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An IGCSE English assignment, inspired by the movie "The Bucket List."
People say that before you pass away, you should write a bucket list containing about 10, to 50, to 100, to maybe even 1000 things to do before your spirit leaves the physical world.  Some people wish to have the sweet basics of life; having a great job with a good salary, having the girl of their dreams as their wife, or living in a comfortable home with a perfect commuting distance to work.  Some people want more exciting, crazier things to do before they die such as riding a polar bear, skydiving, and even an expensive trip over the earth for a few minutes.  Some people want to do more personal things before they die, maybe to tell their parents that he or she loves them very much.  The point is that anything can be put into the bucket list, be it personal, crazy, or just plain simple!

There is a saying that states “You only live life once, so live it to its full extent.”  If you are rather unaccomplished or loveless, is there a point to keep living?  Does that mean that there is nothing that drives you to work harder or to keep living?  Everyone has a motivation that comes in all different kinds of forms.  This can be in the form of food, family, a good job, to even something as greedy as a good high paying salary.  If you do not have a few or even any of these, now would be a good time to add these kinds of traits to your bucket list.  It’s always good to achieve the basics in life before you go on to achieve the harder, crazier things.  Start your bucket list off as simple as possible, and slowly work your way up to the crazy traits in your list.  What’s the fun of skydiving when you have no fundamental motivation whatsoever?

The fun about bucket lists is that once you achieve the basics in life, the complicated points in your bucket list will be more unique to you than to anyone else.  Everyone in this world has their own personal bucket list.  A few points may be the same here and there, but there will be some points that will set your bucket list away from the rest.  I, for one, still require achieving the basics in life before I go on ahead and achieve the complicated things.  Life should be achieved in that very way: achieve the simple things in life to remove excess points, allowing you to focus on the more difficult points.  By the time you are working the difficult points, you are already motivated enough to handle them in the way you see fit.

In conclusion, it is always good to have a bucket list because life in all its glory is rather short.  Sure it may not seem so now depending on your age, but before you know it, you may not have the suffice amount of time to achieve your bucket list.
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