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by Chris
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This is a story about life
I had arrived at the bus station about eight o' clock. It was an exceptionally cold morning, and the exhaust felt good against my side as I circled around 45. I had to catch 55, which was always late, and today proved to be no different. She crawled up about 5 after the hour, I saw Sarah like usual, swinging 55 around and bringing her to a stop inches from the other buses. Sarah was a short black woman, she had guts and an attitude. She would smell of stale cherries and breath in the winter as a result of her soft addiction for cough drops. We were on a first name basis, but she insisted on calling me baby.

The bus doors flung open with an awkward shudder. I exhaled, walked through frozen breath, and clutching my leather jacket I got on the bus. "Good morning Sarah." I said, as I started towards the back. "Hold on baby, sit up front wit's me today". She replied grabbing my arm. I agreed with little resistance, and after straightening my jacket a second time, I sat down.

The groan of the engine and the kick from the gears were unmistakable. She punched the shifter forwards and pulled it back again, putting the bus in gear. We began to move out of the station, and onto the road. The synchronized game of people transporting had begun.

The city wasn't huge, but the sun graced the steel canyons and asphalt anyway. Off we went, and the sun followed our rise.

"So, you're one of those fancy writers right?" Sarah asked abruptly.

I smirked a bit, shielded the sun from my eyes and continued the conversation.

"I'm not sure about fancy, but yea I write a bit."

"Well I know'd you did, I could see it on ya".

"I got a story for you too, One that will blow your white boy mind!" She was certainly enthusiastic and with her bag of cough drops in hand, she smiled and continued on talking.

"You see, there was a girl I knew from the YMCA, back not fifteen years ago. She had eyes like Benjamin's."

"Benjamin's?" I asked

"HAHAHA, you're funny white boy. Her eyes you see. Were like green and blue and ......ahhh DAMN! Well, She was darn near perfect."

"Is she your daughter?" I asked. Trying to be intuitive.

"Nope! But she would wear black boots, and loved fast cars. Goddammit, there was a time when she would move, and the boys would respond.."

"She does sound exciting. Will I get to meet this woman? I asked.

"Well she's a bit older now, gotta kid too. I think life may have taken a bit to much from her. But you can see her stumbling around the square sometimes. Hey! The Square's coming up, maybe you can see her from the the bus.

I leaned forward, looking through the front window and the side window interchangeably. The square was approaching fast, and I was interested.

"There she is! Look at her,....Damn! I would tie the prettiest bows and that curly hair would just make the boys crazy."

I looked, and watched her expression rise. We were stopped at the square, and a couple of people got off the bus. I gathered my things, and focused my attention back on
Sarah. She was staring at the mirror, the one that showed the passengers behind her. But all she saw was herself, years before, and I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"You should meet her! She would make the room smile." She said

I saw a tear roll down her cheek as I exited the bus.

"gotta have faith don't you see, love, and everything else needs it. To survive!"

I looked back at Sarah, She was jamming the clutch, and driving the shifter straight ahead, along with the bus.
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