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A poem about the first woman Eve.
Eve lived in Paradise
but she bought about her own demise.
Eating from the tree of life-
caused nothing but strife.

Adam was her mate
but disobedience was her fate.
Temptation, she couldn't resist.
were her thoughts in a mist?

Eating forbidden fruit opened her eyes,
She was so ashamed that she cried.
Adam ate from the same tree.
From the garden of Eden, they tried to flee.

Their son Cane killed Abel.
This was no fable.
If only Eve would have ignored the serpent-
she wouldn't have had to repent.

The world is full of sin but
With God, we can win.
Eve knows she made a mistake,
Too bad she didn't throw the serpent in the lake.

Eve was the first woman ever,
The world will forget her never.
One bad choice that fateful day-
No, Eve eating the forbidden fruit wasn't okay!

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