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A story of twin sisters and their familiars.
      “The school bell rang fifteen minutes ago Jade!” Ellie yelled. Her long wavy brown hair flailing wildly as she ran into her sisters room. She was already in her school uniform. A tan-gold long sleeve jacket with cuffs at the end and a white shirt under, part of the tie she was wearing was visible where the jacket v-necked. Her light brown pleated skirt was exactly four inches above the top of her knees. She wore small brown shoes and white socks that were folded over and gave her the look of a student ready to go.
Jade rolled over and looked at her twin sister. “Do what?” she asked sleepily. “The bell for school rang fifteen minutes ago.” Ellie said, now calm. Jade jumped out of bed in the blink of an eye. “On our first day?” She said, then frantically started looking for her uniform, which was a mirror image of Ellie’s. Jade looked at her short, strait black hair, there wasn’t much she could do with it expect run a brush through it. Her hair stopped just at her shoulder. The only thing she and her sister had in common were personalities, clothe sizes and age. Other than that they were opposites.
“It‘s about time you were ready.” a voice said. “Oh, shut up River.” Jade said to the voice. “You should learn to be more kind to your familiars.” Ellie suggested. “And he should learn to be nicer to me.” Jade said then turned around. She was ready to go. River, a small black kitten, jumped onto Ellie’s shoulder and relaxed like he were a fur boa. He had an odd shaped birthmark on his chest, it was pure white. They all started out the door to their two story white house and began the short walk to school. Jade got into the black kitten’s face. “Why are you even here? Where‘s Pierre at anyway?” The kitten, an American House-cat, didn’t even bother to open his eyes as he replied. “Because I‘m supposed to stick with your hide. I just enjoy being around your sister more because she’s actually enjoyable. Pierre is not bound by your heart, he’s bound by Ellie’s, if she lets him roam around, then he’s aloud to roam around, the blond headed idiot can be anywhere from here to kingdom come.” River said.
         “You two never stop do you?” Ellie asked, laughing. “Nope.” Jade said with a triumphant smile. They came to their school, a large brick building that looked like any normal high school. “I can‘t believe we are this late.” Jade said. “I set your alarm for you, technically I‘m not late because I‘ve already been to school, and then I came back to get you..” Ellie mentioned. Jade playfully glared at her sister. They walked into the lobby. “Miss Jade!” a loud and stern voice said. Both girls froze in their tracks, the voice had startled them to their core. The turned their heads back slightly. Professor Maria. An average sized woman with red hair she kept up in a bun. She wore glasses with a chain, and was dressed in an adult sized and dark brown version of the girl’s school uniforms. “What in the name of astronomy are you doing here so late?” She asked. “Um, I kind of overslept?” Jade said, although she had posed it like a question. “We will have no more of that.” Professor Maria said, then ushered them to class.
Room 204, Professor Burns Humans 404 class, their first period. He was also their second period Astronomy teacher. “Ah! There we are.” He said to them as they walked into class. He was a young teacher, a head full of brown hair and small rectangular glasses over his brown eyes. He was wearing a dark brown suit with a red tie. Her motioned for them to take their seats.
The classroom was set up into six rows. There were six desks in each row, and each desk could comfortably seat two students. Ellie and Jade sat together in the last desk next to the window. The window had a large ledge that jutted out into the classroom. Ellie took the seat closest to the window and absently petted the yellow furred kitten that was curled up asleep on the ledge, which was less than an arms length away from her. “I‘ll have what he‘s having.” River said and jumped from Ellie’s shoulder to the window ledge and curled up near the yellow kitten.
         “Alright class, now that we are all finally here,” a few students laughed as Mr. Burns said that “we will start from where we left of last year. Can anyone tell me why we are not supposed so expose ourselves to humans?” The class stayed silent. A boy on the opposite side of the room, wearing a light brown version of Mr. Burns clothing said “Well, it could possibly be because we are better than them.” He was an annoying child that frequently got in trouble. Jade glared at him, and while glaring at him she raised her hand. The boy glowered straight back. “Yes Miss Jade?” Mr. Burns said. “We are not supposed to reveal ourselves to humans because the human‘s live in their certain society in which they create to have a sort of order in their civilization, and if society doesn‘t accept it, then no one does. Magic is a very unacceptable thing and would only cause more witch trials and finger pointing because humans don‘t understand how to deal with those of us who have certain magical abilities.”
“Very good Miss Jade. Now, let us see if your other half can tell us why familiars are helpful in the human world.” Mr. Burns said, looking at Ellie. Ellie was looking out the window, and kept her eyes on the outside world while she answered. “Familiars are meant to help magical beings with whatever assignment they have. An animal can go just about anywhere they want in the human world without being persecuted and it‘s also helpful to have familiars when you need information on a certain someone because they can play injured and get into that person‘s house at a reasonable speed. If we had to do that, it would take years of getting that person to trust you and who knows what else. Familiars also help you in case your magic gets exposed, they have certain spells which only they know that can erase the memories of magic from a human mind. Also, familiars-” Mr. Burns interrupted. “Good job Miss Ellie.” After that he went on to the other students and quizzing them over this and that about the human world. Towards the end of class he passed out a paper.
         It was their Anthropology test from last year. Depending on their grade they were given various assignments in the human world to prove their abilities. Jade looked at her paper. “I can not believe I made a one hundred!” She said, almost jumping up and down in her seat. She looked over at Ellie’s paper. “What did you get?” She asked. “A one hundred and five.” She said with a yawn. “Hey! There weren‘t any bonus questions, how did you get a one hundred and five?” Jade complained as she compared her and her sister’s tests. “Because I put up an argument on one of the true or false questions and proved my point, those extra five points are what Miss Anne gave me because she said that it was very good insight to the nature of humans and familiars.” Their classroom door opened to reveal a buff looking business man in a solid gray suit. He carried with him a small cardboard box. “Thank you Mr. Dane.” Professor Burns said as he took the box from the large man. The man simply nodded and then walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. “Class, come up when I call your name and I will present you with you H.W. License.” He said. Everyone nodded. Everyone was curious as to what class they would get. After a long ten minutes of clapping for everyone else, Jade heard her name. She was excited and almost ran up to Professor Burns desk. “Here you are.” He said and handed her the small card. “This looks like those driver‘s license the Humans have, except there are a few categories differences.” Jade said as she walked back to her seat. Ellie was called next. She happily walked up there, and when she got her license she did a little twirl and skipped back to her seat. They had been the last to be handed out their licenses.
    Everyone turned to look at them. One of the preppy girls, May, looked straight at Jade. “What class did the two of you get. I got a class B limited, beat that.” She said, boasting about her card. Jade looked over at Ellie, and simultaneously they said. “Class A, limited.” Everyone gasped. Only really good students got Class A, usually only professors had Class A. However, they did have abide by rules, their power in the Human World is limited until they graduate. The black kitten on the window sill stretched and then jumped onto the girls’ desk. “What did I miss?” he asked sleepily. “We got Class A, limited.” Jade whispered happily. “You are kidding me.” He said, not able to comprehend her claim. “One more announcement class.” Professor Burns said. Everyone waited. “The Dean has created specific assignments for each of you in the Human World, and instead of finishing out your school day here, you will go and start your assignments.”
Then he clapped his hands. A stack of printer paper appeared, floating, above the students and then dispersed around the classroom. “I love magic.” May said, giggling as her paper landed neatly in front of her. Ellie and Jade looked at their papers. “Wow, go to school..” Jade said as she read over her paper. “Mine is getting a job.” Ellie said with a smile. “Great! Now I can go talk to people who will love me for my handsome self.” River said, he stood more elegantly as he spoke, brandishing his birthmark. Ellie and Jade died laughing.
“Alright, everyone go to Door 444.” Professor Burns said, shooing them all away. The class all walked out. Ellie picked up the sleeping yellow kitten as she got up. “He is so lazy.” River said as he jumped onto her shoulder. “And you are supposed to be with your owner and not her sister.” Jade said. Then stuck her tongue out at the cat. “You two are positively priceless.” She said with a laugh.
         Door 444 looked like a normal wooden door. However when your opened it, a rainbow swirl of colors was on the other side. “Just step through when you are ready and you will be escorted by your mentor to your assignment areas.” Mr. Burns said. May was the first to step through. Followed by Jade and Ellie. They stepped into the swirl of colors and suddenly felt lighter than air. “Wow!” Jade said. “I feel like I’m flying!” Ellie said. However they were standing on an invisible platform and were floating down a tunnel of the swirling colors. “Now what?” River asked as their platform came to an abrupt stop. “I don‘t know.” Jade said, looking around, there was nothing to see but color. “Hello there!” A man’s voice said. Ellie screamed and fell onto her bottom. He had opened a mini portal right in front of her and only had to his shoulders through the portal, the rest of him was where ever the portal was opened at. “That was quite an entrance there Mister.” Jade said as she helped her sister up off the ground. Ellie was still holding the yellow kitten ever so gently.
         The man had bright blue straight hair and wore, from the small bit they could see, a black t shirt with a spiked collar. “I’m your mentor by the way.” He said, then reached his hand out of the portal and offered it to them. They both shook his hand. “The Magical Kingdom talks about the two of you a lot. You two have shown tons of promise.” He said, then motioned his hand, the portal grew larger, and he stepped through, onto their invisible platform. The rest of him was clothed in nice blue jeans and tennis shoes. “You have an odd sense of style.” River said. “Well, the ladies love it.”  The boy said with a shrug. “How old are you exactly?” Ellie asked. “I am actually twenty, although I look a few years younger. My name is Mason.” He said, finally introducing himself properly. “The ladies like that?” River said as he looked Mason up and down. “Well, this is just one of the many things they like.” Mason said with  a laugh, then continued talking “Anyways. I‘ve got you enrolled in school, already Miss Jade, you‘ll be attending Mycile High with River here. Miss Ellie, I do fear that I couldn’t pick a certain place for you, although I did narrow it down to a few good businesses that would love to have you. Ya’ll will live in an apartment complex, and although I’m your legal guardian, I will not live there with ya’ll. I have my own place I stay at, so the house will be all to yourselves. I was even nice enough to have it stocked and furnished. It’s only five minutes from town, and the high school is also in town.”
         The twins nodded at him. “We understand.” They chorused. “Good, then step right through here ladies and your assignment shall begin.” Mason said, then politely stepped to the side, exposing more of the pitch black portal, and making just enough room for them to step in one by one. Ellie went first, then Jade. River was still perched on Ellie’s shoulder when they appeared in the apartment. It was a lovely little place, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, laundry room and a living room. “Wow.” Jade said as she looked around. Mason was no longer with them, but they heard his voice. “Jade, yours and River‘s school uniforms are in the closet, go get dressed and get to school.” Then he was gone. “I love magic.” Ellie said. She went and laid Pierre on the window sill where the sun was shining in. “Wow Jade look!” She exclaimed as she looked out the window. The Human World wasn’t much different from their own, except the Human World didn’t have as much forest and greenery as the Magical World did. Plus the Human World was filled with all types of pollution and other environmental hazards, and Magical Beings don’t need cars. As Jade and Ellie looked outside they saw a blanket of pure white. “I remember when it we saw snow for our first winter in the magical world.” Ellie said with a laugh. “Who could forget that? No one even new we had rolled River into the snowball until he popped out right where the head of out snow bat should have gone.” Jade said laughing.
         “Alright lets get going!” River said. Ellie and Jade turned around. They weren’t used to seeing River as a human, but at least he could pull it off. He had shaggy black hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a black coat, white undershirt, had a black scarf and a pair of black pants. Jade hit her self on the forehead with her palm and then ran to get dressed herself. “Think you can make it in Human school?” Ellie asked. “Of course!” River said confidently. Ellie laughed. Jade ran into the room. She was in a black version of their Magical School Uniforms, but she was wearing knee high boots and had a pair of white leg warmers that helped with the cold. Her black scarf, unlike River’s had little fringes on the end, for decoration. “Ready!” She said. “Alright!” River said, then the two of them ran out the door, yelling bye as they did.
         Ellie looked at the door. They hadn’t closed it. She walked over to it and reached for the handle. Shivering as the cold air touched her skin. “Cold?” a voice asked. A pair of arms wrapped around Ellie. “Pierre.” Ellie said laughing. “Cut that out.” He shrugged. As he looked at her face he couldn’t decipher whether he had made her blush or the cold just got to her. “Just trying to help.” He said. Ellie turned around. His blonde hair was styled perfectly, as always, all the girls in the Magical World had adored him whenever he took human form. The only thing that didn’t appear human was his eye color, one eye was a lovely shade of blue and the other a light green. “What do we have to do here?” Pierre asked, looking out the door that was still hanging open. “I get to go find a job.” Ellie said with a smile then shut the door. “Joyful.” Pierre said, then with a simple thought he was a cat again. Unlike other familiars Pierre didn’t have a birthmark on his chest in animal form. No one really knew why that was. Ellie picked him up. “Cats need collars in the human world.” She said. “They do, they do.” Pierre said. “We‘ll get you one while we are out today.” Ellie said, then Pierre jumped from her hands and gracefully landed on the chair that was near the door.
Ellie then headed to the bedrooms, when she found hers, which was obvious because of the names on the doors, she went in and found the closet. “Now, what do you wear your first day in the Human World?” She asked herself. She choose a pair of blue jeans and a warm white turtle neck. With wave of her index finger she opened the draw to the large oak dresser in her room. “What can we find in here?” She said then went rummaging through the objects. It was filled with everything but clothes. “Hey! A collar, and with his name on it to.” Ellie said as she picked up the small black collar. It had a little golden circle with Pierre’s name and their street address and apartment number on it. Ellie took the collar out to the living room, fastened it on Pierre’s neck, and then grabbed a red scarf. Pierre jumped onto her shoulder and they left the house.
         Snow started to fall, slowly and gradually becoming more dense. Another school bell rang. “Will I be late to everything this morning?!” Jade said as she, and her familiar River ran towards the large brick building. “My only curiosity is what will what kind of assignments human schools give.” River said as they finally reached the double doors at the front of the school. “Who knows.” Jade said to him, then reached opened the door. “Please don‘t close those!” a girls voice yelled at them. They turned around to see a girl, dressed like Jade, but with shoulder length blond hair. She had her bangs pinned back. She was out of breath when she reached them. “Th-thank….yo-you.” She said, between her gasps for air. “You are very welcome dear lady.” River said, smiling boyishly at her, he was making his flirting way to obvious. Jade glared at him. The girl stood up straight, she had regained a bit more of her composure. “You two must be the new students.” a smile was on her light skinned face. Her cheeks were growing red due to the chilly air. The snow was starting to cling to her hair.
         “We sure are. Shall we go in? We don‘t want to be an Ice Bat‘s tooth.” Jade said, laughing. “You have very odd expressions, but I‘m assuming you meant icicle. I’m Olivia by the way. I live in same apartment complex as you. The school has a contract with them for students who don‘t want to live in the dorms.” the girl said as they walked through the lobby. “Dorms? I don‘t remember that from our anthropology class.” Jade whispered to River, he nodded in agreement. She led them down a series of carpeted hallways. “So do you both have your schedules?” Olivia asked. They shook their heads. Mason hadn’t said anything about that, actually he hadn’t said anything about school other than get there.
“Oh, well I guess we need to go back to the office.” Olivia said then turned them around and marched the back to the lobby. It was a large atrium, and the light streaming in looked odd for a school. “What kind of school did Mason put us in? We only student basics of Human High School, its mostly what ages are in what grade. I remember seeing nothing like this school in all of our picture examples.” Jade mentioned. “It‘s a private boarding school.” River whispered, the yellow glint in his blue eyes was evidence he had just used a little information prying magic on their new friend Olivia. A large oak desk was sitting in the corner of the room, at was built into the wall and had a huge space behind it that was all office area. “Miss Maria!” Olivia said as she rang a small bell. “Yes dear?” A voice asked. “Jade and River need their schedules.” She said. “Jade and River?” the woman questioned, “Oh! The new transfer students.” Her memory had fixed itself. “Yes ma’am.” Olivia said. The woman, a young woman, looking no older than twenty five came around he corner, two pieces of paper in her hand. Jade looked at the scene and thought it was quite odd. In Magical School all you had to do was sign a notepad on the first day and your papers would pull themselves out of the massive stacks and you could be on your way. This world was going to take some getting used to.
         Olivia took the papers from Ms. Maria and handed Jade and River their schedules. “What classes do the two of you have?” She said, peeking over their shoulders as she ushered them down the hallway.
Their schedules:

Jade Evera. Transfer.                                                            River Evera. Transfer.
1 - Pre-Calculus           - 303                                                            1 - World History - 009
2 - British Literature - 708                                                            2 - Chemistry - 008
3 - World History            - 009                                                            3 - Pre-Calculus - 303
4 - Chemistry  - 008                                                            4 - British Literature - 708
5 - Art 101 - 567                                                                      5 - Music 101 - 568
6 - (write in)                                                                      6 - (write in)
7 - (write in)                                                                      7 - (write in)
8 - (write in)                                                                      8 - (write in)

“What are the write ins?” Jade asked. “Oh, those are for the clubs or other activities you want to do. Things like tennis, basketball, dance, fencing, archery, track and a billion other things. Our school has top of the line choices.” Olivia said, the stopped at a door. A small black plaque on the door read “303”. “This will be your class Jade.” She said, and knocked on the door. “Enter.” a voice said.
         “Ah! There‘s my new girl.” A old woman said. She was wearing a light purple shirt, a pink sweater was loosely tied around her back and traveled down her back. She also wore an ankle length skirt of purple, only a few shades darker than the shirt. Her glasses were rectangles and had a little chain, just like Professor Maria’s glasses. Her voice was obviously an old woman’s, but it was easy to listen to. “Please take your seat young lady, you can sit near Caden. Caden raise your hand.” She said as she looked over her class. The boy, Caden was wearing the same clothes as River and simply lifted his hand at Jade and waved her over, to lazy to actually pick his entire arm off of his one person desk. Jade looked beside him. It’s a window desk. Ellie would love it. She thought.
         Olivia waved at Jade and then ushered River to his first period. The old woman put her arm around Jade and then addressed the class. “Class this is Jade Evera, Mason‘s niece, let‘s all give her a wonderful welcome and help her if she needs it.” She said. The boy, Caden raised his hand. “Miss Maria, permission to go to the stock room?” He asked. The old woman nodded. Jade went to walk to her seat, but as she did she old woman leaned down and whispered in her ear. Her voice was suddenly young and sounded awfully familiar. “No worries Miss Jade. You‘ll be fine.” she said. It sounded like Professor Maria from Magical School. Jade smiled and then walked to her seat.
         Within a few minutes Caden, the light brown haired and green eyed human, had came back, carrying a large book in his hands. He laid it on Jade’s desk then took his own seat. “Alright class,” Professor Maria said, sounding like an old woman again. “Open your books to page forty-four.” Jade sat through the class, already knowing everything, and apparently Miss Maria, she wasn’t Professor Maria in the Human World, knew that because she was constantly calling on her. The rest of Jade’s classes went somewhat the same. All of her teachers but one were from the magical world. A bell rang to signal the end of fifth period. Jade walked up to River when he walked out of class. “Wanna go sight seeing with me?” She asked. River nodded. His face was plastered with a triumphant grin. “What did you do?”
“I didn‘t do anything, expect learn that ladies love guys who can hit a note.”
“You are such a womanizer.”
“I didn‘t think I would be a hit with Human girls, because Familiar and Witch girls are completely different. In our world, outgoing and dare-devilish takes the cake, but here, girls favor the quiet mysterious guy with loads of talent. Therefore, point  me to the sports!”
Jade rolled her eyes at the boy and then spotted Olivia. “Hey Olivia!” She called. Olivia, who had been discussing things with a few other students, turned, and waved them over. Caden, the boy from Jade’s first period was one of the students talking to Olivia. The other student, a girl with long black hair, bright green eyes and long eyelashes, looked up at Jade. “Hello May.” Jade said. Of all people to get enrolled in school with, it just had to be May.
         May simply waved and the followed Caden to some sport. Caden turned and looked back at them. “Hey River, wanna give tennis a shot?” He called. River nodded and ran to catch up. Olivia and Jade were left standing in the snow. “So, just figured out that we can actually leave school now unless we just want the three extra classes.” Olivia said with a smile. “Really? Awesome. Tell me why don’t we eat anything here? I thought lunchrooms were required.” Jade said, rubbing a hand on her growling stomach. “Our lunch time is now actually. It’s only twelve-forty.” Olivia said, glancing at her little wristwatch, which had been hidden under the cuff of her jacket.
         “Oh, well I have to check on my sister to, so give me a minute to make a phone call.” Jade said, then reached into the ever so convenient pocket on her skirt and pulled out a small blue cell phone. A text message had been received.

         Hey Jade!
         I found a place that I like!
         They hired both me and Pierre!
         It’s a café and a bookstore! How lucky can a girl get?!
         Anyways, its called Medaille. You should so come by for lunch!
         Hope you’ve been having a good day at school! Love you!
                   - Ellie

“Hmm, wanna go to the Medaille?” Jade asked Olivia. “Do I ever!” Olivia said excitedly. “I‘ll take that as a yes.” Jade said, placing her phone back in her pocket. “Sorry, that‘s my favorite place to go, along with every other person in this area.” Olivia said. Jade almost felt sorry for her sister. “My twin sister works there, so yeah.” Jade said. They had started walking off the campus. “Twin sister. You mean Ellie? Mason said that she finished high school early.” Olivia said. Jade nodded. “That would be her.” Olivia looked at the sky, the snow was falling onto her face. “It was really sweet of your Uncle Mason to adopt River like he did. Usually people wouldn‘t pay much attention to their niece‘s best friends, but when he said River was orphaned and Mason stepped up like that. Oh how admirable.” Oliver had a funny glow in her eye. Jade looked at her and made some mental notes. Note one, congratulate Mason on knowing women. Note two, ask about the story he told these people so I can actually give some feedback and not listen to them tell me my life story. Note three, hit Mason for being a neglecting mentor and not telling us this stuff earlier.
          As they passed the tennis courts, they had to hold in the urge to laugh. River had caught on to the sport very quick and just defeated the Tennis Club President. The president was being dramatic and was on his knees, head to the ground. A large portion of the student body were surrounding the tennis court. River looked a little worried. He hadn’t meant to destroy the guy’s reputation, he thought it was just a friendly game. Caden was with him, but May had disappeared.
         Jade caught River’s eye. She tapped her pocket with her cell phone. River nodded and winked. “Seems he will be staying the extra three periods for sports.” Olivia said with a laugh. They continued to walk through the light blanket of snow that covered the sidewalks. As they went through town, Jade saw a snow fairy sitting on top of one of the buildings. She was making icicles. Her long white hair was constantly flowing around her and a few other snow fairies were helping her. Olivia looked at the same spot, she saw nothing but birds flapping around a freezing flagpole.
         “Where is this café slash bookstore?” Jade said. She realized that she was in front of Olivia like she was leading the way. “It‘s in the square.” Olivia said with a laugh. Jade nodded, then made sure Olivia was in front of her for the rest of the trip. The Medaille was a large stand alone building, easily two stories. The architect had went all out on the building, making it large round, and had large designs that were purple, blue and pink. It looked like something out of a cartoon than something you would see in real life. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” Olivia said. Two boys were standing at the door. Both were dressed warmly. “Good afternoon ladies.” The said simultaneously as they opened the doors. They saw books galore. “Wow.” Jade said as she stepped in. One of the boys, leaned into the door. “There‘s a special for the high school students in the café if you would like to delight yourself in a desert. Danny found him a star pupil who can wait tables as well as she can cook.” He said, then shut the door.
         “I guess he‘s talking about your sister.” Olivia said with a smile. The two of them walked around the store. Jade and Olivia both flipped out when they saw the comic section. Jade smiled. At least the humans and her could have something in common. “Oh, have you read this one?” Olivia said, she pulled a random volume of Vampire Knight off the shelf. “Yes! Hundreds of times.” Jade exclaimed. “Okay, well we better get going to the café, I‘ll spend forever down here if I don‘t go while I still have the will power.” Olivia said with a laugh, then headed to the back of the store. They had to maneuver around crowds of people, but they finally got to a white door that said Café. Olivia, instead of using some kind of handle, pushed a small button. Jade had remembered studying about elevators, but this one didn’t look like the double door one she was use to seeing. It was just a single door elevator. “I thought elevators had two doors?” she said as the white door slid to the side, revealing a six person elevator.
         A small group of four stepped into the elevator behind Olivia and Jade. “Yeah, but the Café is a high class café. So they have to have limits. The bookstore is just loads of extra profit.” Olivia said. Jade nodded. Within a few moments the elevator had lifted them to the top floor. The doors opened to reveal a gorgeous room, with at least sixty round tables. In the far corner was a small lounge area for book reading. Jade had saw a few similar areas downstairs. Jade’s eyes moved to the employees. They had certain uniforms. Boys wore black pants, with black shoes, and a long sleeve, white, button up shirt with a red vest. The black bow tie at their neck looked adorable. The girls wore red pleated skirts, and white button up blouses. One waitress, along with the normal uniform had on small apron that tied around her waist, it had to large pockets in the side, and she was taking the orders of four customers at once. “She‘s good.” Olivia said. “And she‘s my sister.” Jade said with a laugh.
         A boy with blond hair, dressed in the male waiter uniform came up to them. “We have a table by the windows if you would like.” He said. Jade looked at the boy closely. He had a blue eye and a green one. “Pierre! You finally got up.” Jade said sarcastically. “Hey, I‘m trying to be nice. Do you want that seat or not? That‘s the only free table in Ellie‘s section.” He said. Olivia and Jade nodded. The followed the boy over to the windows and sat down at the four person table. He handed them small pink menus. “She‘ll be right here. I got to go check my tables.” Pierre said then walked off. A few moments later the elevator opened and River came walking in, Caden was with him.
         “There!” River said and pointed at Jade and Olivia. The two boys came and made themselves at home. When they reached the table so did Ellie. “Hello River, Jade, and friends. What can I get you?” She asked. “I‘m Olivia! Hmm, and I would like the light snack salad and a water.”
“Hello Miss Evera. I‘m Caden, I would like the chicken plate if you don‘t mind. I‘ll drink any kind of soda”
“I‘m River!” River, said in a mocking tone, everyone laughed. “And I‘d like whatever I will eat.”
“Might as well follow suit! I‘m Jade, and I'm ordering what River is. Whatever I will eat.”
Ellie laughed and wrote down their orders, then as she was about to walk away, Pierre pulled up a chair at their table. He had changed, a black long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. He also had on a black choker. “And I want a nap.” He said. Everyone laughed. “I‘ll be right back.” Ellie said then walked off, laughing, a couple of other tables stopped her and asked her for desserts.
         “Why aren‘t you helping?” Jade said, glaring at Pierre. “She told me she had it, but don’t worry nosy, I’m still babysitting.” He said then scooted Jade’s chair over so he could have the window seat. He laid his head down on the table. Ellie was back within a few minutes. “Tadah!” She said as she came, carrying a large round tray with all of their orders. She handed them their plates as she said the name of the dish and drink. “Here you are Olivia, a house salad and glass of water. Cade, you are eating my new dish, backed chicken season to flavor and I got you the Dr. Pepper, I was told that was a favorite of yours. River, your favorite, fish, and a coke. It’s really good. For my dearest little sister by four seconds, my Lasagne and a coke. Pierre, here‘s yours.” They all looked at their food. This was like a little slice of Heaven.
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