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I wrote this hoping to get it recognized because I'm not in the feild of sexology.
         I figured out my sexuality by a dream. I was in a locker room and there was a guy with a towel around his waist who had worms crawling on his back. The worms were a phalous which often comes into dreams. I found these worms a little disgusting but wasn’t that bothered by them. After this I was in the shower part of the locker room and there were guys all around in towels. In the middle was a bowl of noodles which were slimy and tasteless. The noodles are another phalous and in dreams food represents the nurishment of body, mind, and spirit. The fact that I wasn’t desgusted by the noodles but they still didn’t taste good led me to believe that I was slightly gay. I had another dream once about a girl. I was in a bedroom waiting for her and there were burgers on the grill that smelled realy good. I wanted to eat them but I somehow thought that if I did I’d miss her.
         When I began to search about my sexualty all I had was the knowledge that you can be a little gay without being attracted to the same sex and different things about metrosexuals. My search led me to  the fact that sexologists have concluded that its like a scale ranging from not gay to completely gay and that although some people identify with their sexuality better when they grow up you don’t become any gayer than you are. I also searched metrosexuals and found nothing about sexuality. Metrosexuals are known for being slightly affiminate, going shopping, and caring about their appearance. Another was Alfred Kinseys scale which ranged from 0 to 6. He was wrong about some things. First off his discriptions were wrong. He thought it was incedental because some prison inmates would have sex with other men because there were no women. This is because they were leaning more toward being gay than the other guys. Like a .5 on the kinsey scale. I have created my own discriptions.
         0 Heterosexual: Not in the slightest gay. The average person is a little bit gay. From 0 to 1 you are more or less comfortable with the same sex but not at all attracted to them.
         1 Predominate Heterosexual : This is where you get your “metrosexual”. The heterosexual guy that’s slightly affiminate. After 1 you are more and more attracted to the same sex.
         2 Bisexual Heterosexual: This is a bisexual who prefers the opposite sex.          
        3 Bisexual: Bisexuals are equilly attracted to both sexes.
         4 Bisexual Homosexual: This is a bisexual who prefers the same sex.
         5 Predominate Homosexual: This is where you get a lot of closet homosexuals. They are in a way the opposite of metrosexuals so they’re comfortible with the opposite sex so they can have sex even sometimes having children with them not knowing they are only attracted to the same sex.
         6 Homosexual: Homosexuals just know they are at a certain age or ask a girl to test them and then find out that way (which I think they would be close to 5.5).
         I write this in the hopes that I can get this recognized by sexologists and people.  I want a test created that mesures on my version of the kinsey scale and can score inbetween numbers like .5. I believe you will find that the prison inmates who have sex with other men are more gay that the others but not quite at 1. The test would be for both men and women but when scoring for a man you would add from 0 and for the woman you would subtract from 6.
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