honk out front.

There she is!  She put the coin back in her pocket. Grabbing her bag and her white denim jacket from the chair by the front door, Marilyn walked out the door, locking it behind her.  She ran to the old red convertible, jumped in and slammed the door shut as fast as she could.

"Sophie, you won't believe this!" she exclaimed.  "Wait 'til you see!"  She reached for the coin in her pocket as Sophie pulled out into the street.

"Not now, girlfriend!  We gotta boogie.  That bus ain't gonna wait for no woman.  Fasten your seat belt and hold on!"  She floored the accelerator, causing the tires to squeal on the pavement.  The car lurched forward, but instead of speeding along into traffic, it lifted smoothly from the pavement into the air.  Wheels spinning uselessly, the engine became silent but continued to run. The invisible fumes from the exhaust became visible behind the car, rather like speed lines in a cartoon.

"Good God, what's going on?" Sophie turned the wheel this way and that and pounded the brakes with her left, then her right foot. 

"We have to get down!  Make it go down, Sophie!"

"Shut up!  Shut up, Marilyn!  I can't think"

They rose just above rooftops and 60-year-old shade trees lining the streets in front of 1950's bungalows and  flew a straight line to the bus station passing the McDonald's sign on the corner of State Street and Cleveland Avenue. They passed the fourth story windows of the only four-story building in town, Screaming at people behind the windows to help them.  No one even looked up.  They passed the three church steeples on Cleveland Avenue. Marilyn started to pray and cross herself and say things like "Holy Jesus, Mother of God, help us in our hour of need." Slowly, the car descended and stopped right in front of the bus station, the speed lines vanished and the car opened its doors.

"Thank you, Jesus, thank you!" shouted Sophie as she jumped from the car and kissed the pavement. Then she stood and danced in circles with her hands waving in the air.

They looked around to see if anyone had noticed their odd arrival, but it looked like no one had.  The coin felt cold in Marilyn's pocket.  She had pretty much made up her mind that the coin was the culprit.  She pulled it out of her pocket.  The moon was laughing a silent but hearty laugh that caused its cheeks to puff out, eyes to squint and its lips to pooch out.
"Sophie.  Look at this." She handed her the coin.  Sophie examined it.  With the change of hands, the moon took on a neutral expression. 

"Where'd you get this?"... Sophie turned it in her hands examining it closely. "It's weird...  Is it made of glass?...  It feels really cold.  Didn't you just pull it out of your pocket?"

Marilyn said yes, yes and yes in a distracted tone and that she didn't know where she got it.

"Sophie, what do you think that coin wants?"

"Wants? What are you talking about?"

"The coin made the car fly.  It took us right here.  What do you think it wants?"

"Good Grief, Marilyn;  I think we're both going crazy. You are asking, and I'm trying to think of an answer to what a glass coin wants!"

"Well, it took us where we were going. It seems like there'd be a reason for that.  And, how'd it know where we were going? It's a coin.  Where'd it get all that power?"

Just then, their bus pulled up. The lighted destination marquee above the windshield said "Springfield."  The girls got in, dropped money in the box and seated themselves near the front.

Sophie handed Marilyn the coin.  Marilyn held the coin in her open hand, looking at the moon side.

As the bus slowly started to drive away, the marquee changed to "Starlight Ballroom."  Then, just as the car had done, the bus rose into the air. It banked to the right, as though heading for the moon. As the bus rose higher and higher, the coin hummed "Stardust" and smiled.

White knuckled, Sophie held on to the back of the seat. in front of her.  Instead of screaming, like all the passengers in the back, she set her jaw and looked a Marilyn looking at the coin.  Unbelievable, she thought. Marilyn is calm

The bus driver was screaming into his radio "911. Call 911!"  over and over.

Marilyn started humming Stardust with the coin.  The chaos in the bus was escalating, but she seemed not to notice.  The longer she hummed, the calmer she looked. 

Sophie looked out the window.  The bus was now well above all the roofs of the town and headed toward the river.  Her mind had started to slow down, too.  She couldn't believe how calm she was feeling.  She hummed along with Marilyn and the coin.

The bus began to descend.  It landed safely right by the walkway to a riverboat gambling casino. 

"I know what it wants.  I know exactly what it wants!"  Paying no attention to anyone, Marilyn stepped off the bus and on to the ramp.  Behind her, people were tumbling off the bus, falling on top of each other and hollering incoherently.  Sophie managed to escape before the avalanche of people and caught up with Marilyn.

Calmly, they walked together into the casino.  Sophie headed for the slot machines sure that is what the coin wanted. She had to turn and catch up again when she realized Marilyn went the opposite direction.

Both were silent as they headed for the bandstand in the ballroom. 

Marilyn spoke directly to the bandleader; "please play Stardust for my friend.  It would mean a lot to her."

"Pull up "Stardust" guys.  The little lady wants it played for her friend there."

At the first chord, the coin rose from Marilyn's hand growing larger and brighter.  By the time the band had reached the B part of the tune, the moon face was as big as a human face and had started to sing.  Her voice was a lovely contralto. The room became silent.  Marilyn turned to the people in the room and said "dance everyone. No slackers.  Dance until the moon stops singing."

Sophie and Marilyn started to dance with each other.  They were so light on their feet they danced steps they didn't even know. 

Floating around the dance floor, they didn't notice the boat falling away around them or the sky getting light, or the coin shrinking once more and slipping into Marilyn's pocket.

Suddenly, Marilyn heard a car horn beep.  "There she is!"  Grabbing her bag and her white denim jacket from the chair by the front door, Marilyn walked out, locking up behind her.  She ran to the old red convertible, jumped in and slammed the door shut as fast as she could.

"Sophie, you won't believe this!" she exclaimed.  "Wait 'til you see!"  She reached for the coin in her pocket as Sophie pulled out into the street.

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