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Tells the life journey of a woman who has a husband communist activist.
Bawuk, the family's youngest daughter Suryo, the daughter of a 'Onder,' aristocratic Javanese. Since childhood, he would have grown popular properties, different premises fourth brother. This is evident in his respect for his assistants. Bawuk only one who understands the pain his mother, who was forced to see her husband drown in the arms Ledek (dancer), in a party at the Regency.

As adults, Bawuk acquainted with Hassan, a Communist Party activist. Then they married and had a daughter and son. When the incident erupted G 30 S, Hassan was involved and continues to pursue the military. So Bawuk with their two sons are forced to move from one city to another, to follow her husband who was forced to keep running away from the pursuit of the army.

Finally, Bawuk decision. He came to the city where his mother lives, to leave her two children. He could not carry two children on the run it. Her children need a decent life and attend school in peace.

At home her mother, Bawuk greeted by four brothers and their in-laws that have been established: a Brigadier General, a lecturer at the ITB, director general in one department, and a lecturer at Gadjah Mada again. They continue to persuade Bawuk to stay in the city. However Bawuk has determined to continue looking for her husband. With tough he explained that as a wife, she still had to meet her husband. Only two children entrusted to his mother. All of her sister hard to accept that decision. Only the mother who can meet Bawuk decision.

The story concludes with faint voice Bawuk children who are studying the Koran. Bu Suryo read in the newspapers, that the G 30 S has been suppressed and Hassan, son in law is one of those who reported shot dead. But Bawuk rimbanya unnoticed.

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