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What are standards and practices?

  I took behavioral courses. Psychology 101: Do not challenge the social practices.
  What about social injustice? Well, if you want to be successful you should play
  the game. Trouble makers are crucified. I have a story about NAZI Germany.
  There was a serial killer on the loose. The Gestapo hunted him for the murder
  of prominent NAZI members. This serial killer liked to move in the elite society
  and swindle wealthy NAZI citizens, then murder them. He was eventually caught
  and tried in a Veihrmarc Court. He was hanged for his crime of mass murder.
  The irony is obvious. But, this was the law of NAZI Germany.

  If you care to indulge this historical rehashing get a copy of JUDGEMENT AT
  NUREMBERG. The NAZI defense was "They were following the Law of their
  country." "An unjust Law must be fought." Spencer Tracy says in the movie.
  Does this lead to anarchy? Well, let's us consider the Federal Standards and
  Practices for Broadcasting. Did you know there is a provision for limiting
  terrorist threats and or incitement? Yes, they can knock on Glen Beck's door
  and arrest him for inciting terrorist threats. Imagine what Hitler would do with
  the media today? The propaganda would be everywhere. "If your going to tell
  a lie. Tell a big lie." Goering said. He was a very important member of the NAZI
  government. A government which was elected by popular vote.

  How are governments judged? The founding fathers of the Continental Constitution
  declared independence from tyranny. The Bank of England was charging unfair
  interest rates on their loans and levying unfair tariffs on their trade. It was an act
  of sedition to revolt against the ruling English Empire. King George was their
  king. The revolution of 1776 was illegal and an act of terrorism against England.
  But, I believe it was just. Ultimately, the question of American independence
  was decided at Valley Forge. "Might makes right!" a knight exclaimed in the
  play Camelot. "Right makes might!" King Author replies.

  Religion tells us to conform to the laws of God, which are passed down to
  the laymen through the religious leaders. But, which religion is right?
  If you put it to a vote. Islam would win. Islam is the largest religion in the world.
  Mohamed united all the Arab tribes under Islam and nearly conquered the world.
  Is this "Right making might?" You can argue that Islamic law is not tolerant of
  other beliefs and life styles. But, isn't that what all religion do? "There is no
  salvation without faith is Jesus Christ." Reverend Martin Luther. I do not have
  the answer to Islamic terrorism. If the enemy is willing to the last able body
  woman and child. What can be done, but genocide. The old NAZI doctrine of
  total annihilation of any opposition is in effect in the War on Terrorism.
  The tribes of Islam are uniting again. Will the Western World survive it?
  I would like to live a happy life. A life where everyone is happy.
  Is that realistic? Is pragmatism a threat to freedom and justice?
  Who can judge? This is simplistic, but I have been reading in Tarot
  a great war and day of decision. It seems to begin in Jerusalem.
  Well, we shouldn't be superstitious in this modern age. Then again, reasonable
  people can be mislead to do terrible things.

  I'm just ranting.


  The Israeli senate has a directive to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.
  The conservative Jews believe that God demands it. It has not been implemented
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