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Summary (Precis) is an effective way to reveal a long essay in the form of a brief.
Summary (Precis) is an effective way to reveal a long essay in the form of a brief. Summary departed from an original manuscript, in brief. Thus the summary is called reproduction.

Précis word means 'to cut or trim.' Therefore, a summary of a long essay which can be rather like cutting or pruning trees, which will leave the trunk, branches, and twigs, and leaves as needed. So the essence of the tree is maintained.

In summary, the style of language, illustrations, and detailed explanations are omitted. Sari essay is left without decoration. Despite its compact, précis retains the mind of the author and original approach. An author or authors of a summary, speaks with the voice the author / original author.

Therefore, he should not start summarized, for example by saying: In this essay the author says ... but he should immediately begin with a summary essay that summarizes the form of sentences, paragraphs, sections, etc..

In addition to retaining the authenticity point of view of author / writer, the summary also maintain the order of the content of these essays. In other words, a summary of equipment in accordance with the order of the contents of the original authors, only shortened. As for how to make a summary is as follows:

1.Read original manuscript several times to find out the general impression and the purpose of the author / writer.

2.Recordt main idea or ideas that important or underlined.

3.Make reproduction or reconstitute a brief essay, based on key ideas such as that noted above or underlined.

Unlike the summary, an overview does not need to maintain the order of the contents of the original essay. In addition, an overview is also no need to provide the content of the essay in a professional manner. The author summarizes can directly express the core or the subject matter and problem solve. As an illustration, some parts or the contents of some chapters, can be given to explain the core or the principal problem. While the subject is less important or can be removed. Summarizes the more free form than the summary.

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